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Chapter 2

Natsu's POV

"I've been going out with Lisanna for about a week. Mira acts happy around Lissana but I can tell that her, and everyone else, are disappointed. I mean me and Luc- I mean Lisanna are just great together. Why can't they accept that?"

"Natsu…" Happy said, "You may have gotten over Lucy and you but-"

"I have NOT gotten over it, Happy! I never will! But I have to take my mind off her or I'll go crazy! I can't take it that she left me to go off with Sabertooth but if all I do is think about how she… just IS then I won't be able to survive! Happy you have to understand."

"OK Natsu but you're getting yourself into a lot of trouble. If Lissana finds out you are in for some bad news. Especially if she tells Elfman."

"I know, Happy. I know" I whispered but the blue cat had already fallen asleep.

(Next Day)

Happy face, Natsu. Happy face.

"Hey Lissana!"


She ran up and wrapped her arms around me like an Anaconda. Lucy would never have done this. NO! Stop it Natsu you need to forget her! Forget everything that she did to you! You have Lissana and she loves you. What more could you want?


"What?!" Lissana shouted. "Why are you saying her name?! YOU JERK!"

Lissana ran away from me crying and everyone in the guild looked at me.

"Dude, what did you do?" Gray asked.

"Nothing! I-It's none of your business Ice princess!"

Shit, Natsu you idiot! Ah Fuck! What am I gonna do? If only Lucy were here. She'd know what to do. Lucy… It's all her fault! If she just listened to me and let me explain then I wouldn't be in this mess! Yeah it's all her fault! Lissana was right! I should forget her. Well, after I beat her and her 'team' in the Grand Magic Games. Bring it on, Sabertooth…

Lucy P.O.V

My date with Sting went like crap. First, when we were walking to the restaurant, he slapped my fucking ass and guess what he fucking said?! "That must be jelly cuz jam don't shake like that." (big bang theory) I MEAN WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?! I beat him up and then when we got there, Rouge was waiting for us. Rogue was nice but he's kinda...I dunno, creepy? We ate the food which was crap and OVERPRICED! And at the end...Jesus, Rogue STILL didn't believe us so I...I had to 'blegh' kiss...sting.

Never again.

I threw up in a trash can and made my own way back home. Jesus, sometimes I hate my life. But I keep telling myself that this is all for the 2 keys and the promise I made with her.

I sighed and got out of bed. And then it hit me like a truck.

Today was the day of the Grand Magic Games.

SHIT! I jumped out of my bed, the laziness gone. Fuck, master's gonna be soooo pissed at me!

I was getting dressed when my mind drifted to my Ex-nakama (weird right?). There was no doubt that they would be competing in the GMG. I wonder who I'll be against? Maybe Natsu... NO, FUCK NO LUCY YOU WILL NOT THINK ABOUT HIM! 'Knock knock'

"Yo Lucy you ready to go?" And here comes asshole (just in case I get my butt slapped again, I wore jeans to make it at least a little bit less Pervy :/ I really hate that jerk) .

"Yeah, I'll be out in one second." I finished the last touches to my make up and then grabbed a black cloak. I stared at it for a while. I did want to hide myself from my nakama but at the same time I didn't.

"Lucy! Master's gonna kill us!"

"yeah okay!"

I walked out with the cloak in my hand.

Erza P.O.V

"never~again~" Natsu said as he dragged himself out of the train cart.

I punched him in the stomach and hoisted him over my shoulder cuz he had passed out.

Team Natsu had travelled separately from the others as we had to travel from a desolate island where we had trained and where we couldn't cause any damage. -_- Anyhoo, it's now the day before the GMG and, unlike last year, we get a really good inn! I can't wait to go shop- uh I mean fighting AND KICKING THOSE MOTHER FUCKERS ASSES! I think I was giving off a dark aura cuz everyone that was in a 50 meter distance looked scared shitless. Oops. "Oi, Gray, you carry Natsu." I ordered, tossing Natsu at him. "y-yes ma'am!" He agreed immediately, not wanting to piss me off any further. I opened the map and we started walking toward the inn.

...that, was yesterday.

Right now, we managed to get into the top 6 and we are watching a fight between a member of Mermaid Heel and Lamia Scale.

No one in our guild was watching though. We kept our eyes locked on Sabertooth, searching for, yeah, you guessed it, Lucy. They are on the other side of the arena, so it's pretty hard to make out who's who. There was strange figure in a cloak though. Is that...? No, it can't be, Lucy would never...but then Lucy would never leave the guild, so I guess I didn't know her as well as I thought.


I sighed and looked down into the arena, gripping my sword.

The Grand Magic Games have begun.

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