Marshall groaned and leaned closer to his hacking project, those red eyes narrowing at the chain that was being quite difficult to say the least.

"Uh, do you want me to try and-"

"No no! I got this," he said under his breath sawing away like a maniac.

Fionna blinked, raising a brow before her head tilted as she watched the determined male saw. Her chin rested in her free palm when her eyes shifted away, starting to wonder if they would ever get these cuffs off.


Her head whipped back around when his frustrated growl made her flinch, the saw skidding across the table where he slung it only to find him trying to bite through the chain now.

Nam nam nam nam nam, is the sound that you could hear Marshall Lee make, trying so determinedly to bite through the cuffs. She could feel her brow twitch at his last resort... biting, really Marshall Lee? She couldn't help but stifle a short giggle at how ridiculous he looked.

He growled again and looked up with the chain still in his mouth, their hands dangling from the cuffs on either side, her attention just now noticing his teeth in the daylight.

Woah, he had fangs?! What is with this kid, he's definitely not the type of perp she was used to. Maybe he was in some type of gang and the weird contacts and fangs are their trade mark?

"What's with the fangs," she asked watching him spit the chain out in defeat.

"Hm? Oh, I had them filed down like this. Pretty mathmatical, right? The ladies dig them. Yup..."

He leaned back, trying to put his hands behind his head to act all sly and nonchalant, obviously forgetting they were cuffed together and was cut short making his attempt at looking cool fail.

Slapping her forehead, Fionna shook her head, eyes flicking over to the still spinning saw on the table.

"Why didn't it cut through? I thought you said this would work..."

"Guess the saw is dull."

It was Fionna's turn to growl out under her breath, blue eyes rollings to the words by Captain Obvious.

"Probably from all the other times you got handcuffed to a random chick."

Marshall Lee was up and out of his seat quicker then she had the time to react, her wooden chair being tilted backwards with his hand being the only thing keeping her from hitting the floor. His head dropped, leaning his body in to glare her in they eye while pressing his forehead into hers for added effect. To make sure she heard his every word loud and clear.

"Listen Blondie, I thought I made it clear last night that I'm not a bad guy. If I was some sick pervert don't you think I would have forced myself on you when you were laying in MY bed? I didn't, now did I," his free hand lifted and cupped her chin, holding her in place as the cuffs rustled and protested to the action. "If I'm such a bad guy, then what's stopping me from kissing you now?"

Fionna narrowed her eyes, glaring right back with more intensity than you could possibly imagine, the annoyance radiating from her body. Her hand shot up and grabbed his wrist, trying to pull his grasp from holding her in place but his locked muscles were not moving; she couldn't budge him one bit.

"If you're not a pervert, what the hell do you call this?!"

His lips parted, curving into a smile as his head inclined closer to hers, whispering just inches from her lips.

"I call this flirting. I'm not touching you inappropriately, therefore I'm not a pervert. How is it my fault that secretly you're enjoying yourself and-"

"Big brother, what's for breakfast?"

His head shot up and he was completely removed from Fionna when Marcy's sleepy voice echoed from the hallway, her slowed steps entering the kitchen as she rubbed an eye with one hand, the other holding her teddy bear.

He shot Fi a look, then smiled to his sibling with a warmth that shown in his eyes.

"Want some cereal?"

She giggled and nodded, her eyes finding Fionna sitting in the chair behind Marshall kind of hiding in a way.

"Oh, hello, you're the pretty lady from yesterday. Are you here visiting my big brother again? You're not going to break his heart and try to take him away like the last girl are you?"

Marshall coughed loudly before Fionna could reply, grabbing her hand to hide the cuffs so she would stand and let Marcy sit at the table.

"Come on, let's get my lil sis some food in that belly huh?"

He pulled Fionna along and made Marcy some cereal, ruffled her long black tresses which got a huff from the adorable little girl then left the room to left her eat in peace.

"Hold up a minute, why are you avoiding her question?"

He stopped in the hallway, leaning against the wall to stare at the floor, eyes closing before he spoke quietly so Marcy wouldn't hear.

