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Okay so I've read a lot of HP fics and I apologize in advance if I copy some parts from another fic by mistake.

This is a combination of the Wrong!BWL plot and the Smart!Elemental!Harry plot with the twist of Harry being an air elemental. In all the fics I've read, Harry is always a fire or water/ice elemental so I thought this would be something new to write about.


Harry's Air Powers

A 7 year old Harry Potter woke up in the cupboard under the stairs at #4 Privet Drive at 5 am.

He reached up to turn on a small light bulb hanging above his cot and looked at the wristwatch that he had nicked from Dudley's second bedroom. He realised that his aunt wouldn't be coming to unlock his cupboard for some time.

He tried to go back to sleep but couldn't so he sat up and decided to practice his powers again. Despite what his relatives believed, he was an extremely smart person. He had always known he was different but he had only found out about his powers a month ago.

He knew he was different because for as long as he could remember, he could always feel something around him. Whatever it was was in constant motion and he could feel it moving around him randomly.

He had only mentioned this to his aunt once when he was 3 years old since he wanted to know what he was feeling. His aunt had only yelled at him for wasting her time with useless questions before slapping him and locking him in the cupboard. It was only when he went to primary school that he learnt about the earth and the air. That was when he realized that he was feeling the air around him. This was further proved when Dudley had pushed him into a swimming pool and he couldn't feel anything around him when he was under the water except the water.

Since then he had learnt everything he could about air because he was curious about why he could feel it like he did. He had tried asking another student if he felt anything like he did and he had looked at him like he was crazy and turned away.

Learning about air was easy. Ever since he had learned to read proficiently, he had spent most of his time in the school library. It was one of the only places where Dudley and his friends wouldn't find him. Even after school got over, he would finish his chores that his aunt gave him and then go to the Surrey library. He didn't just go there to hide from Dudley. He actually liked reading and learning about new things. Since he wasn't allowed to do better than Dudley in school, he completely ignored school syllabus and read every book he could get his hands on.

The first thing he read was about the world in general and about the four basic elements: air, water, earth and fire. He briefly learned about the other elements but mostly focused on air because of his unusual ability to feel it moving around him even when there was no wind blowing. He learned that what he was able to feel was actually known as air currents and that there were instruments to measure it but nowhere did he find any reference to a person being able to feel it.

That was another reason he never asked the Dursleys about it again. They absolutely hated anything out of the ordinary and he would get the beating of a lifetime if he said that he could feel air currents around him.

After he learned about that, he moved on to the components that the air was made of and their properties. This lead him to study all gaseous elements found on the earth and from there he started reading about the other elements available on the earth.

This was when he was 5 years old. Had anyone actually looked at what he was studying, they would have been shocked to see a 5-year old reading a book on chemistry that was taught in secondary school. By now he could read and write perfectly well and had anyone actually bothered to check, they would have been astounded at the speed at which he was reading books.

Anyway, learning chemistry lead him to physics which lead him to mathematics and it snowballed from there.

By the time he was 6, he was well on his way to learning about the sciences and maths taught in secondary school, almost nearing high school level in some cases. But since he rarely talked to any other person except his relatives, and then too he only spoke one or two words, he never realized how advanced he was for his age. Had he been allowed to do his best in school, he would have quickly been realized as a prodigy for his near genius level IQ and his sheer capacity to absorb information. As it was, his studies went completely unnoticed by everyone.

By the time school had ended and the summer vacations had begun, he was running out of books to read in the school library. There were still plenty of books in the Surrey library that he hadn't read yet, but the school library was much smaller and limited. He even read the english literature and history books in the school library because he was bored.

On the first day of summer, he had been pushed down the stairs by Dudley when he was returning from the bathroom. He had been so scared that he had closed his eyes and held his hands out for the inevitable crash at the bottom of the stairs but it never came. He opened his eyes to find his outstretched hands mere inches from the ground at the bottom of the stairs. He looked down at his feet and saw that absolutely no part of his body was touching anything but air. He was floating! He immediately felt the air currents below his body, supporting him in the air. He also felt a tugging sensation in his gut. As soon as he realized this, the tugging sensation stopped, the air currents below his body went back to normal and he fell flat on his face.

Unfortunately Dudley had seen what had happened and he had received one of the worst beatings of his life, courtesy of his uncle trying to beat the 'freakishness' out of him. After that he had been thrown into his cupboard and locked there for two days without any food or water.

The beatings had become rather rare nowadays and he usually only had to worry about Dudley. He had learned rather early in his life not to show any emotions in front of his aunt or uncle and to quietly do as he was told since he had been beaten every time he cried or complained or even smiled. As long as he kept quiet and kept his face blank, doing whatever chores he was given, his aunt and uncle were content to just sit back and mutter insults at him.

