Hadrian's Pov

I woke up the next morning, it must have been early, because it was still dark, I yawned and sat up, the covers fell down into my lap as I did. I climbed out of bed and made my way to the closed drapes, I pulled them open, it was still dark. I yawned again and turned away from the window, I walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror, my hair was now the same colour as Ciel's as our fathers hair had been the same colour, father's high cheek bones, but mothers nose and chin. My eyes though, they retained their green colour, but it was so much more brighter now, I smiled and turned the tap on. I cupped my hands under the water and splashed my face with water. I suddenly heard the door open

"Master Hadrian?" I heard Sebastian call, I smile and grab a towel to dry my face

"In here Sebastian." His image appears in the mirror with a worried look on his face

"Should you be out of bed Master Hadrian?" I smiled at him and hung the towel back up

"I feel fine Sebastian, I'm not dizzy or wobbly on my feet, don't worry so much." He huffed

"You should get some more sleep Master Hadrian." I grinned

"Sebastian, I slept for four days plus the extra hours, I'm all out of sleep." He sighed

"Very well, the young master is still asleep, shall we get you dressed?" I shrugged

"I kinda feel like getting a bath? I have slept for four days after all." He chuckled

"Very well, I'll prepare the water for you." He moved over to the tub and began to run the water


"Yes, Master Hadrian?"

"Do you think Ciel is happy that I'm his blood now?" Sebastian paused in his movements before turning to face me

"Do you think there is a reason he shouldn't be?" I shrugged "A verbal Answer would be nice Master Hadrian."

"I don't know, he just seemed to go along with what I wanted to do." Sebastian smiled at me and placed a hand on my shoulder

"The young master, was happy before you took the potion, you were family to him no matter what, I'm sure he's still happy now that you have his blood running through your veins, but more importantly, he's just happy you are awake and free of that awful coma, he was worried you know."

"I'll bet he wasn't the only worried one, was he Sebastian?" he gave me a small grin

"Well, I couldn't have my little master slipping away from us, could I? What kind of butler would I be if I let that happen?" I grinned

"Not a very good one." He smirked

"Indeed not, now, let's get this water sorted and you bathed before the Young Master wakes." I nodded and he turned to finish preparing the water.

After Sebastian had finished bathing and dressing me, we headed out of my room, Sebastian stopped outside Ciel's room and bowed "I'm going to wake the young master, if you would like to wait in the dining room Master Hadrian? We'll be along shortly." Sebastian said, I nodded and headed down the hallway. I made it to the dining room in record time and sat in the seat next to the head of the table, just as I poured myself a cup of tea, the dining room doors opened again

"Hadrian, should you really be up and moving so soon?" Ciel asked as he sat down in the seat at the head of the table, I huffed

"Just like a told Sebastian, I've slept for four days, plus the extra hours last night, I feel fine, I'm not dizzy, if I had any side effects they would have happened immediately, stop worrying." He shook his head at me and accepted the cup of tea from Sebastian

"You're my little brother, I'll never stop worrying about you." I smiled and we ate our breakfast in comfortable silence and Sebastian cleared the plates away when we were finished "Come Hadrian, we have much to discuss, we'll talk in my study."

Ciel and I made our way to his study, the walk was quiet, but the silence was comfortable, but it also left me filling with dread, did something happen while I was asleep? When we finally reached the study, Ciel went straight inside, leaving the door open for me to follow, I didn't hesitate and followed him straight in, sitting in the seat opposite his desk, while he sat in the chair behind his desk and lifted a letter into his hands.

"Yesterday, I received a letter from the queen, we'll be going on holiday tomorrow." I nodded as he paused in his speech, I didn't say anything, knowing he had to gather his own thoughts "I'd like you to see what I do, as the queens guard dog, so, should something happen to me in the future, you'll be able to take up the mantle as the queen's guard dog, with Sebastian at your side." I gave him a shocked look, before composing myself and letting my face fall blank.

"Ciel, you never wanted me to see, why the change of heart?"

"Because I'm not going to be around forever, once the contract comes to an end, I'll be leaving you on your own, Sebastian will look after you, but the Phantomhive family has always stood by her majesty, always done her bidding as the queen's guard dog, when I pass the mantle will fall to you." I gave him a sad look, but he didn't look at me, not once throughout his entire speech and not once since we entered the study

"Ciel, why won't you look at me?" I saw Ciel tense up "You didn't look at me at all, throughout breakfast and even now as you spoke to me and as I speak to you, you still won't look at me, do you not like how I look now?" I saw him let out a breath, but he still didn't look in my direction

"Hadrian, it's not that, I love you little brother, even before you took the potion, but since you have taken it, it just strengthens out bond more."

"Then why won't you look at me? Is there something wrong with me?" Ciel then snapped his head up to look at me

"No! there is nothing wrong with you Hadrian, you look amazing, the spitting image of our parents and I love that."

"Then why?" Ciel gave me a small shrug

"Just having silly thoughts pass through my head."

"Like what?" Ciel went to answer when there was a knock at the study door

"Come in." Ciel called, I turned to look towards the door as it opened, to reveal Sebastian pushing a cart

"Young Master, Master Hadrian, I've brought you some tea." Sebastian said closing the door behind him

"Thank you, Sebastian, I was just informing Hadrian of our holiday." Ciel explained, accepting the cup of steaming tea from Sebastian

"You were also telling me you wanted me to shadow you while, we are there."