"Ashley... my ex. She was actually a cop too, which is mostly why I can't stand them. But she used me, she was undercover and used me to gain information and let me believe I was in love. Ha... once she had what she needed, I was cornered and handcuffed. She was going to just let me rot in jail after ripping my heart from my chest and treating me like an object, not a person. I managed to escape, still handcuffed but I managed. That's probably why the saw is dull... man, Jake must have done a number sawing at the chain if it's that dull. I had to relocate Marcy and everything because of her... ugh. And because of you, I'm going to have to lie to her again, for the second time on why we have to find a new place to live."

"Wait! Ashley?! The police chief, Ashley?! She globbin' hates my guts."

"Why's that?" Marshall asked

"I have no idea. Something about me being competition or some other unnecessary reason. She keeps on giving me the most ridiculous tasks and jobs to do. Just last week she had me buy the whole station 3 boxes of doughnuts and everyone a coffee of their choice while she was seducing one of our male cops! I don't know why she's even the police chief. She doesn't do crap!" Fionna explained

"Yeah, that's Ashley for you. The highest bleep of all bleeps." Marshall replied with a sigh. "Come on. I got a-" Marshall was soon interrupted by the sound of his front door slamming and heavy footsteps entering the house.

"Marshall! Where's that lazy son of a bitch!" The drunken gruff sound of a male sounded.

"Stay here. Or else he'll beat you senseless." Marshall whispered before stepping into the dim light of the living room. He had his arm slightly out to hide the cuffs. "What do you want?" He asked, emphasizing 'You'.

"Now don't you dare talk to me like that or so help me-" The man now realized as Marshall's dad demanded stomping closer to the black haired boy. You could just smell the alcohol and cigarettes from 5 feet away. The man than realized his son was hiding his hand in the hallway. "What you hiding, boy?"

"I'm not hiding anything. I know why you're back here. You just want my rent to go straight back to whatever bar you came from and bang out the first chick you see." Marshall retaliated. "You want your stupid rent? Fine, take it and get out!" He than took a stack of dollar bills out of his back pocket and shoved it into his father's chest.

Fionna was standing completely still the entire time, praying to Glob that he wouldn't find her.

The father slammed the money on the side table and grabbed his son's arm tightly. "I said, what you hiding?" He than yanked his arm to pull Fionna out of the shadows.

"Who's this? Is she your little whore?" The father yelled. Marcy, during all of this, was hiding behind the recliner in the corner and hugging her teddy bear tightly.

"Hey man, I'm not some whore!" FIonna yelled back, the fear-enduced adrenaline being replaced with her naturally common confidence. All of a sudden she was smacked hard across the face.

"No one talks to me like that. Especially not the play toy for my son." The father growled deeply.

Next thing that happened made Marshall's eyes grow wider than before. Fionna shot up and punched the father square in the jaw, side kicked his gut, and elbowed where his neck and shoulder connected, evidentally knocking him out.

"Bastard." Was all Fionna said before turning to see the shocked faces of Marshall and Marcy. "What?"

Marshall was finally able to be the first to speak. "What was that?"

"I'm a black belt in karate and ti qwan do. The dude really needed to shut up." Fionna replied cracking her knuckled with a smug smirk. "Don't worry, he's just knocked out. Hopefully I knocked some sense into him."

"Marshall, what's going to happen now?" Marcy asked softly, not noticing the handcuffs at all.

"I don't know, Marcy. I-" Marshall replied scratching the back of his head, trying to find a way to ease his sister's worried thoughts before Fionna cut in.

"Hold up. Excuse us for a minute." Fionna grabbed Marshall's hand and pulled him into the hallway. "I know I'll get in trouble for this but why don't you guys stay with me? My parents are going to be out of town for the next two weeks and it's just going to be me and my little brother, Finn. That should give us enough time to get these off and find you a place to stay."

"So now the cop's breaking the law, eh?" Marshall replied with a smirk on his pale face.

"Would you rather wait for him to wake up?" Fionna asked pointing to the older male on the floor.

"Alright. Fine."

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