Tsume panted and spat in the snow. It turned faintly red from his spit. He levered himself up, feeling the cold cobblestones beneath his hands and the snow. This fight was rapidly escalating out of hand, but Tsume still had a trick to play.

With a vicious growl, he gave himself over to the wolf. Relinquishing the fiery spirit inside.

His oppressor stumbled backwards in surprise. Of course he hadn't expected the runt to turn into a wolf. But surprisingly, he overcame his shock and returned to an aggressive stance, egging Tsume on to attack him anyways.

Still in his youth, it didn't take much to convince Tsume to fight. He leapt forward, snarling.

The man grinned wickedly, a knife flashed in his hand. Even using a wolf's agility, Tsume was unable to dodge the attack completely. He felt a burning streaking of pain across his chest, but he refused to release any noise that might hint at his sudden weakness, though he could feel the blood oozing from the wound.

Tsume was stubborn, and didn't like to lose, so he trusted in the wolf and sprang again. He was stunned when he felt another cross-section of burning pain across his chest. He fell back in surprise, panting in shock, and feeling the blood racing from marks slashed across his chest.

He snarled angrily at his attacker. "You shouldn't be able to do this to me."

The attacker laughed. "Being a wolf doesn't make you all powerful." He mocked. "You're too young for it to mean much."

"Too young?" Tsume snarled snapping at the man viciously.

"A thirteen year old is no match for a full grown man, whether you have wolf blood or not."

"Wanna bet?" Tsume angrily snarled.

"You wanna try again, runt?" The man taunted. "You've already got a pretty scratch on your chest; you want some more decorations now?"

Tsume's fur bristled and his back arched as he prepared to launch himself at the man again. No one called him a runt. "I'm not a little boy!" He barked.

"Could've fooled me."

Rage consumed Tsume and leapt before he could even think of restraining himself, not that he really wanted to, when this guy was being such a jerk. He was stunned to find himself on the ground, unable to move. His attacker had disappeared, apparently some time ago, as the sun was now setting; it most certainly had not been while Tsume had been fighting.

The air was wickedly cold, which in large part seemed to be why he was so incapable of movement. His bones seemed to have melded to each other while he'd been unconscious. He felt ridiculous for ending up in this position; he was a wolf. He was supposed to be more powerful than any mere human.

Tsume strained for several moments, finally his body twitched into motion, though almost every movement sent a great shuddering ache to his still faintly stinging chest. He was fairly sure he had only survived that attack because of the wolf in him, considering how deep the crossed cuts seemed to run.

Eventually Tsume made it to his feet again; he tried to ignore the blood still seeping heavily from his wounds, and stumbled away from the scene of the fight, seeking some sort of shelter for the night.

When he had finally gotten his feet beneath him again, he had switched back to his human form, which was fortunate because he ran into the boss of his thieving gang. He hated the man, and one day he would kill him and take over the gang himself. He hated being under someone else's thumb and longed for the day when he would be the one giving orders. But as his last fight had so unfortunately proven, he wasn't ready to take over anything. He hadn't been able to kill an unfortunate, there was no way he could kill the leader yet.