In the Conference Room… again…

Vance was very observant, he just sit first and asked Ziva to just have a sit. Vance was observing her very carefully, he wanted to be sure making Ziva come back to NCIS and to the team was a valuable decision. He was confident about her capabilities, but was she ready to get back and to not go away again? That was another story he was about to find out…

On the other hand, Ziva felt a high level of respect towards Director Vance, although they share some sad moments in life, she was aware of what she's done in the past regarding her father's death and somehow it felt for Vance she revenged his wife's death also. Nevertheless, she wasn't going to use that card in order to get back to the team. She knew, Vance might had his reservations regarding her return but she knew if she had Gibbs' blessing, the important thing was Vance's support because it wasn't usual for an Agent to be away so much time and return back so easily.

Vance started talking…

Vance: "Well, well Miss David, seems we have a pending conversation, right?"

Ziva: "Director. I guess we do"

Vance: "So, tell me, how are you?"

Ziva: "I am fine. Director"

Vance: "Look Miss David, I don't think you're aware of the meaning of the word FINE. Since you use it to hide what you truly feel. Let's be honest, I know you want to be back in NCIS and of course, back to Gibbs' team. I think you belong there but I'm concerned you'd change your mind in the near future. I don't think, we can handle another situation like that"

Ziva: "Gibbs and you are very much alike. He is concerned too but I have assured him the same way I am assuring you I will not be going anywhere else than here. Even I was not scheduled to come back two weeks ago, the situation made me realize my team was in danger, my family, the only one I have was in danger and someone a love very deeply was in danger and it took me like five seconds to make the decision"

Vance: "Ziva, I'm concerned that this job could become too overwhelming for you to keep going. That's what happened last time you left. I know you're strong, but at the same time when things overwhelmed you seems you don't know how to cope. You refuse to receive help or to ask for it and even if you're in control, I will still feel concerned. You bottled up things and I'm not sure if things get ugly emotionally you'll be able to handle them".

Ziva: "Director Vance, I promise I will handle things properly and if I feel like I cannot deal with them I will talk to Gibbs or Tony" by then she was showing pleading eyes to the Director who was being cautious about whether let her be part of the team or not.

Vance: "Let's make a deal. In order to take you back here, you need to attend Psych Therapy for a whole year in a weekly basis with Dr. Cranston. I don't think you'll be able to actually 'talk' to Gibbs since he's pretty much like you, he bottle things up like you, he doesn't talk about his feelings as you, so I don't think it'll be a good idea to seek for a conversation in his basement. And well, Tony, he's recovering from a very traumatic event, not to mention all the Physical and Psychological Therapy he'll need for a full recovery and of course the close relationship you two already have"

By then, Ziva was looking at him as if she didn't know what he was talking about, of course she knew but she didn't want him to actually know more than she was willing to say.

Vance: "Seriously? You think I don't know what's going on? Come on! Give me some credit!"

Ziva: "Look, we have not exactly discussed our relationship yet. I mean, he has been injured and needs help and I want to be there for him, but we have not yet discussed what we are now, how are we going to manage our personal life with our professional one".

Vance: "I supposed you haven't but you should"

Ziva: "Yes Director, I know. I am more concerned about the possibilities of getting back properly. I mean, I am not sure if NCIS can readmit Agents when they have been away for so long" she showed a glimpsed of sadness in her facial expression. In fact, she didn't know if it was possible to get back legally speaking due to NCIS policies.

Vance notice her concern and asked her to approach him a little (signaling her with his finger to come closer) and whispering he said:

"I'm gonna tell you a secret, for Human Resources concerns you've been doing research work for my office regarding different NCIS Office's abroad" by then she opened her big brown eyes even bigger and after she did so he just winked at her.

A smile grew on Ziva's face; it was unusual for someone to do so much for her even when she didn't ask for it and for that, she was grateful.

Vance: "Of course Miss David, I will expect a well written extended report in my office by the end of the week regarding our offices abroad in the Middle East and I'm sure your contacts will provide very valuable information to do so. Remember, I need to file your reinsert paperwork to DC Office by the end of the week."

With that, Ziva just nodded and left the office very content of what have just happened in that conference room.

Ziva got back to the bullpen. No one was there except of the blond agent replacing her. She was very quiet lately. McGee introduced her when the commotion about Tony was happening but now, since she had some time to kill and if she was going to get back to the team it would be better if she get to know Ellie Bishop as well.

Ellie, was quietly doing almost nothing, things were not hectic like they use to be, so she was trying to get her things in order. Her hard drive was a mess, there were many files gathered all over her screen; and, she was trying to put those files all together to check each one and put them in the proper archive. Just when she was looking for a disc, she started to talk to herself: "Where did I put that purple disc?"

Ziva liked to surprise people just appearing when no one was expecting her. She remembered doing that to Tony when she arrived the first time long time ago, so if she was about to be in the team she wanted to get some things back from her Mossad Liaison position just to have some fun.

