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Diagon Alley - Ollivanders

Harry visited almost every shop he came across, checking off things he bought from the list.

The first thing he bought was a trunk and it took him 20 minutes to decide all the features he wanted. He had never really had a chance to be able to buy whatever he wanted so it was quite difficult for him to decide. He finally decided on a 3-compartment trunk. The first compartment was normal sized for various miscellaneous school things. The second compartment was a walk-in closet which he intended to fill later that day. The third compartment was his favorite though. It was his own personal library. It was as big as the library at his school and was filled with shelves on all sides. There was a small sitting area with a desk, chair, recliner and two couches to sit and read in. Harry knew he would be using this compartment all the time. The trunk had the basic lightweight and auto-shrinking charms on it along with the strongest security charms he could find. It was keyed to him by blood and magic and only he or someone he keyed in could open it. Years of not having many possessions and Dudley stealing or breaking what little he had had left Harry very protective of his possessions. He paid for the trunk and left with it shrunk in his pocket.

He picked up the best potions equipment he could find as well as all the ingredients he needed from the Apothecary. Then he bought a telescope from the shop next to the apothecary. Instead of buying a basic model that was the requirement in the school list, he bought one with a few extra features. The cost wasn't much higher and he knew that the extra features would be useful.

Then he moved to Madam Malkin's Robes For All Occasions. There he bought a whole new wizarding wardrobe with the help of a shop assistant who looked like christmas had come early for her when he told her he would need a new wardrobe and she saw the ring on my finger. From the attention he got in the clothing store, he deduced that the ring was easily recognizable and being the heir of a Most Ancient and Noble House was really a big thing in the wizarding world. He bought the basic school robes required and then bought some more robes for everyday wear as well as one or two formal robes. They also had a collection of muggle clothes but they looked a bit outdated so he decided that he would buy some clothes from the muggle world as well. When he was done and had all his robes packed and paid for, he left the store and willed his ring to be invisible at the same time. He didn't like being the centre of attention and that ring made that all too difficult.

After that he went to the store he had been looking forward to the most - Flourish & Blotts, the bookstore. He spent nearly two hours there looking through all the books and he ended up buying practically half the store including the books for all seven years of Hogwarts education. He also selected a lot of books on recent history and wizarding customs and traditions as well as books on Ministry laws and the Hogwarts charter. The cashier almost fainted when Harry went to pay for all the books he had selected. Harry just paid quickly and put all the books in the third compartment of his trunk. He would sort them later when he got back home.

He exited Flourish & Blotts and checked the time again. It was almost 5 in the evening. His stomach rumbled loudly, reminding him that he hadn't had lunch so he went to a small cafe at the side of the street and had a delicious meal. After that he checked his list and saw that the only thing left was a wand. He asked a shopkeeper where he could buy a wand and was directed towards Ollivanders. He knew he had to hurry if he wished to catch the bus back to Surrey which left at 6:30 pm. He would have to postpone his plans to explore the rest of the Alley as well as his shopping trip in the muggle world.

Harry entered Ollivander's with an air of anticipation around him. From what his aunt told him, his mother couldn't do magic without a wand. He could control air without a wand but he had a feeling that a wand would allow him to do other kinds of magic and not just control air. He was beginning to think he was the only one who could do that without a wand because so far he hadn't seen anyone flying or controlling the air in any other manner. He even saw that wizards and witches used magical brooms to fly which he thought would be kind of uncomfortable.

Anyways, he entered the shop and looked around. The room was quite dusty and filled with shelves full of thin long boxes which he assumed contained wands. He called out, "Hello, anybody here?"

There was a small thump from the back of the shop and a door opened. An old-looking guy with sparse white hair and wrinkled skin came out. He had large silvery eyes that seemed to pierce through him. He looked at Harry for a second and then said, "Ah, Mr. Potter, I was wondering when you would come to buy your wand. I remember every wand I ever sold. Why it's like it was just yesterday when your parents were in here buying their own wands. (And now he describes their wands. Same as canon.) Now then, lets get you a wand shall we. Which is your wand hand Mr. Potter?"

"Umm. I'm left handed." In truth he could use both hands well enough but he had always favoured his left hand.

"Very well, lets just take some measurements."

A measurement tape just flew up and started to measure different parts of Harry's body as Ollivander busied himself with taking out different boxes from different shelves.

The tape was measuring between Harry's nostrils when Ollivander came back with his arms full of boxes and said, "That's enough."

The measuring tape flew back to a table and Ollivander took out a wand from a box and gave it to him. Harry stood there holding the wand not knowing what to do. Ollivander spoke up, "Well don't just stand there. Give it a wave."