Dudley however didn't care and always bullied and beat him whenever he found him outside the house and sometimes even inside. But he couldn't do anything about it due to the fact that Dudley was much bigger than he was and he usually had a few of his friends with him. So he learned to avoid him as much as possible and kept to his cupboard and the library whenever he could.

Ever since the floating incident, he had been trying to replicate it. He knew that he had somehow caused it and was determined to do it again. He had carefully thought about it and had come to the conclusion that the tugging sensation in his gut and the air currents holding his body in the air had been connected. At first he had tried to float himself again but after a few days, he gave that up and just started trying to alter the air currents around him. Here he met his first success when he was able to change the currents slightly which resulted in a light breeze blowing through his cupboard.

Now here he was, a few days after his 7th birthday, which was on July 31st, not that anybody cared. It had been a little over a month since the floating incident and he was currently trying to float a coin. He figured that it would be much easier to do because of the small size and weight. So far he had only been able to make it wobble a bit but he had only been trying this for a couple of days.

He was completely focused on the coin and the air around it. It was just beginning to wobble and it looked like he would finally succeed when suddenly there was loud banging on his door and his aunt was yelling at him to get up and make breakfast. He immediately lost focus and the coin dropped back on his filthy mattress.

He looked at his watch and sighed. It was 6:30 am. This was one of the biggest problems with practicing his air powers as he had taken to calling them. Time flew by whenever he was practicing.

Well, no point in waiting for his aunt to yell again. He quickly put the coin back under his mattress and got out of the cupboard with his blank mask on, to make the breakfast before his uncle and Dudley came down.

This is how it went for the next 4 years. He would complete all the chores he was given and do the bare minimum that was required in school. He would spend the rest of the time in the library reading or in the cupboard, practicing his air powers.

By the time he was 8, he was able to make small things like coins and pencils float easily. By the time he was 9, he could float a few inches off the ground and he could make a lot heavier things float. A year after that, he learned to condense the air into an almost solid mass and had an altogether greater control on the air around him in a 10 meter circumference.

Now it was a few days to his 11th birthday and he was in a clearing in a forest near Surrey, trying to learn how to fly. He had tried this earlier when he was 9 years old and had managed to make himself float a few inches above the ground. That had ended with him falling face first onto the ground from 5 feet in the air. He hadn't tried it again after that but now he was confident that he would be able to do it because of his much greater control on the air surrounding him.

He slowly floated a few inches above the ground and then started increasing the distance from the ground slowly. When he was a few feet in the air, he controlled the air all around him at once to make him move forward. It was a bit shaky at first but he slowly got used to it. Soon he was gliding around the clearing at a decent pace, slowly going higher and higher until he reached the top of the trees.

He continued this for some time but didn't go above the trees and didn't increase the speed too much. He merely experimented different movements in the air. He flew around in circles trying out different positions. Sometimes he was standing vertically and just gliding, sometimes he was horizontal, facing the ground or the sky. He performed loop de loops and corkscrews in the air.

He finally noticed the sun setting and gently lowered himself onto the ground. He was a little tired from the constant flying but not much. He had learned early on that the more he used his powers, the easier it became and the longer he could use them. He increased his stamina by making himself float for as long as possible in his cupboard before he went to sleep exhausted.

Now, he quickly made his way back to the house. He schooled his features into a blank mask and quietly slipped inside. By now he had perfected his public mask and had an astounding amount of control on his emotions for a 10-almost-11 year old boy. He had not lost his composure for nearly two years now. He had learned to think in a cold and calculating manner so as to avoid getting bullied or avoid attention of any kind. This way of thinking had often saved him from Dudley and his gang by directing their attention towards other students or instigating them to fight amongst themselves. He had not been beaten for almost a year. Even Dudley had gotten bored when Harry wouldn't show any emotions when he hit him.

So nowadays, Harry was mostly bored with his monotonous life. The only excitement he had was from practicing his powers and learning new things in the library. By now he had read almost every book in the Surrey library and spent most days just searching for new books in the library or reading old ones again. If he were to be tested now, he would have been able to test out of high school easily. Unfortunately, the library only had books upto the high school level so Harry couldn't read about more advanced sciences.

He was actually thinking about looking for another library but knew that he would have to ask his aunt for going there but didn't want to risk getting a beating or upsetting the balance in the Dursley household. So he had settled for spending more time working on his powers and less time in the library.

Harry quickly made dinner and after he ate his measly portion, he retreated to his cupboard and continued his stamina practice before falling asleep.

The next morning followed the same schedule as every other day. Harry got up early in the morning and waited for his aunt to call him. When she finally did, he quickly finished his morning routine and then made breakfast. He managed to snag two pieces of toast for his breakfast while Vernon and Dudley stuffed their faces.

