7 years, 5 months and 29 days since the group at Tenroujima has disappeared.

Macao ran a hand through his graying hair. It was the anniversary of the group that had disappeared at Tenrou; and just yesterday, it was the anniversary of possibly one of the best celestial mages ever, Lucy Heartfilia. He had taken over the guild as master when the others had disappeared but it was much harder than it looked. Keeping up with all that paperwork was difficult, even though he didn't have to deal with the papers from seven years ago. That would of been a nightmare. Looking around the guild hall, he sighed heavily. Not only had he failed his guild but also his son.

Still, he supposed, things could be a lot worse. They could still be living in that shack up on the hillside, but thanks to one of their more recent recruits, they had been able to buy back the old guild hall, even though they still got harassment from Twilight Ogre.

She was a very mysterious character, never staying for more than a few days or so. Her name was Ashley and had so much power that she had been recruited into the ranks of the top ten wizard saints. He remembered when she joined their guild, about 3 years ago. She had showed up on their doorstep one night and told them that she was joining them and they couldn't stop her. It wasn't until later that we found out that she was a Saint. No one knew her last name, nor where she came from but that was alright with her.

When she first came, she didn't talk much. She would only show up for any of the major requests but wouldn't say what she did after she completed them. A lot of her money went into rebuilding the guild though, even though everyone told her not to. She just stared at us for an uncomfortably long time until we gave in to her demands. Then when she went to go pay, she decided that we had paid enough and went to go 'talk' to the guild master. Some say they can still hear the screams at night.

Things could definitely be worse, we could be at the Magical games and getting our asses handed to us again. But no games could tell us who was the best guild. It was Fairy Tail, no matter what.

Kinana set Wakaba's drink down and sighed as she walked back to the bar. She almost wished they were back at the shack. That way, it wouldn't feel as empty.

The doors creaked open as they were opened. A slim figure in a cloak walked through them and straight to the bar.

"Hey Ashley, how was the job?" She inquired politely. A thumbs up was all that was given and she held up both hands and two fingers on each hand.

"Two beers and two shakes, gotcha. How's Sheldon doing," she got out the beers and started on the shakes. Ashley had a hard time speaking with people, unless in danger or she really needed something. Or it was just her and Sheldon. Sheldon on the other hand, well, couldn't shut up. He wasn't her boyfriend but an exceed that had been kept in captivity alongside Ashley. Ashley didn't come by the guild for a couple of months after he had spilled that tidbit of information. Neither of them talked anymore on that subject and it was left alone.

"Kkkiiiinnnnnaaannnaaa, heeelllpp! I can't stop!" Sheldon screamed as he came careening into the guild. A pillow was held up and he face planted into it.

"Thanks,"a muffled voice came out. He also had a lot of problems flying like being out of control past a certain distance. He popped up from the pillow and turned on Ashley.

"How could you leave me back there to deal with those thugs! They were trying to swindle me! Bamboozle me! Okay so they were only trying to sell me a watermelon but it was horrible! They couldn't and wouldn't shut up about how great they were." Finally, he took a breath and gave her the most hurt expression he could give. When it was very obvious it wasn't gonna work, he turned toward Kinana. She just handed him both shakes and started cleaning more glasses.

Things were peaceful for a while, and Kinana took some time to just look at Ashley. Covered from head to toe in blacks and grays, she was a somber image. Dark gray pants, steel toed boots, a long sleeve combat shirt and heavy gloves were her normal attire. Plus her weird mask thing. It covered her lower half of her face, but looped to the sides and formed a type of hood thing. There were rumors that she had suppressing chains on her arms but nothing was proven. Over all of that was her heavy cloak.

Sheldon, was a very different story. He was a dark red cat and he wore some of the brightest clothing around. Bright green vest, orange pants and a hot pink bowtie. It was a wonder that those two stuck together but they worked.

A peace had settled but it wasn't long before someone came to crash the party. "Hey you fairy shits! What the hell do you think you are doing slacking off at a time like this, especially when you still owe us your life!" A group of Ogres came sauntering in, ready to rumble. "Yeah, when we saved your sorry asses not that stuck up saint that ditches you guys because you suck and your guild sucks"

When they reached the bar area, they still hadn't noticed the pair that was there. "Give us a couple beers you slut!" One man jeered.

"Kinana, duck,"was all Ashley said before she flung the guy behind the bar. Thankfully, Kinana had listened to her but it grabbed the attention of the others.

"Sh-h-he's here! She wasn't supposed to be back for a few more months!" They started backing up slowly at first but eventually started to sprint back. The guy behind the bar hadn't gotten up yet so Ashley calmly walked behind it and picked him up again and chucked him at the door. Before he could get through it, he was stopped by someone grabbing him.

"Who the hell do you think you are, saying my guild sucks. It's number one!" The guy was then tossed back and hit the other guys. Natsu and the others stepped into the light. Everyone's heart stopped at that moment and the guild went quiet.

A loud sob came from Macao's throat and that broke the dam. They had returned.