Chapter 1

Natsu P.O.V



I sat bolt upright in my bed panting and sweating. I have got to stop having that stupid dream! It's not my fault she left and that we can't find her or that she might be deadRight? Oh god please say she's not dead! I would do ANYTHING for her to come back to me- I mean us! God what has happened to me? Since she has left I've just been sodepressed. 'Shit! What is happening to me!? '

'Natsu are you ok! You almost set the hammock on fire! You looked so sad and then angry then you caught on fire! Isis this about Lucy?' Happy said.

'H-How did you know!?' God, has Happy turned psychic?!

'It's so obvious. YOU TURNED DOWN A FIGHT WITH GRAY YESTERDAY! What next, ERZA! You need to Snap Out Of It and Let It GO! Let HER Go!'

He can be so annoying! Why on EARTH would I want to forget her? Lucy

'II can't Happy. She's all I can think aboutII'mREALLY HUNGRY!'

Happy looked down and muttered 'Wow, you got over her fast…'

I spun around, eyes narrowed and I could feel the flames around me, getting hotter and hotter. Was I angry at Happy?! Because of a girl?! NO! She isn't any girl. She is Lucy.


Happy looked scared. How could I do this to him! I put the fire out.

'I'm sorry man. It's justIt's Lucy.'

'It's ok Natsu. I know. I miss her too.' Happy whimpered.

We headed towards the guild with the memory of Lucy playing through our mind like a video.


Mirajane pov

'OMG! It's Natsu!' I screamed. The last time he was here was 3 weeks ago and that was because he needed food!


Everyone looked at me like I was psycho


It took a second and then it sunk in a bit and everyone lit up like light bulbs. Nice one me! Oh God, he's walked in. Act normal!

'Hey Natsu! How are you! Good day isn't it?'

God, I hope that wasn't too corny!?

'Hey MiraAny news onyou knowLucy? No wait never mind it's fine there's probably nothing or maybe there is…' Natsu mumbled.

Oh My God he looks horrible. I feel so bad! Maybe I should cook him somethingOh yeah! There was that thing from master!

'Master told me to tell you something! It's about Lucy!'

He looked at me like a boy on Christmas day.

'What! What did he say! Is she ok?!' Natsu replied.

'He saidhe said that she's joined another guild, I can't remember which one, and they're gonnathey're gonna play against us in the Grand Magic Games.'Oh no. I just remembered what guild she joined. Natsu's not gonna like this.

'It wasum…'

'What guild did she join?' He asked sternly.

'She joinedumuh…' Oh no why do I have to tell him! Come on, Mira he can't suffer forever.

'She joinedSabertooth'

Erza pov

Poor Natsu! I mean I was sad when I found out Lucy was in Sabertooth but Natsu hasn't looked up from the table in 5 minutes and he turned down food. TURNED DOWN FOOD! I am not the one of those people who swears but WTF! I guess I was like this when Jella-NO ERZA YOU ARE NOT THINKING ABOUT HIM and that moment-NO ERZA NO! I punched myself and everyone gave me the wtf look and I glared at them saying look away now if you don't wanna die through my eyes. They looked away immediately. Back to the matter at hand-

'DO YOU NOT FUCKING CARE! YOU JACKASS!'' Natsu screamed. I turned around to look at him properly. He was shouting at Gray. Natsu was on fire. Again. What are we going to do, Fairy Tail.

Natsu pov

I can't believe that bastard! He thinks I can just forget Lucy? That everyone gets it? That he gets it? No! No one understands!

Right, I'm leaving. I can't stand being near this jerk at the moment.

'Hey! Where do you think you're going kusohono (bastard flame)?'

'Anywhere away from you guys.' I stormed out.

Lucy pov

'I miss Fairy Tail. I even miss Happy's fish comments. But mostly I miss…'"Natsu" my mind said. SHUT UP I'M WITH STING NOW! UhWhy do I date him?! Oh yeah. Because if I date him for 1 year he will give me Libra and Pisces. My 2 last keys. I need them. That son of a bitch! I still get angry thinking about that damn deal! I swear to god I am so gonna break up with him after a year and kick him SO HARD in the balls! Ok, shut up. You've got to train now, Lucy. Hard. In order to beat someone in the Grand Magic Games (probably not Fairy Tail)I need to be able to use 4 spirits at a time. I'm almost there! Just a few more training sessions with "my boyfriend." Uh. Here he comes.

'Hey Luce.' Sting said.

'Don't. Call. Me. Luce. Only Natsu calls me Luce. I'm Lucy to you. Jerk.'

'I'm the jerk? You left the guild because of that bastard flame head. And you think I'm mean to you? I'm training you!'


'wellthat's just for fun hehe.'

'You pervert…'

'Awww you like me really. Don't ya'

'NO! I'm only doing this because I get the keys. Right?!'

'Yeah, sure. Now, I need to prove to Rogue that you're dating me soThis Friday dinner at 6.00. Please, try to look nice, ok?'


'Oh shitNo That's Not What I Mean! Never mind. See ya later doll.'

He left

'YOU ASSHOLE!' I screamed. Uh! Why couldn't Rogue just believe! I don't wanna go on a date with that idiot! Oh God now I sound like a whining child. C'mon, Lucy. If it means you get Libra and Pisces then it is worth it. You can get through this

'LUCY! IT'S 5.40!' Sting said.


Master pov

'Ok brats! You must train because we are going to prove to everyone that we ARE the best guild!' I said.

'YEAH!' shouted everyone.

'Mira, Erza, where is Natsu?' I hadn't even heard the sound of him and Gray fighting. That's strange.

'Uhwell…' mumbled Mira.

'He left. He misses Lucy and he found out she is going to be in the Grand Magic Games. Do you think he will fight Lucy?' Erza said.

'I don't know, Erza, I really don't…' I said.

Natsu pov

WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME! I left Happy in the guild, left with no food, didn't hit Gray and I DIDN'T NOTICE ERZA! Good Lord I'm going Mad! It's all Lucy's fault! If she had just believed me then none of this would have happened. I would still be hiding how much I love her and she wouldn't know and she wouldn't have tried to date Gray and I wouldn't have been kissed by Lisanna and she wouldn't haveleft. Who am I kidding it's not her fault! It's mine. I should have just told her. Straight out. No um's or uh's. I'M SO STUPID!

'Natsu? Are you in here?!' Happy shouted.

'HAPPY! You're OK!'

'Uh, yeah. The question is are you?' Happy asked, frowning.

'Yeah. Why wouldn't I be? Oh right. Gray. He told me to forget Lucy. Just forget. I can't forget someone I love! And I've changed, Happy. I'm all soppy and I can't get over her. She's probably forgotten about me already, but I can't forget her. What do I do?'

'Wow. Um. You could get a girlfriend? That might help. Just so you know, she loved you too, Natsu. And I know it's hard but you really do have to try and forget her. Don't get mad, but if all you think of is her then you will never get over her. It has been hard for all of us. I'm gonna give you some time to think. Oh, Master wanted to know if you are still OK with fighting in the Grand Magic Games with, you know, Lucy and all…'

'No, no it's fine. I'll fight. Thank you, Happy'

'Anytime, Natsu'

Happy left. I was alone. I could try and get a girlfriend but who? No one would date me. Well, apart fromNO! But Happy said it would help, right? UH! Just get over her, Natsu! You are a fire mage for God's sake! Right, so I guess I just ask her out. Well, back to the guild it is.


'Hey, Natsu! How are you?!'

'Uh, hey Lisanna. Uh, I was gonna ask you something.