So Harry, feeling slightly foolish, waved it around. A vase on a table a few feet away exploded. Harry hastily put the wand down. And so it went for the next two hours. Ollivander would hand him a wand and sometimes ask a him to wave it and sometimes just snatch it back quickly. Harry started to worry that he wouldn't get a wand at all whereas ollivander was getting more and more excited. After two hours, it felt like he had tried all the wands in the shop but still hadn't found a match. Ollivander was rummaging about near the back of the store and Harry saw him pull out a dusty box from a corner and look at it thoughtfully. He came back with the box and opened it. He took out a brown wand and handed it to him pensively.

Harry took hold of it and waved it a bit. there were a couple of sparks from the wand and then nothing. Ollivander looked almost disappointed as he took back the wand. He packed away all the open boxes and then came back looking pensive. He was muttering under his breath. "Perhaps..", he said softly.

Then he focused on Harry again and said, "Mr. Potter has anything out of the ordinary happened to you other than the occasional accidental magic?"

Harry was confused and it showed on his face. He asked, "No. What's accidental magic?" He also didn't want to tell anyone about his air powers.

Ollivander stared at him for two full minutes and then said, "Mr. Potter I would like to cast a diagnostic spell on you with your permission. The spell has been in my family for ages. It will not affect you in any way. It will merely show us a physical representation of your magical core."

Harry was wary of anyone casting any spells on him but he was also curious about his magical core and what it would look like. His curiosity won out and he nodded, allowing Ollivander to cast his spell.

He watched curiously as Ollivander made precise movements with his wand and mumbled a long string of words under his breath. Then he pointed his wand at harry and the point of his wand glowed before a kind of 3-d image started forming in front of him. The image showed two spheres. One was pretty big as compared to the other. The bigger one was completely white in color and kept flashing randomly. But it was the other sphere that was weird. It was pretty small and seemed to be made out of a brilliant green energy. The weird part was that it looked like more than half of it was covered in heavy chains. And out of the rest, some of it seemed to be flowing out towards something they couldn't see. But that wasn't where the weirdness ended. There was another really small red and black sphere that seemed to be growing out of the remaining part of the green sphere.

Harry looked towards Ollivander to ask what it all meant but stopped short when he saw him. Ollivander was frozen on the spot with his mouth hanging open and eyes bulging. It was almost funny. Harry cleared his throat. Ollivander snapped out of it and shook his head. He studied the image more carefully and then turned to stare at Harry with an incredulous expression on his face and said, "Mr. Potter, it is a miracle you are even alive. Do you realize what this image shows?"

When Harry shook his head, Ollivander spoke again, "Mr. Potter, what you see before you is a representation of your core. Almost all witches and wizards have only one core. You have two cores because you seem to be an elemental. Now an elemental hasn't been born for over a century but I am reasonably confident about my knowledge on the subject. All elementals have two cores, one for their elemental ability and one for their magic, but both their cores are always the same size. But your elemental core is much bigger than your magical core. As you can see, your magical core is not exactly in a condition it should be in. More than half your core has been blocked. Parents usually block their children's core to limit accidental magic but the blocks are removed in 4-5 years. Even then, they never block more than 25% of the child's magic. On top of that, it seems like a fourth of your core is being channeled to power something else, most likely wards of some kind - "

"Blood Wards!", Harry blurted out, "there have been blood wards at my home for the last ten years."

Ollivander's eyes seemed to widen even further as he whispered, "Yes, blood wards seem to fit. But that is not all. The worst part is that there seems to be something inside you that is leeching power off the remaining part of your core. In essence, it seems like almost all your magic is bound in one way or another. It's no wonder you didn't show any accidental magic. The only reason I can think of for you being alive right now is that your body was sustained by your elemental core. That is the reason it has grown so large. It had to grow in order to sustain your body, which would have been an easy task for your magical core but not for your elemental one. I don't think you can buy a wand right now. I would suggest getting your magic unlocked and whole and then coming back for your wand. Even if you were to find a wand that worked for you now, there's no guarantee that it would work the same way after your magic is whole again. You can either go to St. Mungo's for unlocking your magic or if you are not averse to it, you can go to the goblins. They are much more accomplished at this sort of thing but most wizards just don't want to believe that goblins can be superior to them in any way. And I would recommend getting it done as soon as possible. Having this much magic bound cannot possibly be healthy for you in any way."

