AN: This is just a one shot that has a possibility of becoming a multiple chaptered story. It's an AU setting where Fiona is a volunteer policewoman and Marshall Lee is a delinquent who frequently breaks the law. So tell me what you think after please.

It was like any day in the town of Aaarlan. I was riding the bus to my volunteer job as a policewoman. The job is really fun. I hope to become a real policewoman one day. Saving lives, taking down bad guys, that's the life for me no matter how discriminatingly masculine it is. Hi, I'm Fiona Multins. I'm 17 and a junior at Aaarlan High.

Once the bus came to a stop in front of the police station, I was shoved right out from the crowd of people. Yeah, life has its ups and downs here in town, but I learn to cope and keep a smile on my face.

Once I enter the station, I'm greeted by my supervisor and best friend, Katie Felinington. She's a few years older than me but we seem to have a family like connection.

"Hey girl, I got a great case for us today." Exclaimed Katie

"Oh really? What's it about this time? A murderer? A robbed bank? Ooo, a car chase!?"

Katie just looked at me and giggled and shook her head as her brown hair waved back and forth. "No, we've got word where this teen punk that we can't catch may be hiding."

"What's he done?" "

"He's robbed from almost every store in town, graffitied so many walls, and broken who knows how many road laws. We don't know the face of this punk but the only thing we have to go on is that he carves the letters ML everywhere he strikes. He's almost your age but he's very crafty and sneaky. We believe that he's hiding out near the dock. And you and me got assigned this case." Katie explained giving her pointer finger to me then her thumb to herself with a clever smirk I've come to recognize often from her.

"Sweet niblets that sounds awesome! We'd better get going then." I cheered happily.

I was never one to be interested in normal female things. I always hated those plastic dolls. I had a stuffed animals. Yes, even boys can have stuffed animals. I know my brother, Finn, did. I never liked ballet or dress up. I liked video games and playing pretend pirate. My blonde hair was always a knotty mess. I was never one to take so much time in styling my hair and I'm still not. I just brush my hair out and it seems to get perfect.

We get to the dock and get out of the car.

"Alright, take these handcuffs Fi, and if you have trouble catching the guy just call my name and I'll bring out my guns." Katie said handing me the cuffs and twirling her pair of pistols.

"You got it Kate." I replied and walked off. Personally, I'd love to have a pistol but that's just the limitations of a volunteer. Good thing I'm a black belt in karate and ti kwan do

(AN: Just so you guys know, I have no idea what a police volunteer actually does. Someone I know is a volunteer firefighter so I'm guessing a volunteer policewoman would do something the same)

I looked in an old warehouse but was ended up with an empty room. As I'm standing in the doorway, I feel a brush of wind quickly pass behind me as I hear the rush of footsteps. I quickly turn around to seeing a figure move under the dock in just a millisecond. That has to be the guy, so I cautiously move towards the water and wood.

Once I'm under, I'm quickly pulled and pinned to the support beam by a guy with black hair and pale skin. For some reason his contacted red eyes would make my stomach feel fuzzy and my cheeks numb.

"Hey Blondie, what you doing here following me?" The boy asked in a hypnotizing deep voice.

"Uh, I'm looking for someone with the name ML." How is it that this guy could easily make me weak when I just met him.

"Well your in luck cutie. Names Marshall Lee. " The bit replied pushing some of my hair out of my face. That's when decided to strike. I immediately locked one half of the cuffs on his wrist closest to my face.

"Well looks like it's my lucky day. You're under arrest!"

"I don't think so cutie." He took the other half of my cuffs and locked it on my wrist and grabbed my hand. "Now you're stuck with me." He started dragging me to a different warehouse than before and shoved me on a motorcycle and drove right out of the warehouse.

"KATIE!" I screamed as we drove away. It was really uncomfortable with our hands cuffed together. I had to lean forward more than I should while his hand was on the handle. I could feel him chuckle through his back. What the heck was this guy?

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