Irene and Anna sat in silence. The room felt too small, and claustrophobia was beginning to clutch to Anna's chest. "Irene my father's dead. I need your help in convincing the others that he isn't."

Nodding Irene grabbed her hand and dragged her outside. They walked slowly along the streets, not caring where they were going.

"They died together. I hope it made him happy." Anna almost sneered, but didn't for Irene's sake.

"Double suicide." Irene affirmed. Nodding Anna glanced at the people around her, figuring out their stories and their lives that were so full of hope and Sentiment. It was disgusting.

"Diane', where are we going?" Anna asked.

"Where the only man who would understand us lives." Scrunching up her nose, Anna sorted.

"I don't expect him to welcome either of us, considering I shouldn't exist and you should be dead." Smiling down at Anna, Irene sighed.

"I don't need his welcome, just his support, and he will need ours."

"If this goes wrong, then I'm calling Sebby. We don't need the last Mo- Smith dying on us, do we?"

Irene shook her head. "It would cause the end of the criminal underground. We need a head and we need it securely on a firm pair of shoulders. Not rolling around the floor."

"Then if he gets violent, we leave. Deal?" Anna said stopping her and throwing out her hand.

"Deal." They shook hands before walking down and around the corner.

"221B Baker Street." Irene whispered and Anna saw something deep within her that clenched her stomach and reminded her of her father.

"Let's go." Anna said pulling her hand and they made their way to the door. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a man jump out a taxi in a long coat and with a camera. He walked down the street before stopping between two cars and began taking photos of the door they were headed to.

Anna wished she could do something, but she didn't want to attract attention to herself and Irene.

"I'll go in first, he'll recognise me." Irene said jolting Anna out of her revive.

"Sure." She agreed and stood by the door watching the man with the camera and sending glares in his direction. She watches silently as a 'drunk' man wonders from an alleyway somewhere and bumps into the photographer. Smiling she watches as the man 'accidentally' stomps on the camera before quickly staggering off.

"Homeless network." She added the tag to her collection of information on Sherlock Holmes and turns to look at the door again as Irene finally knocks.

"Nerves, doesn't really want to speak to John, afraid of the bad memories, afraid of what he will think about Sherlock after his death. Will stand up for him, but also needs John. Interesting."

There is a pause before one Mrs Hudson opens the door. "Hello again dear, it's been too long." What she said sounded nice enough, but under her words was a tone of depression and sadness.

"Mrs Hudson." Irene nods in her direction, but Anna just adds her to her Library.

"Come in. I'll put the kettle on." Mrs Hudson steps aside and they enter. She goes into her apartment. "Don't worry, I'll bring it up!" She calls and they make their way up the stairs.

Anna notices Irene missing the eleventh stair, and she does the same. "Probably creaky." She notices.

Irene goes up to the door, and pushes it open quietly. Anna waits in the hallway, waiting and watching.

"John?" She hears Irene ask cautiously.

There is a shuffling, and then a gasp. "Get out. Irene you get the fuck out right now!" A voice growls and bellows from the next room. She sees Irene wince.

"John." She says moving forward and out of Anna's line of sight. "John please."

"No! Get out! I said get out!" John struggles with something and then Anna hears the familiar sound of a gun being pulled from its holster. Anna pulls out her own gun and moves forward slightly.

"John, you know he wouldn't want this. Just put the gun down and let me explain."

Worried, it's loaded. Anna knows if she waits too long she might loose the only person she still trusts. "No." She hisses under her breath, that wouldn't happen today.

"Irene I lost my best friend. You don't know what I've been through, and I was happy believing you were DEAD!" He shouts and Anna knows there are tears in Irene's eyes.

"Sit." Irene says, keeping her voice level. Slowly, after what feels like forever, John puts his gun down, and sits, as does Irene.

Anna places her gun back carefully and listens as Irene begins to explain how she moves around, and how she just got back to Britain. Anna smirks and realises it was a good thing she removed the security cameras Mycroft had placed here this morning rather than tomorrow.

"And I would like you to meet someone John." Irene says carefully. There is a grunt of disapproval, but she continues. "Abby?" Anna slips into her innocent shy teenager act as she enters the room carefully, trying to make as much noise as possible for John, while seemingly trying to be quiet.

"Irene what have you done?" John hisses and Anna knows he doesn't like the fact that she is there with Irene.

"I came here by myself Mr. Watson." I smile and slip out of my mask and put on the one my father and I were so good at.

He gives me a look, but I don't know what it means. "Abby Smith. Pleased to meet you. I'm sorry for loss, but I didn't really get along with your friend."

"That's okay, not many people did."