"Oh?" Sebastian's interest looked peaked as I accepted the cup of steaming tea from him "Young Master, are you sure that's wise?"

"He has to learn about it some time, I'm not going to be around forever, besides, it wouldn't hurt for him to learn about it at this age, rather than him having to learn as he goes." Ciel responded, closing his eyes and taking a sip out of his mug

"Very Well, Young Master." Sebastian shot me a concerned look, before his face went blank. Ciel then went on to explain about the town and its inhabitants, especially about the dog baiting, it sounded awful.

"So, we shall be leaving in the morning, the servants shall be coming with us, one of them will help you pack, unless you wish to do it yourself." Ciel said, I nodded

"I best go get started then." I rose to my feet and then paused "Did anyone inform James, Sirius or Remus that I was awake?" Ciel gave me a blank look, while Sebastian shook his head

"I didn't see the need to." Ciel responded, I frowned

"Why not?"

"Hadrian, while you were sleeping, undergoing this process, they barely came to visit."

"They do have jobs Ciel."

"As do I, but you don't see me leaving you on your own to undergo a process we barely had any knowledge about!" Ciel yelled, I flinched

"If you were so worried about it, why didn't you stop me?"

"Because you had your mind so set on taking it, even Sebastian wasn't able to sway you!" I sent him a look of shock

"You got Sebastian to try and sway my choice?"

"Well, it doesn't matter now does it? You took the potion anyway." Ciel growled, turning his chair away from me to look out the window, I looked at the back of his chair, sadness filling me, 'Ciel never wanted me to take the potion, and now that I have, he's angry'.

"Young Master, perhaps you should get started on your paperwork, while I assist Master Hadrian in packing." Sebastian suggested, making Ciel huffed

"Fine, leave, make sure everything is ready for tomorrow as well." Ciel ordered, Sebastian bowed a half bow and walked over to me

"Come along Master Hadrian." Sebastian said, wrapping a gentle arm around my shoulders, he guided me out of the study and back to my room in silence. Once we were back in my room, I sunk down to sit on my bed, while Sebastian began moving about the room packing items

"You were wrong Sebastian."

"Whatever do you mean Master Hadrian?"

"Ciel isn't happy, he's angry I took the potion, he did even want me to take the potion, he got you to try and persuade me otherwise."

"Master Hadrian, while the young master may have expressed his concerns about the potion to me, and his dislike of you putting yourself at risk, my persuasion of you, was completely off my own behalf." Sebastian said, while folding an item of my clothing into my suitcase

"You don't have to cover for him Sebastian."

What makes you think I am? The young master, though he expressed his dislike to me, never once ordered me to persuade you not to take the potion, he wanted to make you happy, and if it took you taking that potion to make you happy, he was willing to go along with your plans." I sighed

"Then why is he so upset? Why is he so intent of showing me the roll of the queens guard dog?" Sebastian paused as he was reaching to collect another piece of clothing and turned to face me

"While I do not know why, the young master what's to show you the ropes, I do understand why he is so upset."

"Will you tell me?" Sebastian came over and knelt down on one knee in front of me

"Master Hadrian, think back on what you said before the young master got upset, you asked about your old family, while they did visit, the young master is correct in saying, the visits weren't frequent, the young master never strayed far from your side while you were asleep, he stuck close to you, doing his paperwork at your desk and eating his meals there too, be old left your side to sleep himself, if I had let him, I'm sure he would have slept in the chair beside your bed."

"He really spent all that time here?" Sebastian placed a hand on my shoulder

"The young master cares a great deal for you, I'm sure that be would do anything to keep you safe and happy."

"I upset him by asking about my old family, didn't I?" He gave me a small smile

"What do you think, Master Hadrian?" I sighed, thinking back on the conversation I had with Ciel, coming to the conclusion that I had really upset him, I stood from my place on my bed, Sebastian's hand fell from my shoulder

"Is Ciel still in his study?" Sebastian gave me a brief smile before standing to his full height again

"The young master has not moved since we left his study." I nodded and made my way out of my bedroom, walking back down the hall to Ciel's study. I looked up at the large door and took a deep breath, before knocking

"Come in." Ciel's voice called, I took another deep breath before turning the door handle and pushing the door open "What do you want Hadrian? I'm busy." Ciel demanded as I came into view, I looked over at him and saw he was focusing back on his paperwork

"I'm sorry." I saw him pause in his movements, before continuing writing

" I have no idea what your apologising for, nor do I have the time to listen, please leave." I huffed

"I know you're upset with me Ciel, but don't send me away, when I'm clearly here to apologise." Ciel stopped writing and looked up at me

"I don't want your apologies Hadrian, and I have a lot of work to be doing before tomorrow, so please leave so I can get on with it."

"I shouldn't have asked about my old family, you're the only family I care about, and that cares about me, I know I hurt and upset you by asking about them, I didn't meant to, I just though they should know I was awake and there was no complications with the potions, so they didn't need to come check on me, but I did upset you by asking, and I'm sorry, I just though you should know, I'll leave you to work now." I turned to head back out of the room, when I heard Ciel sigh

"Hadrian, come in and shut the door."