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"Rebekah and I will look around the French Quarter and see if we can find anything while you try asking Marcel nicely for Elijah" Caroline says to Klaus

"What makes you think Marcel will do as I say" Klaus asks "and you love shouldn't be going anywhere in your condition" Klaus continues looking from Caroline's slightly swollen stomach to her eyes

"Seriously Klaus I'm pregnant your making it sound like I have a severe illness" Caroline says rolling her eyes "and if that doesn't work I have a plan B"

"And do tell sweetheart what is your plan B" Klaus asks

"Well according to what Elijah told me Rebekah and Marcel have some history so, Rebekah can be the blond distraction" Caroline says to both Mikaelson siblings

In the attic of St. Ann's Catholic Church Marcel and Davina were talking around Elijah's coffin "D do you think there is a way we can kill him permanently" he said crossing his arms

"I can look for a spell but I still don't know if I can control my magic" Davina says

"I'm sure you can figure it out D" Marcel says putting a reassuring hand on Davina's shoulder

"Why do you want to kill the originals so bad I thought you guys were family" Davina asks

"They were my family until they left me in a burning theater and now they think they can come back and take everything I have" Marcel answers anger lacing his voice before leaving the attic

"I guess it's just you and me now" Davina says touching the coffin slightly.

"Ugh this is useless, we are never going to find Elijah if he is in the bloody French Quarter" Rebekah says tired from walking around the busy French Quarter

"Maybe if we split up we can find him faster" Caroline says

"Nice try but I promised Nik I wouldn't let you leave my sight" Rebekah answers

"I don't need a babysitter I am fully capable of taking care of myself… besides we can cover more ground if we split up, maybe even find Elijah then we can go home and take a nice hot relaxing bubble bath" Caroline says trying to persuade Rebekah

"As nice as that sounds I said no" she says leaving no room for discussion

"Fine, let's keep looking then" Caroline says

The girls continue to walk around the Quarter looking for anything that might give them a clue of where Elijah is when Caroline's phone rang

"Probably my brother" Rebekah says

"No it's my mom" Caroline replies "hey mom sorry I haven't called I've just been super busy" "mom" Caroline says when she hears no answer "mom are you there?" the line goes dead

"That was weird" Caroline says

"What's weird?" Rebekah asks

"My mom just called but she didn't answer than the line went dead… do you think something bad happened to her" Caroline asks worry in her voice

"I'm sure it was nothing maybe she butt dialled you" Rebekah says in a reassuring voice

"I don't know I just have a bad feeling" Caroline says

On the other side of the French Quarter Marcel and Klaus meet at Sophie's bar "Klaus I was surprised when you called asking to meet" Marcels says "yes well it was urgent" Klaus replies

"Well what do you need" Marcel asks "I would like you to hand back my brother" Klaus says with a smile

"No" is all Marcel says "no" Klaus growls "we made a deal and now you want to break it" Marcel says

"Well that was before Rebekah came back and is now breathing down my neck to get Elijah back" Klaus says leaving out the part of Caroline

"Rebekah is back" Marcel asks "yes and wasn't too happy to find out I daggered are dear older brother and gave him to the self-claimed king of New Orleans" Klaus states

Marcel was about to answer when he stops and looks at Cami while she interrupted "can I get you guys a drink" she says letting her eyes linger on Klaus "not for me I was just about to leave" Marcel says "a deals a deal Klaus… I hope to see both of you guys at my charity ball tonight and Klaus do tell Rebekah I look forward to seeing her… good bye Cami" Marcel says before leaving, Klaus growls

"So you're going to the ball tonight" Cami asks Klaus, twirling the ends of her dirty blond hair "I am" is all he replies "maybe we can go together" she asks hope filling her voice "I'm sorry Cami but I already have a date" he lies but knows he will ask Caroline when he gets home

"Oh… I shouldn't have asked I'm sor..." Cami starts to say

"No need to be sorry Cami, you didn't know there is no harm done" he says "but there is something you can do for me"

"Anything" she whispers "I have noticed the way Marcel looks at you" Klaus says "how does he look at me" she asks tilting her head to the side "like he cares about you more than a friend should" he replies "now I want you to give him a chance" he says staring into her eyes compelling her "I will give him a chance" she repeats "good" Klaus says with a smirk.

