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Cradle of the Uchiha Clan - Chapter 3

"For homework, please read the first two chapters of your textbook and answer the questions listed at the end of each chapter."

Iruka Umino spoke as he looked up at his class of thirty, which was filled with first year students. It has been two weeks since the start of the semester and the teacher could already see some students becoming bored of all the theory and history lessons, but some were still going strong. The young teacher could see a lot of enthusiasm in many of the students, particularly in a young blond boy who would always sit at the front of the class.

Uzumaki Naruto. Iruka had never expected his best student to be an orphan who didn't originate from any Shinobi Clans; he was by no means bias when comparing clan students and civilian students, but usually the student coming from Shinobi Clans would have had previous training that would place them at the top of the class. Everything had mostly been theory so far, so the clan members still have their chance to prove themselves during the physical lessons, but Naruto had gotten the highest scores thus far.

"Man, I'm getting pretty tired of these readings." Kiba sighed as he shoved his books back into his bag. "I can only read so much on the history of the village and the founders of the village."

Naruto smiled and nodded. "The history readings are pretty boring at times, but the founders of Konoha sound really cool!" The blond packed his book into his scrolls as usual, which caused some other students to look over at the unusual and cool way of carrying books. "The Shodai Hokage was the most powerful Shinobi of his era, and Uchiha Madara was almost just as strong as him."

"I would have liked the story better if they actually describe the fight between them; all the book said was that the Shodai won and Uchiha Madara died." Kiba petted Akamaru's head as he placed the puppy on his head. "I wanted to read about their awesome jutsu, not just the outcome."

"I guess I see what you mean," Naruto muttered with an amused smile on his face.

"Hey guys!" greeted Chouji as he walked over to his two friends with Shikamaru. "Wanna get something to eat before going home?!" The Akimichi heir had a huge grin on his face while thinking about the delicacy around the corner from the academy.

"Sure, I'm in the mood for some dango." Kiba replied as Akamaru barked.

Naruto shook his head politely. "Sorry guys, but Tsubaki-nee is picking me up today for some reason and I have to go meet her." The blond boy sealed the last of his scrolls into his arm and walked away from his friends. "I'll see you guys tomorrow!"

"See ya later!"

Shikamaru sighed and slouched a little. "Let's go; after that I'm going home to take a nap."

Naruto walked down the main hallway of the academy with a smile on his face; he had once again received praise from his teacher and got a good grade on his homework assignment. Everything was quite easy in the academy so far since it was only reading, and Naruto had been reading since he was very young. Most of his friends found the readings to be too heavy and tedious, but Naruto enjoyed the pseudo-bedtime story every night.

But despite his good grades and interest, Naruto still looked forward to the physical aspect of the curriculum. Being able to use actual Ninjutsu and battle with other Shinobi were the main reasons that motivated Naruto to join the academy. Of course he wanted to protect his home, but he wanted to use cool jutsu even more.

"Naruto!" cried a familiar voice from behind the boy, which made him look back with smile.

"Hey Sayuri-san."

The Uchiha girl had become one of Naruto's strangest friends in the academy; she would often start conversations with him and sit with him during classes, but she was seemingly in a self-proclaimed rivalry with him. Naruto wouldn't really compare grades to his peers in class, but Sayuri would make sure that she knew exactly what Naruto achieved on tests or homework assignments. Naruto no problem with telling the girl, but he would get a little concerned when she gets angry when she loses to him.

"I heard you got full marks on your assignment," muttered the girl with a smirk on her face.

Naruto inwardly sighed a little and nodded. "Yes, I did."

Sayuri grinned and pulled out her own assignment. "I got full marks too!" The girl was glowing in pride as she stood tall with her chest pushed forward. "This is the start of a trend, Naruto; soon I'll be beating you and tying you at least."

"You are so competitive," muttered the blond boy a little annoyed. "You know I am not here to try to best you at everything."

"But I am here to be the best in the class, and to do that I have to beat you!" The girl had looking at Naruto with a stern look and a slight glare, which, for some reason, made her look quite cute in Naruto's opinion.

"Well that's true, but I don't plan on losing so easily," Naruto stuck his hands into his pockets and looked ahead. "The physical evaluations are going to start soon, so we can decide who is number one then."

