The night breeze was chilly as it traveled across the town of Magnolia. It wound through the streets, ducking into corners, sneaking into little cracks, and finally reaching the top of the church. On top of that church, a figure could be seen.

With a closer look, you could see that the figure was a woman. She stared out at the town, an insane look on her face. A dark chuckle could be heard from her mouth. She inched closer to the edge and looked down. The dark chuckle built up and came out as a malicious cackle. There were a few people scuttling around, trying to get out of the cold but no one there to stop her.

Her blond hair waved around her face as the wind got more and more dangerous. All according to plan, came the malicious thought. Her toes crept along the edge. No one left to interfere. And I'll be free from all of this. The Fairy Tail mages were all snug in their beds, not knowing of the plan. With the most powerful of them already gone, and the rest to leave right away in the morning, it was a done deal. Heart pounding, she stepped off the cathedral.

"Luccyyy, I need your help,"Cana slurred her speech as she leaned against the door,"Why won't you answer mee." She hiccuped and banged her head up against the door.

"Cana-san?" A small, inquisitive voice called out. Cana turned and she saw Wendy and her cat, Carla, staring at her.

"Did you come to use Lucy's tub too?" Cana stumbled over to them.

"No, we were just walking by. We passed by Mest, he wanted to talk abut Mystogan. He was disappointed he couldn't be in the actual trials but he did ask Gray to be his partner since Lucy-san is still out on that mission,"Wendy seemed a little flustered by the encounter. Cana wrapped her arm around Wendy and looked her deep into her eyes.

"I need you to be my partner for the S-class trials."

"Absolutely not!" Carla exclaimed,"She's too young, and I won't have her be your partner."

"Please, it's either that or I quit Fairy Tail for good,"Cana had a deathly serious look on her face. Wendy's face was stunned and she grabbed Cana's hands.

"Let's go and talk somewhere." Wendy led them back to her house where they talked.

Wendy and Cana stood together with the rest of the candidates. Natsu and Gray were arguing on who would get to S-class first, Elfman was yelling about being a man, and there was a lot of general noise going on.

"Man, it sucks that Lucy had to go see her dad. She should've been here, wishing me luck because she'd know I'd win Popsicle Pants,"Natsu complained.

"As if, she'd be wishing me luck Flame Brain,"Gray retorted. Without either of the girls, the boys were left to jab all the insults they wanted to at each other. However, they had some sense not to use their magic yet in order to save their energy. Finally the boat showed up and everyone could breathe a sigh of relief. They hurried to get on the boat and get going. Unfortunately for them, they just missed out on news that would've changed everything.

Miles and miles away by a suspicious looking wagon, a blond body was being thrown into it. A chuckle came from the front and a wet cough came from inside of it.

"Do you think they'll ever suspect?"A scaly looking man said.

"Never,"the portly woman replied and then let out another wet cough,"No one would even think to care."

Hi. It's me, I wanted to update this because it's not my best work at all. I might continue it, but right now I just wanna fix what I had done earlier.