Soul Evans was bored with life. He bored with Black Star next to him showing off to a Tsubaki Nakatsukasa. He was bored with the teacher, who cared what his name was, in the front droning on about the syllabus. He was bored with the thought of returning home to his mother and father and brother.

He was just so bored.

"Hey Evans! Tell 'er about the time I-"


Star frowned at him and nudged him with his elbow. "What's up your ass?"

"Mr. Star!" Both boys looked up to see the instructor glaring at them. "Mr. Star, I'd appreciate it if you didn't distract the other students and if you'd clean up your language a bit."

"Whatever." Evans chuckled at the boy's submission. "Shut it, Soul."


The door flew open as soon as the instructor began to speak again, and Soul swore he heard a curse under the man's breath. But that wasn't what was interesting. What was interesting was the short wiry girl bent over and panting just next to the desk.

Soul could immediately tell she was new. For one, she was actually wearing the uniform, unlike every other student that attended Shibusen Academy. What caught his eye, though, were the pigtails she had pulled her dull blonde hair into.

The boys snickered. Pigtails.

"I... I'm sorry, sir. It's my first day today, and I'd been late due to the unexpected traffic on the way here." Her voice was light and respectful, a little airy from her panting, but she sounded too formal. Not too formal in general, but for her. She looked like a kid, a twelve-year-old or something. She definitely had the wrong class.

The teacher scowled and looked down at the roster. When he looked back up, the girl was bent over again, buckling her boot. The man cleared his throat and she snapped up at full attention. He rolled his eyes. "Miss Albarn?"

She nodded. "Yes sir."

The instructor gestured lazily towards the class. "Find a seat and be quiet."

Her cheeks puffed out a bit, in a very child-like manner, and Soul found himself chuckling lowly. This girl... Pigtails.

Pigtails was in his class? How many grades did she skip? Who'd she blow to end up in a school like this?

"Excuse me, is this seat taken?" Soul glanced over to his right to see the one and only Pigtails pointing to the seat next to him. He looked her over. She didn't look too shabby. Her legs were definitely her best feature, and that short skirt was doing wonders in her favor. He heard a snap and looked back up at her.

Damn. Those eyes. They were a green unlike he'd ever seen before.

Shit, she was staring.

Sorry, auto-correct, she was glaring.

Soul rolled his eyes and brought his attention back to the desk. "Calm the hell down, Pigtails. Just sit down and be quiet like the teacher said."

She puffed out her cheeks and sat her ass down, then proceeded to ignore Soul and pull out her notebook, focusing all of her energy on taking notes.

And he proceeded to ignore Black Star and focused all of his energy on watching her discreetly out of the corner of his eye.

He wouldn't go so far as to say she was hot, but she had some stuff going for her. Those legs, as he said, seemed to go on for miles. She was blonde, but it wasn't the kind you'd see in the movies. Her hair was... kind of dull, if he had to describe it. But the pigtails worked for her, and her hair seemed soft. Her skin seemed absolutely flawless, which was kind of weird. Her nose was small and round in a really cute way.

Soul almost groaned. What was he doing? Analyzing her like some weird freak.

Oh, he was checking her out.

Soul grinned and kept staring at her. He could deal with that.

Now that he looked at her thoroughly, she didn't look too young. She could pass for fifteen, and considering most of the people in this class were around seventeen, it wasn't too far out to think that.

But then it'd be kind of weird to be checking her out.

"How old are you?" She didn't answer. He wasn't sure Pigtails even knew it was her Soul was talking to. "Hey. Pigtails, how old are you?"

She glanced over at him with a small frown. He didn't think she'd answer when her eyes drifted back to the whiteboard, until she said, "Sixteen."

Ah, okay. That wasn't bad.

He continued looking at her till the bell rang, and Pigtails shot up out of her desk. "Stop it."

He blinked. Was the girl talking to him? "Stop what?"

"Eyeing me like I'm a freak."

Soul rose a brow. "What? I wasn't... I was just... checking you out a little."

She snorted with disbelief, causing Soul to be surprised. "Right. Whatever."

And she was gone. Soul turned to ask Star what the hell just happened to see both his friend and the Nakatsukasa were already gone. Of course.

Well. In retrospect, Soul could have gone about his admission in a cooler way.

Soul sighed. Great. Now he was going to have to apologize and get back in her good graces, because he...

Damn. Soul Evans was already shin-deep with this girl. He liked her.

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