Sayuri smirked and looked determined. "You're on!" The girl looked ahead and saw her brother waiting for her at the front of the academy, so she sped up her pace. "My Nii-san is here, so see you later, Naruto!" The girl ran ahead as she waved back at Naruto, smiling as she did so.

"Okay, see you tomorrow, Sayuri-san!"

Naruto stood by himself as his friend ran off to her brother. Tsubaki had told him in the morning that she would be picking him up and to wait for her at the front of the academy. The boy looked around the front area where many of the parents came in to pick up their children, but he couldn't see his sister anywhere.

The boy decided to use his moment of silence to think about something very strange that had started to happen to him. Naruto noticed that every day at random times, his eyes would sting quite badly. When these random attacks of pain would happen he would be forced to shut his eyes and he would be almost blinded for the next few seconds. These attacks started out lasting only a few seconds at most, but lately it had extended to almost a minute. Kiba had noticed it today when it happened during his Shinobi Theory Class, but Naruto just told his friend it was nothing.

Naruto was getting pretty worried about it and do plan to tell Tsubaki about it soon.


Naruto was broken out of his stupor when someone spoke from behind him, and he looked back to see Tsubaki looking down at him. He never expected his sister to appear from behind him since she would have to be coming from inside the academy, but apparently she was indeed inside. The other thing Naruto didn't expect was to see his Iruka-sensei's assistant, Mizuki standing next to Tsubaki.

"Hey Tsubaki-nee…and Mizuki-sensei." Mizuki was a young man about Iruka's age; he had light blue hair and a standard build. He was wearing a Chunin Uniform and, for some reason, had his arm around Tsubaki's shoulders.

Mizuki smiled down at Naruto and patted his head with his free arm. "Hello Naruto-kun."

Tsubaki knew that Naruto was a smart boy and saw that he was already curious about Mizuki, so she decided to cut to the chase. "Naruto-chan, we want to tell you something." The young woman had a blush on her face as she looked back at Mizuki as she knelt down to Naruto's height. "Mizuki-kun and I are dating now, and I wanted you to be the first to know."

Naruto stared back up at his sister blanking as he processed what she said. "Ummm okay." The boy didn't really know what dating meant, but his sister looked quite happy so he was fine with it.

Tsubaki sweat-dropped at the response and ruffled Naruto's hair, "This will not change anything, it only means that Mizuki-kun would occasionally come with us to dinner."

Mizuki smiled and placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder. "You don't have to worry, Naruto-kun; I will be very nice to your sister."


"So you're okay with this?" Tsubaki asked with a smile.

Naruto tilted his head to the side. "Of course I am. I don't really know what it means, but you seem happy, so I'm fine with it."

Tsubaki laughed merrily and hugged Naruto to her chest. "You are so cute, Naruto-chan!" The woman happily held onto Naruto's hand and walked out of the academy with Mizuki. "Let's all go to Ichiraku for dinner!"

Naruto grinned brightly at the mention of his favorite place, "Yatta!"

The evenings in the Uchiha Clan Compound would usually be very peaceful. The small businesses inside the compound would start to close up and return to their homes to have dinner; the main road inside the compound would then have all kinds of smells flowing into it from all the kitchens around. The kitchen of the main house of the Uchiha home would always have the smell of tomato related dishes coming out of it because Uchiha Mikoto would always cook her little girl's favorite.

Young Sayuri, ever so lightly, hopped off her seat at the dinner table and stealthily moved behind her mother, who was chopping some vegetables for dinner. The girl bit her lips as her eyes gleamed at the right red tomatoes next to the chopping board.

'Just a little further,' Sayuri slowly reached from behind her mother toward the tomatoes; she was so close her fingers were shaking.


"Ow!" cried Sayuri with a pout as her mothered lightly slapped her fingers away from the produce.

Mikoto looked back at her daughter and gave her a stern look. "Go back to your seat; dinner will be ready in a little while." She turned back and continued her preparation for cooking. "You can survive a couple of minutes without tomatoes."

Sayuri pouted again as she staggered back to her seat and sat down with a huff. "It is way longer than a couple of minutes."

Itachi, who was sitting right next to his sister, was enjoying the scene very much; he was extremely grateful that his little sister could act so innocently and childishly at her age. When he was six years old Itachi was already trying to become a Chunin, and had seen things that could destroy any sort of childhood innocence.