Harry stood there stunned for a bit. He realized that this meant that he could have had a whole other set of powers if not for his magic being bound. Ollivander was looking at him expectantly and he realized with a jolt that he had no other business here. He suddenly had a deep desire to free his magic as soon as possible. He hastily thanked Ollivander for everything and said that he would be back to buy a wand later.

Then he practically ran from the wand shop, all the way to Gringotts. Thankfully, it still seemed to be open. He rushed inside and moved quickly to the nearest free teller. He made his ring visible and asked to see Silvertooth as soon as possible. He was asked to follow another goblin who took him back to Silvertooth's office. He entered the office and saw Silvertooth in the same position, though he looked a bit grumpy this time. Maybe because of the time. Anyway, as soon as he was seated Silvertooth asked him if he could help him with something and Harry launched into the explanation about his magical core and Ollivander's suggestion that he come to the goblins.

The goblin seemed proud when he told him how Ollivander said that they were more accomplished in this field of magic. Harry finished his explanation and asked Silvertooth how he could free his magic.

Silvertooth thought for a while and then said, "Well, we can remove the block on your magic here in Gringotts and we can check to see if we can do something about the leech but to stop the wards from drawing on your magic, we would have to send a goblin with you to your home so that he could examine the wards and then dismantle them. You could also just not live there for an year and they would dissolve on their own since you need to be inside the wards for a particular amount of time to recharge them for a year. I would recommend erecting other wards in place of the blood wards if you wish to have them removed now or moving to one of your other properties."

Harry thought about it and said, "Is there a way for me to know who it was that blocked my magical core and put the leech in me? I know that the blood wards were erected by Dumbledore but I'm not sure about the other stuff."

Silvertooth looked thoughtful for a moment before saying, "I'm not completely sure but there is a high chance that your own magical signature would have overridden the magical signature of the person who bound your core. As for the leech, I have no idea. The goblin healer would have a better idea."

Harry nodded and told the goblin that he would like the block and the leech removed as soon as possible and he would think about what to do with the blood wards after that.

He was then escorted to another room which looked like an infirmary of sorts. Here another goblin who looked ancient, examined him for a few minutes before he nodded and spoke to Silvertooth, who had escorted him there, in the goblin language. After they were done talking, Silvertooth turned to Harry and said, "The healer says that he can remove the block easily but he cannot tell who is responsible for it. He also says that the thing leaching from your magical core looks like a fragment of someone's soul. He says that the fragment has to be removed before the blocks are removed or the soul fragment will consume the magic as soon as it's unblocked. There is no way to kill the fragment without killing you but there is a goblin ritual that can move the fragment to another being. We will be able to tell whose soul fragment it is after the ritual. After the block and the fragment have been removed, we can send a goblin curse-breaker to dismantle your blood wards if you want. Do you have anywhere to be for the next few days? We have no idea how long you will be unconscious after the blocks are removed as your body would need time to get accustomed to your magic. Also, these services will cost you a good chunk of your trust vault."

Harry was horrified at the idea of a part of another person's soul inside him but kept his emotions in check. He thought about informing his relatives that he wouldn't be there for at least a few days but then thought better of it. It's not like they would care. He informed Silvertooth that he had nowhere to be for the next few days and agreed to the total cost of all services combined, which came to be 15,000 G.

He was then led to a ritual chamber that had been prepared for him and was asked to strip down and lay in the middle of the circle carved into the ground. He did as he was told. He was too worried about his magic and the soul fragment inside him to even care to be embarrassed by his nudity. He saw 7 goblins come in and stand around the circle at equal distances. Then a rat in a cage was brought and placed next to him. He assumes (correctly) that the soul fragment was going to be transferred to the rat. Then the door to the ritual room was closed leaving only him, the unconscious rat and the 7 goblins in the room.

As one, the goblins started chanting something in the goblin language. Their voices were getting louder by the second and Harry could feel his scar starting to burn. He squirmed as the pain increased steadily. He wasn't even aware that he was screaming or that a dense black smoke was rising from his forehead and entering the rat. He soon lost consciousness but the ritual continued. Once all the black smoke had entered the rat, it started writhing inside the cage and shrieking. The pitch of the chant increased even more and the cage started glowing just as the black smoke seemed to rise out of the rat and tried to escape the cage but couldn't. After a few moments of trying, the smoke sunk back into the rat which twitched a couple of times but was then still.

The goblins stopped their chanting once they were sure that the rat was unconscious and that the soul fragment couldn't escape. The door to the ritual room opened again and the healer who checked Harry before moved forward to check on him again. He ran some diagnostics and frowned a bit before nodding and then levitating him out of there.

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