The routine broke when his uncle told him to get the mail from the mailbox. When he collected the mail and looked through it, he was shocked to his core to see a thick yellowed envelope addressed to him! He had never received mail in his entire life. When he heard his uncle yelling at him for taking so long, he snapped out of it, realizing that he had been staring at the letter for a few minutes. He quickly got his emotions under control and walked back in with the mail. He stuffed the letter into his cupboard on the way to the dining room because he knew that nothing good would come from letting his relatives know about it.

The rest of the day went on as usual. The only difference was that after finishing the chores, Harry went back to his cupboard instead of going to the library. He quickly pulled out the envelope from under his mattress and stared and the address on it. It confused him a lot. Who would write a letter to him? How did they know that he lived in the cupboard under the stairs? He turned it around and broke the wax seal on the back. He pulled out two pieces of what looked like really old paper.

(It's the same letter as canon. I'm not gonna copy it here.)

After reading the letter, he was even more confused. He'd never heard of a school for learning witchcraft and wizardry, much less a school called Hogwarts. He didn't have much trouble believing that magic existed given his own powers but he never thought that there may be others like him. If there was truly a school for magic, then it lead to reason that there should be a lot of people who can do magic. But he had never heard of any such thing.

He wondered if his relatives knew anything about this. The letter said that he had to send a reply by July 31st. He couldn't do that without knowing more about the school and magic in general. He thought back to the first and only time he had used his powers in front of his relatives. The floating incident. Now that he thought about it, his uncle's reaction had been extremely quick. It was almost as if they weren't even surprised. Harry even vaguely remembered seeing fear in his aunt's eyes.

He decided that he would mention Hogwarts after dinner that night and see what kind of reaction he got. He knew that he could defend himself with his powers if he needed to. He knew that he wouldn't allow himself to be beaten or bullied anymore.

If it turned out that his aunt and uncle knew about magic, then he would get that information from them one way or another. If he had to use his powers then so be it. It's not like they could tell anyone.

With that decided, Harry put the letter away and busied himself with practicing with his powers. He had a new project now. He was trying to separate the different gases in the air, mainly oxygen and nitrogen, just to see if he could. It would definitely improve his control.

All too soon it was dinnertime. Harry quickly cleaned the dishes after everyone was done while his aunt and uncle retreated to the living room to watch the news on the television and Dudley went up to his room to play with his new computer.

After Harry was done, he moved to the living room. He stopped just outside the door and took a deep breath to calm himself. He steeled his nerves and entered the room. Both his aunt and uncle were on the couch watching some commercial. He quietly moved to one side of the couch and spoke up, "Aunt Petunia, do you know anything about a school called Hogwarts?"

The reaction was instantaneous. Petunia paled drastically and gaped at him while Vernon's face reddened rapidly.

Petunia spoke first, "H-How d-do you know that name?"

"I got a letter of acceptance from Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry today and was wondering what you knew about it." Harry kept his face blank and his voice cold but his excitement was building inside him. Judging from their reactions, they definitely knew something and he was going to find out what.

Vernon finally erupted, "SHUT UP YOU FREAK! I will not have you speak of such freakish things under my roof. You will give me this letter and forget all about it. It has been too long since I taught you a lesson. Just wait till i get my hands on you!"

He was struggling to get up from the couch, which was no easy task considering his size. When he was finally up, he charged straight at Harry with his fist raised to strike him. Harry didn't even blink. He merely raised an eyebrow and his uncle's charge was abruptly stopped. It took Vernon a few moments and a shriek from Petunia to realize that he was not moving forward even though his legs were moving. He looked down and saw that he was floating a few inches off the ground. He completely freaked out and bellowed at Harry to put him down at once. His aunt started shouting shrilly at him too.

The combined noise was very annoying so Harry moved Vernon back to the couch and controlled the air in front of them to make sure they couldn't get up. Then he completely removed the air in front of their mouths. He was careful not to include their noses in the small vacuum he created or they would have suffocated. The removal of air had an instant effect of no sound coming out of their mouths. He had read that sound needed air to travel but had never tried it so he was quite pleased with the result.

His aunt was even paler now. It was like there was no blood left in her face. His uncle on the other hand was turning purple. Harry took advantage of the silence to speak, "It is quite obvious from your reactions that you know about Hogwarts and magic. Now I am only going to allow aunt Petunia to speak and I want you to tell me all that you know about magic. Tell me everything you know so I won't ask you again or even mention magic in your presence. You will do this if you ever want to speak again." He was asking his aunt because he knew that his uncle would only yell insults without thinking. He was also bluffing about them not being able to ever speak again but they didn't need to know that. His aunt looked scared as it is. He knew that his threat would be enough to make her tell him everything.

