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Hi I'm Caroline Forbes, I am 2829 years old. I have been running from my father since I turned into nature's abomination. My father is a very powerful immortal being. Most people think he is just a bedtime story you tell your children to scare them but all those people who think my father is just a silly bedtime story are wrong. My father is the almighty immortal being Silas, and even though I may be stronger and more powerful than him I pissed him off and now I'm running from the man I used to call father. I am Caroline Forbes and this is my story.

Qetsiyah is the witch that made me into an even more powerful creature than Silas. Qetsiyah was in love with my father and were supposed to get married but Silas was only playing with Qetsiyah for he was truly in love with my mother Amara who was also a traveller but had a secret, Amara's father came from a long line of werewolves which makes Amara part witch and part werewolf but she never broke her werewolf curse. Amara did not trust anyone with this secret not even her husband Silas because in there village all werewolf were evil creatures that kill people on the night of the full moon and every werewolf in there village was to be burned to death. Silas and Amara were secretly married since Amara's parents did not approve of Silas but there were too in love to care. After a year of hiding their marriage Amara became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl named Caroline.

My parents would always have to hide me because no one knew I was born or that my parents were together. I didn't really mind though because I got to practice my spells in the forest and make up my own fun games to play to keep myself entertained.

The summer I turned 18 years old things got terrible. Qetsiyah was new to the village and there were rumours that she practiced dark magic this of course intrigued Silas so he was friendly to her and showed her around the village and that is when Qetsiyah fell in love with Silas.

Qetsiyah told Silas about an immortal potion spell that she could place on him and herself if they were to marry and of course Silas agreed to this because all he wanted was power and to be with Amara forever. Silas left Qetsiyah at the alter on their wedding day and took the immortal potion with him so Amara and him could drink it and spend the rest of their immortal lives together.

I was in the woods at the time when I heard someone coming. At first I thought it was my mother or father because they were the only ones who knew I liked to go out into the woods but I was wrong. A woman with dark skin and long beautiful brown curly hair and brown eyes wearing a stunning baby blue dress and a light pink veil came out from behind a tree. The women stared at me funny I didn't know who she was but then again I haven't really met anyone I have always been in my cabin in the woods.

The more she stared at me the more it felt like she was looking into my soul for some sort of answers and that is what she was doing. She gasped and then looked at me with a furious expression. Then i felt like my insides were on fire I felt like I was dying I had no clue what was happening to me but then I felt my teeth get sharper and felt the need to drain all the blood pulsing in her body. All of sudden every bone in my body started to break. My eye sight started to get foggy from the tears threating to fall from my eyes I started to feel dizzy then it all went black.

While I blacked out Qetsiyah killed my mother –well not really she turned her into stone and made her part of the anchor to the other side but Silas doesn't know this- Qetsiyah told Silas what she did to me and how she found out about Amara. Apparently she turned me into a 3 part hybrid a true immortal being a witch, a werewolf, and a vampire with other powers like shape shifting,transportation, telepathy, controlling weather, controlling the four elements earth, fire, air, water, and much more. Qetsiyah also made me part of the anchor which means every supernatural creature has to pass threw me to go to the other side that also mean I can talk to the dead super naturals. Nothing can kill me not wood, not fire, not white oak, not even the cure will work on me. I am stronger and invincible.

My once loving father turned into a cold hearted man after Amara's death. He blamed me, and wanted me dead. He was shamed of me, told me I was no longer his daughter that I should never have been born for it has only caused trouble. The last words he said to me still replay in my head "you are no daughter of mine you killed your own mother you deserve to die to burn in hell like Qetsiyah is. I shall spend the rest of my immortal life hunting you down until you know longer walk this earth. I will not let you win I will kill you and anyone who gets in my way Caroline" he said with so much hatred in his voice so I ran and I'm still running.

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