"I'm bloody done with this" Rebekah says frustrated

"We can't give up I feel like were close" Caroline says

"Please don't tell me you're falling for Elijah" Rebekah says with a knowing look in her eyes

"What, no he's my friend and I care about him" Caroline replies

"Are you sure that's the only reason your trying so hard to find him" she asks wiggling her eyebrows

"What, ew I emit Elijah is hot and looks good in a suit but, I like Klaus even when he is an ass" Caroline says sadly "Elijah doesn't deserve to be daggered, he was there for me when I first got here, I owe him" she continues

"I think Nik is jealous" Rebekah states

"Of what Elijah, that's crazy" Caroline says in disbelieve

"Nik has always been the definition of crazy... and are you telling me you don't see his face every time you mention Elijah" the female original states

"Umm no and honestly I don't care, Klaus needs to learn not to jump to conclusions" Caroline says just before her phone rings "speak of the devil and he shall call" she mumbles

"Klaus" Caroline answers her phone in a bored tone "hello love, how has your Elijah hunting been going" he answers

Caroline stops walking "it sucks, we have looked everywhere there is nothing... please tell me you have had better luck" she says in a hopeful voice

"Well sweetheart I did get an invitation from Marcel to his charity ball tonight" he says and Caroline can almost see him smirking

"Really Klaus are you even trying to find your brother" Caroline says rolling her eyes "I asked Marcel nicely like you said and I was denied my request" Klaus growls out "he thinks being king of New Orleans mean he gets to control me... I want him dead and I will kill him" he rants

"Marcel needs to be taken down yes, but I don't think you should kill him" Caroline says "then what do you propose I do sweetheart" he asks "I don't know" she replies "well then..." Caroline tunes him out looking at curtains on a churches attic window moving "Klaus I need to go I think I found something" she says before hanging up and using her super speed to get to the church across the street

"Caroline what the bloody hell are you doing" Rebekah yells speeding after her

"If you were Marcel where would you hide an original" Caroline asks

"Somewhere no one goes" Rebekah answers

"Exactly, look at this old church" Caroline says point at St. Ann's Catholic Church "it has an attic and it looks like someone is up there"

"You are a bloody genius Caroline" Rebekah says hugging Caroline

"Come on lets go check it out" Caroline replies while grabbing Rebekah's hand and pulling her along

Both girls walk into the old church to see nobody there. As they walk further in they notice a door which leads to the attic

"Look a door" Caroline says while opening it and climbing up the stairs "come on Bekah"

When they get to the door that leads to a room in the attic they get stuck "what" Rebekah says pounding on the invisible barrier

"Maybe we need to be invited in" Caroline question "wait... you have got to be kidding me, look Rebekah the coffin" Caroline says pointing to the big oak coffin

"Elijah" Rebekah whispers in relief

The sound of a girl talking brings Caroline and Rebekah out of there trance "who are you" the girl asks

"That not important, give me my brother back before I rip your heart out and feed it to the wolves" Rebekah growls

"I can't" is all the girl says "please we mean you no harm" Caroline says nicely

"Let us in" Rebekah yells making the girl jump

"Come in" she stutters

Rebekah and Caroline walk in and run to the coffin lifting the led to see a gray veined Elijah with a dagger in his chest. Rebekah reaches for the dagger ready to remove it when the girl's voice stops her "I wouldn't do that if I were you" Rebekah ignores her and goes for the dagger only to fall on the floor screaming in pain "STOP" Caroline yells only to receive the same pain. The girl continues to mumble words in a different language than throws both girls towards the window and onto the concrete floor outside the church

"Caroline Caroline are you ok" Caroline hears from above her

"owww my head kills what happened" Caroline asks

"The witch bitch threw us out of the window... come one let's get home and tell Nik" she says

Klaus was sitting on the sofa drinking bourbon while sketching a picture of Caroline when he hears yelling "KLAUS" "NIK" Klaus gets up and in a flash is in front of Caroline thinking she is hurt "what happened are you ok love" he asks looking for injures "Klaus I'm ok, we found Elijah" Caroline says "what where" he asks Rebekah opens her mouth to answer only the find out she doesn't remember the location "Caroline please tell me you remember" she asks "what, yeah the..." Caroline stops only to find out she doesn't know either "the witch bitch, she must of did a spell to make us forget" Rebekah says pacing

"What witch" Klaus asks angry to be left out

"There was a witch a girl actually, she was strong she threw us out a window using her magic" Caroline answers

"What" Klaus says

"Nik you gave Elijah to a powerful witch" Rebekah says making Klaus tense.

"That was a close one D" Marcel says walking around the tiny room

"Don't worry I made them forget about this place" Davina replies not looking up from her painting

"You said there was another girl, what did she look like" Marcel asks

"She's a vampire with blond curly hair, blue eyes and..." Davina stops looking up "what's wrong D" he asks

"She was pregnant Marcel" she answers "what,I thought you said she was a vampire" he asks confused "she is a vampire Marcel I don't know how but I felt the child, she was defiantly pregnant" Davina says

"Well things just got more interesting" Marcel says with a smirk "your not going to hurt her are you, after all she is pregnant" Davina asks scared for the girl and unborn baby's life "you know my policy against hurting kids D" Marcel replies hurt that she thinks of him as someone who would hurt a child "I had to make sure" she says "did you find out anything else about killing an original" he asks trying to chance the subject "no but I want to try a spell out on the dagger and see if I can turn it into a weapon to kill them permanently" Davina answers

"Alright pull out the dagger" Marcel says while Davina pull the dagger out not knowing that soon Elijah will wake up and won't be happy.

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