"Behave, Sayuri-chan; your Tou-san will be back in a few minutes."

Sayuri rested her arms on the table and looked to the side. "I just wanted a small piece."

Itachi chuckled and patted Sayuri's head. "You really like tomatoes, huh?"

"Of course I do," the girl mumbled as she looked back at the bowl of produce. "I love them so much~"

Mikoto suddenly frowned at the mention of tomatoes. To the Uchiha Matriarch, tomatoes weren't just her daughter's favorite food, but also the old nickname for her best friend. She could still remember when she was younger; she would avoid bringing any food with tomatoes in them to the academy so that Kushina wouldn't see them.

'Kushina really hated that name, hated even more that there was a little resemblance.' Mikoto smiled a little at the thought of a young Kushina. Her friend was a little chubby back then and had a round face, so calling her tomato was oddly apt and cruel. 'Minato certainly saw past all that; Kushina became the most beautiful woman in the village, and he married her right away.'

Uzumaki Kushina was really Mikoto's sister in everything but blood. Ever since they met each other as children they had loved each other. They would play with each other every single day from the start of the academy, to when they became Genin. Kushina had stayed over at the Uchiha Compound countless times all those years ago, and her parents adored the red-haired fireball. It was only when Kushina started dating Minato that they started to hang out less, but even then they would often go on double dates; Kushina with Minato and Mikoto with Fugaku.

'Fugaku really didn't like Minato back then,' Mikoto shook her head at the fond memories of Minato besting her husband at everything. 'Well it took Fugaku down a peg; he was getting too arrogant for my liking anyway.'

"Kaa-chan, can you help me train again later?" The voice of her little girl broke Mikoto out of her thoughts. "We are going to have to learn physical techniques soon and I want to be good at it."

"Sure," replied the mother without turning back. "I'll help you after dinner."

Itachi smiled and leaned forward on the table. "What are you guys going to learn?"

Sayuri shook her head and shrugged. "I don't know, maybe some Shurikenjutsu or Taijutsu." Itachi nodded at her words. "Sensei said that we won't be learning actual Ninjutsu for a while since we don't have enough chakra yet."

"So you've all activated your chakra?" asked Mikoto interested.

Sayuri shook her head. "Not everyone did, only a few people in class managed to make the leaf float!" Iruka had the entire class hold a leaf on the palms, and every student had to try to force their chakra out and make the leaf float. He had said that it would be a slow process, and they might still be too young to have enough chakra to float the leaf.

"Did you do it?" asked Itachi, already knowing the answer.

Sayuri smirked and nodded. "Yep, I was one of the first ones to get it!"

"So who else did it?" asked the older brother again.

"Now almost half the class could do it, but at first only me and Naruto could do it!" Sayuri still felt a little annoyed that her friend managed to float the leaf before her. "Iruka-sensei was surprised that we could do it so quickly."

"Wow, for someone not from any clans to activate his chakra so quickly is impressive; I would expect some of the other clan heirs to do it before him." Itachi said as he leaned back fully on his seat.

Sayuri crossed her arms and pouted. "Yeah, Naruto is so far the number one student in class, but I'll beat him soon!"

'So Naruto-chan is the top student,' Mikoto smiled sadly as she continued to cut her vegetables. 'I guess he is more like Minato when it comes to studying.' The little blond boy that looked so much like Minato had been in Mikoto's mind since she had met him, and it wouldn't be out anytime soon. She had wondered if she should go to the Hokage and confront him, but thinking back to Shikaku's words, it would be better to let to Hokage deal with the situation. Naruto looked like a perfectly healthy and happy boy, so she should have nothing to worry about, but she still wanted Naruto to come live with her, his godmother. 'What the hell, I'm going to speak with Hokage-sama tomorrow!'

"Having a rival in your class is a good thing; it makes you improve a lot more compared to when you are the only talented person in the class." Itachi thought about his best friend Shisui, the one person who could compete with him at the academy.

"Yeah, but Naruto isn't really competitive; he looks the same whether he loses or wins."

"Well that's because he is competing with himself," said Mikoto as she finished her chopping and turned around to face her children. "I had a friend like that at the academy; he would only try to beat his old scores, and wouldn't really care if other people beat him."

"Who is that?" asked Sayuri innocently.

"Nobody you would know, sweetie," Mikoto muttered with a smile. 'Actually, every Shinobi in the Elemental Nations knows him.'