He let air flow in front of her mouth again and looked at her expectantly. She took a shuddering breath and seemed to think for a second before she started speaking quickly. She stuttered a bit at the beginning but quickly got over it.

Harry listened for the next hour as she told him about his parents being magical and how her mother had also gotten a letter from Hogwarts and where she had gone to get her supplies. He listened intently, memorising everything, especially the location for the Leaky Cauldron and how to get into Diagon Alley. His aunt talked about going there for the first time. She talked about Gringotts bank and the goblins. She talked about a whole world of magic hidden from non-magical people. She told him about the hidden platform in Kings Cross station. She told him about how she and his mother grew distant over the 7 years that she went to Hogwarts. He got a distinct feeling that his aunt was jealous of his mother. He learnt about his parents getting married right out of school and about some war happening in the magical world at that time. She told him about how his parents were murdered by some guy whose name she couldn't remember. At this point he had to make a conscious effort not to shout at her in anger for lying about his parents' death. She finally told him about finding him on the doorstep along with a letter from Albus Dumbledore explaining about his parents' death and about something called wards.

Harry asked if she still had the letter and was surprised when she nodded. He told her to get it and allowed her to get up from the couch. She came back in a few minutes with a letter clutched in her hands. He took it and read it quickly. It explained that his parents were killed by a psychopath named Voldemort. It said that he and another boy his age that his parents had been looking after at the time had survived somehow and that Voldemort had died. It then told his aunt that she had to allow Harry to live with her because of some blood wards that Dumbledore had erected that basically protected them from the followers of Voldemort that might try to take revenge. It explained that they might try to attack them because she was his mother's sister so the wards would not only protect Harry but would also protect her and her family.

The letter explained quite a bit. He had always wondered why his relatives had taken him in when they made it clear that he was not wanted. Now he knew that it was for their own protection since the wards wouldn't work without him living there.

He tucked the letter into his pocket and turned back to his aunt. He asked if there was anything else that she hadn't told him about magic or his parents. She thought for a bit and then hesitated as if unsure if she should tell him.

Harry simply floated her a few inches in the air and she quickly spoke up. She told him that his father had been quite rich and that he may have left him some money and that he should go to the Gringotts bank to check.

Then she sighed and said that that was all she knew and to leave them alone. Harry looked at his uncle, who was still unable to make a sound. He looked like he was about to burst in anger but he still couldn't get up from the couch.

Harry realized that he had a great opportunity to make some changes in the house and quickly spoke up, "Okay, from now on some things are going to change. I am going to move to Dudley's second bedroom. I will stay out of your way if you stay out of mine. I will not do any of your chores any more except making the food and tending to the garden whenever I can. I will come and go as I please. In return, I will not use or speak of any magic in your presence. You will tell Dudley whatever you want but you will make sure he stays away from me. If any of you try to hurt me again or make me do anything I don't want to, you will see exactly how much magic I can do. I might even let a few neighbours see me do magic."

Both Petunia and Vernon paled at this threat and he knew he had them. They wouldn't risk their reputation for anything and others finding out about his 'freakishness' was their biggest fear.

"So do we have an agreement?", Harry asked.

Though Vernon looked like he was constipated, they both nodded.

"Good! I'm gonna move into my bedroom now and I'll be going to Diagon Alley tomorrow. Good night."

With that he turned around and walked off towards his cupboard to collect his things which included the letter from Hogwarts, the money he had collected over the years and Dudley's old clothes that he was forced to wear. He wondered how long it would take his uncle to realize that he could move and talk again. Not wanting to find out, he quickly went to his new bedroom and locked the door from inside.

It was the smallest room in the house but it was much better than his cramped cupboard. The floor was littered with Dudley's broken toys. The bed was old looking but sturdy and it already had sheets and a pillow. There was a small bedside table and an old study desk with a rickety chair. There was a cupboard in one corner of the room and there was a window overlooking Privet Drive. After living in the cupboard for his whole life, this was like a 5-star hotel.

He moved to his bed and put the Hogwarts letter and the letter from Dumbledore on the bedside table along with his saved money. He opened the cupboard to put away his clothes and saw that it was already half full with Dudley's old clothes or clothes that had been gifted to him but were too small for the whale. He put away his clothes and turned back to look at his new room. He took in all the broken or old toys and other knick-knacks on the floor. They would make moving around the room difficult. Harry pulled at his power and felt a small tug in his gut as a powerful wind blew through the room and carried everything from the floor to an empty corner in the room. Next he opened the window and made the wind carry out all the dust from the room.

Having cleaned the room, Harry slid into the bed and let his head drop onto the pillow. He sighed as his head sank into the pillow.

This was far more comfortable that sleeping curled up on his mattress in the cupboard. He placed his glasses onto the table and quickly fell asleep, thinking about what he would find in Diagon Alley the next day.

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