I haven't attempted to write a fanfic in years, the last one was about ER and unfortunately I received nasty feedback mostly because my English is not that good to write I guess and because the way I was writing wasn't pleasing a bunch of girls from a controversial forum. For those who don't know me, English is my second language so please be patient, I know I'll make mistakes completely unforgiveable. Anyway, in this occasion I'm going to write mostly a plot for Ziva David to get back to NCIS, I mean in my humble opinion only something extreme would make Ziva return to the team. Since Cote's temporal departure from the show I haven't been able to watch it so I'm not going to mention the new addition, because I haven't seen her in action. Just in case, I don't own any character on NCIS and I'm posting this only as a Fanfiction.

It was a usual morning at the bullpen, Tony Dinozzo quoting some movie, McGee trying to break some password and finally Gibbs receiving the classic phone call with bad news.

Tony: "On your six, Boss"

And with that their day just started with McGee taking pictures of the deceased, Ducky examining the body with Palmer and Tony trying to get some traces of what it seemed like a SUV. As things were quite calmed, gunshots began to ring in the air making people crawl in the ground to protect themselves from them. The team shot back the enemies, it seemed it was an ambush and clearly they weren't prepared for hundreds of bullets crossing their position, however Gibbs, McGee and Tony shot back with so much precision until the gunfire finally stopped. Gibbs started to evaluate the casualties in the field taking to account there in the middles of a park, when he finally ended with the civilians he asked each member of the team if they were ok, Ducky was on the ground a little dizzy but ok, Palmer was scared as hell and trying to help Ducky, McGee was also ok. Gibbs kept looking for Tony who by the time was kind of missing, however, he started shouting his name, looking for him trying to find him, McGee joined him in the search until he founded Tony gasping for air, without being able to say a word, however his eyes were expressing the terror and pain he was experiencing. He was shot.

McGee: "Boooossss, hurry up" he yelled, and with that he started talking to Tony "Come on man, hang in there, help is one the way" Tony has his eyes fixed on McGee as if he was trying to say something but he couldn't, the pain was excruciating, he felt inside his body that he was about to give up, he couldn't believe it, he was about to give up, but as soon as that thought came along another one did, the hope to see her again. McGee has been holding Tony all the time, he didn't know what else to do, he just kept holding him without saying a word.

Gibbs: "McGee what the hell happened? Call 911 NOW!"

Tony: "Zi... zi..."

Gibbs: "I know boy, now you better stay alive, ok?"

Tony was definitely a though guy, he received 2 gunshots, one in his leg and the other more damaging was in his chest, by the time Gibbs told him to better stay alive he was losing his strength because when the paramedics finally arrived he was almost unconscious.

The paramedics were doing everything they could to keep Tony stable as possible to be able to go to the hospital but things weren't as easy as they wished, every time Tony was brought to life he seemed to be asking for death, like he didn't have something or someone to live for. In the middle of the confusion with the paramedics working on Tony, Gibbs noticed the unwillingness of Tony to stay alive so he did the only thing he could possible think about, he told her he'll call her and he should stay alive because he'll make her to come back. With that, Gibbs and McGee jumped in into the ambulance to bring Tony to the hospital.