"Whatever, I'm still going to beat him and be top of the class!"

Mikoto smiled and kissed Sayuri's cheek before turning back to cook. 'I hope you two become really good friends.'

Naruto was having a very good night. Tsubaki and Mizuki had taken him to his favorite restaurant for dinner, and he had three bowls of heaven in under an hour. Teuchi, the owner of Ichiraku, even gave him extra barbeque pork for being such a loyal customer. Tsubaki, also very happy, bought Naruto a brand new set of Kunai and Shuriken that he would need very soon in the academy. All in all, the night was perfect for the boy, but the good things ended when he fell asleep.

The blond boy was rolling around in bed, seemingly in pain. His eyes were closed because he was still asleep, but his voice was crying out in pain. He gritted his teeth and his knuckles were white, but there was no sign of him waking up anytime soon.

"Pathetic little boy," muttered a booming voice from within Naruto's dream.

Looking around at his surroundings, Naruto saw that he was standing in the middle of a large sewer system. The filthy dark water was almost up to his knees and he could have sworn that he felt something brush against his legs. But that was the least of the problems, there was a narrow hallway that extended to another room beyond the main part of the sewer system, and there was a very loud voice coming from it.

"Who's there?!" exclaimed Naruto as he slowly made his way towards the other room.

"I didn't expect you to come here so early," said the deep voice as Naruto approached slowly. "I still can't believe such a little brat is housing someone like me inside him; that Yondaime really enjoys mocking me."

Naruto treaded through the water and walked into the extension to the sewer system, and from there he saw a towering gate. He could tell that the gate was made out of some sort of bronze alloy and it had a large piece of paper attached the middle of a very large lock. Even with the dim lighting, Naruto could see the large Kanji for "Seal" written on the piece of paper. From his own knowledge of Fuinjutsu, he could tell that there was something the piece of paper was holding back, and whatever it was, should be behind the gate.

The voice scoffed as a strong vibration struck the ground. "You look even more pathetic than I imagined, such a small and weak body."

Naruto's eyes widened considerably as he saw something moving from within the gates, which he soon realized were tails. There were nine, very large, orange tails, waving around within the gate. Slowing moving his gaze downward, he found a pair of large slitted red eyes staring back at him. The young boy quickly let out a loud cry and stepped back in fright.

"W-Who the hell are you?!" cried Naruto as the pair of eyes inched closer to the gate.

"Let's just say I am the monster parents tell their kids at night," said the creature with a slight chuckle in its voice. "But for you, I am your worst nightmare and the being who will eat you very soon!"

Some orange energy started to leak out of the gate and seeped towards Naruto. The boy scrambled to his feet and edged away from the orange substance. He was breathing very heavily as his heart beat several times a second; he had never been so scared in his entire life.

"The Yondaime thought someone like you could hold me." The voice chuckled again darkly. "I wish he was still alive so he could see me kill his only son!"

Naruto could barely hear anything besides his own heavy breathing. And when he thought things couldn't get any worse, a familiar piercing pain was felt. Once again, like the several times before, a jolting pain struck both his eyes. But this time, the pain was much worse. Naruto gritted his teeth as he fell to his knees; the pain was almost too much to handle.

The creature was actually silent while Naruto expected it to taunt at him while he was in pain, but the boy couldn't care less about it at the moment. He could feel some moisture dripping from his eyes, and even though he knew that it was most likely tears from all the pain, but he was afraid that it was actually blood.

"AAHHHHHH!" The boy snapped his eyes open, but he only saw red.

"What is this?!" exclaimed the creature sounding shocked. "Is this some kind of joke?!"

The pain was still strong, but Naruto could feel some sort of power grow from inside him. He could feel his own chakra increasing by the second, especially the area around his eyes. He could feel something expand from behind his eyes, as if a large pool of energy suddenly gathered in that area.

"This is impossible!"

"AAH!" cried Naruto again, but his surroundings suddenly vanished.

At first it was only darkness, but as the pain in his eyes subsided, Naruto started to pick up on his surroundings again. He was back in his own room, he was lying on his bed, and there was no large creature ahead of him. The boy noticed that he breathing was still quick heavy and rapid, but it was calming down steadily.

'What kind of nightmare was that?!' The boy sat up on his bed and rubbed the sides of his face.