Ziva founded the purple disc just when Ellie was looking in one of her drawers Ziva appeared out of nowhere…

Ziva: "Are you looking for this?" she asked showing her the purple disc

Ellie: "Geez… you scared me!"

Ziva: "Sorry, I could not help myself. In Mossad, we learned to walk like cats." with that mischievous smile that is so familiar in Ziva.

Ellie: "Oh you are the Israeli Ninja. Now I'm starting to see why Tony and you understand each other perfectly…" by then Ellie was trying to be polite, however, she didn't quite know Ziva so she decided to be cautious with her.

Ziva: "Well, that was one of the many nicknames Tony gave me during the years we worked together. I would not say we understand each other perfectly. I think after eight years of being partners we have come to the point in which we enjoy being close"

Ellie: "Are you and Tony an item? I mean, obviously you were and now that you're back I guess you're back to him also"

Ziva: "I guess we are more than that. However, we have not quite defined it yet"

Ellie: "Oh" By then Bishop was acting as if she wasn't interested in Ziva's love life, however she was more worried about the fact that she was there and she might claim her job back and that was a serious issue to Ellie.

Ziva: "Are you mad at me? I sense something is wrong…"

Ellie: "I guess you want your job back. I understa…" just when Ellie was about to keep going Ziva interrupted her…

Ziva: "Whoa… I think I know what is going on. Look I want my job back but only if it is available. I already told Gibbs and Director Vance that I would never…"

Ellie: "Oh don't worry. To tell you the truth, I don't like to be in the field that much. I prefer to stay indoors, looking for information that helps you guys, that's fun!"

Ziva: "I see. Well, on the contrary I really like being in the field. I enjoy it, I get excited, the adrenaline is really something indescribable. THAT'S FUN!"

Ellie: "Well, I guess we like different things tough. Can I ask you something?"

Ziva: "Sure"

Ellie: "Was it hard for you when you first started in NCIS'"

Ziva: "Well, I came replacing an Agent who was killed in action. She was so loved by all the team, and I came under forced circumstances. At first, they didn't trust me, I was like an spy to them. But then, after some time I showed them I was here to stay and I would always had their backs, and then, we were great together. They also rescued me in Somalia after a suicide mission my father sent me to"

Ellie: "That's the mission everyone was talking about back then. All NCIS talked about it for several weeks."

Ziva: "Well, I do not think I would like to talk about it anymore, if you do not mind"

Ellie: "Oh sure, don't worry. So, since you're getting back why don't you take this desk and I take the desk over there. I haven't been here actually only when Gibbs asked me to but I do prefer to have less noise and that desk seems proper to my work than this one"

Ziva sensed Ellie was being nice to her because she was scared she wouldn't fit in the team whenever Ziva returns, so she decided to make sure she wasn't feeling that way. She looked at Ellie intensely in her eyes that Ellie thought she was petrified; however, the voice full of concern of Ziva calmed her down…

Ziva: "Ellie, I do not pretend to take your job from you, I do not take your desk from you, it belongs to you, wherever Gibbs tell me to sit or be it is going to be fine. Do not worry about it"

Ellie: "Ziva, I really do appreciate your concern but believe me, I can't work in front of Dinozzo! He's annoying and childish and Jesus when I need to concentrate he gets even worse. I don't know how you could in the past!"

Gibbs arrived and surprised saying…

Gibbs: "She is his Control Officer besides me"

With that both women started laughing… He knew both will get along well and soon he went to Abby's lab and left them alone…

Ellie: "I guess he's right. I can't wait to see Dinozzo behaving in front of you. That's gonna be fun. But please, get back to your desk and let me get that one"

Ziva: "Sure. And Ellie? Thank you!"

Ellie: "Now Dinozzo it's your problem"

Ziva: "He is not my problem he is my…" Ziva was reluctant to continue the phrase because she wasn't sure about her status with Tony when McGee showed up

McGee: "BOYFRIEND!" He shouted it and sit down in his desk laughing out loud. "I can't believe he actually did it! He conquered the cute Israeli ninja with impulsive issues. Oh my God, you are now Ziva Dinozzo!"

Ziva: "Tim? Remember I forgave you for not deleting those bikini pictures of me and didn't extracted one of your eyes?"

McGee: "I, I remember, Zi"

Ziva: "I might reconsider my decision my dear McGee"

McGee: "Come on Ziva! You wouldn't, would you?"

Ziva: "I wouldn't but remember I am going to spend a lot of time with Tony and we will have time to think about all the jokes and pranks we can throw at you"

Ellie: "Oh my God! This is so funny…"

McGee: "For you maybe but for me it's a serious matter! Come on Ziva, I'm sorry, it was just a joke!"

Ziva: "Ok. I have changed Tim, but do not push it, you know I can be as funny as Tony and when we work together, you know how it is like"

With that, McGee knew, he'll better watch out his back because she was right, Tony and Ziva were always partners in crime and loved to make fun of McGee and he needed to be careful, in a good way of course, they wouldn't harm him in any way.