There was still some lingering pain in his eyes, and he could still feel the chakra behind his eyes. He tried to shake his head free of the pulses of pain, but it didn't help at all. With a sigh, Naruto lifted the covers off of him and stepped out of bed. He rubbed his eyes and used his memory to walk out of his room; the closest bathroom was just down the hall and he made his way into it.

The familiar smell of bathroom disinfectant filled his senses as he staggered over to the sink. Without really looking, Naruto turned the knob and let the cold water flow along his hands. After the water warmed up a little, he started to wipe his face along with his eyes. The water made him feel better almost instantly, and the air felt very refreshing against his wet skin.

'That's better,' muttered Naruto inwardly as he dried his face with the sleeve of his pajamas, which had designs of sheep all around it. The boy opened his eyes and looked into the mirror and for a second he thought that there were two spot on the glass. He tried to move his face, but the strange dots followed his reflection, and soon he realized that the strange dots were his eyes.

With shaking hands, the boy reached up to touch the corner of his eyes.

'What the hell is this?!'

His usual blue eyes were gone, and in their place were a pair of blood red eyes with one strange tomoe symbols in each of them. There was also a black ring around his pupil, and along with the tomoe, it spun around slowly.

Looking around, Naruto also found that his vision had changed. Everything looked a little different, and he could see some blue energy flowing through his own hands when he looked at them. The seconds hand on the clock appeared to move slower than he remembered, it was as if his eyes made everything around him slower.

As Naruto focused his vision, the lingering pain in his head and eyes started to fade away. Soon everything was back to normal, except for the pool of chakra that seemed to have gathered in his eyes. Naruto felt his chakra reserves being constantly drained into that pool, but it wasn't taking too much. It felt weird; he didn't know one could even store chakra behind the eyes.

'Is it a Dōjutsu?' Naruto asked himself as he leaned closer to the mirror to get a better look at his eyes. 'I've never seen anything like it before; the only Dōjutsu I know of is the Byakuya of the Hyuga Clan.' Images of blank white eyes filtered into Naruto's mind as he recalled reading about the Hyuga Kekkei Genkai a few days ago and the shy girl in his class that was apparently from the Hyuga Clan.

Naruto remembered reading that people with Dōjutsu would activate their eyes by channeling chakra into them, so based on that logic, by cutting the chakra going into the eyes would deactivate the Dōjutsu.

'Okay,' The boy closed his eyes and focused on his internal chakra network, something all the students were taught the first couple of days in the academy. Just as his Sensei had told them, Naruto started to feel the flow of his chakra, particularly on the stream going into his eyes, and tried his best to stop the stream.

Naruto relaxed his body and took in several deep breaths before opening his eyes again.

His reflection on the mirror once again showed his blue eyes. 'Oh thank Kami-sama,' muttered Naruto inwardly as he breathed a sigh of relief.

The boy left the bathroom before anyone noticed that someone was awake in the middle of the night; the last thing Naruto wanted was to explain to Tsubaki about his eyes. He wouldn't know the first thing to say if he were asked about his sudden change; he would have to research on Dōjutsu before he could explain anything to anyone.

'I'll go back to the library tomorrow; I still remember which section I found the book on the Hyuga Clan, maybe it will have something about this.'

Naruto walked back into his room and lay back down on his bed; too awake to even bother trying to sleep. His clock told him that it was still three o'clock in the morning and he had many hours before he would have to go to the academy, so he just closed his eyes and let his mind wander.

'Dōjutsu are usually Kekkei Genkai, so does this mean my parents would have eyes like mine?' Naruto frowned at the thought of his deceased parents and rolled over to his side; staring at the piece of white wall in front of him. 'Maybe I would be able to find out who my parents were with these eyes.'

Unknown to the boy, there was a being deep inside him that was seething with anger after seeing those eyes. Never in its eternal life would it expect something so dreadful to manifest in another human's eyes, his host no less! The last man with such eyes brought all the Bijuu to their knees, and it didn't need such a powerful host.

'I need to get out of this boy before he masters those terrible eyes.' The nine-tailed being growled angrily as it sat in its cage. 'Uchiha Madara, even after so many years you haunt me, you and your Sharingan.'

The End!

That was the third chapter of Cradle of the Uchiha Clan, and I hope everyone liked it.

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