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Caleb's POV

I have done it. Finally, after years of research and endless experiments, I have it: a way to change everything. To make it right. To go back in time and stop all the tragedy and heartbreak and death. There is no telling what will happen, or if I will even succeed, but it will be worth it. The world has changed since we settled 'the fourth city', Chicago. Inevitably, it seems, a war was waged, GPs against GDs. Chicago was a safe haven, taking on all the refugees we could that wanted to escape the prejudice. Though there were thousands more GDs than GPs, the side of the GPs released an airborne version of the attack simulation serum that targeted all the GDs. It forced us all to go to a certain place in each country. They then deployed the death serum in that area, effectively killing off almost all the GDs.

Luckily, Tobias prevented me from going. Being knocked unconscious and bound to a pole was a small price to pay for my life. I am forever grateful to him, and I intend to make it up to him when I go back in time. The GDs in Chicago were the luckiest-with GPs that actually cared about us, less of us marched to our doom than any other city. But that is beside the point. More than half the world's population is dead, and a tyrant GP has taken over everything.

I have been hiding in the Bureau's lab, trying to find a way to fix all this. And now I have. I've told Tobias what I plan to do, and he's been teaching me some things like how to shoot, do hand-to-hand combat, and handle a knife. I can tell he doesn't enjoy the reminders of his violent past, but he understands why I need it. After all, if I'm going to join Dauntless the second time around, I will need to pass initiation.

It is during one of these sessions that I now find myself being watched by Cara, Matthew, and Zeke. It's my final 'test', so to speak, to see if I'll really be able to pass for a Dauntless.

"Remember," calls Tobias as he swings an uppercut at me, "you don't want to give away everything you know." I duck, and throw a left jab. Dancing out of reach, he continues talking.

"To everyone else you'll be a Stiff. No one knows you're an Erudite." He comes at me with a roundhouse, and I catch his leg between my arms and twist it, so he falls on the ground.

"You have to convince them you're just an initiate from Abnegation who's desperately trying to make it into Dauntless." He swings his other leg under me so that now we're both on the ground.

"Because you aren't Dauntless," he says, jumping on top of me and pinning me down, "you're gonna have to use that Erudite brain of yours to analyze how the Dauntless act and replicate it. Kind of how you did with the Abnegation for so long." I knee him in the stomach, and he grunts, his hold on me momentarily lessened. I arch my back and twist out of his grasp. I roll away from him, out of his reach, and we both stand up again.

"Just make sure no else realizes what you are doing," he says. I throw a right hook, and he blocks it. Sending a punch right into my unprotected side, he says, "Now whether you tell anyone you're from the future is up to you." He stomps on my foot and shoves his shoulder into me, knocking me down. Again.

"But be aware the fate of the world rests on you and you alone," and with that he drops down onto me with his elbow, knocking the wind out of me. Wheezing, I huff out a laugh, "So no pressure, right?" He smirks.

"Right," he says. Then he holds out a hand to me, and I take it, grateful for the help.

"Oh, and one other thing," he says. Suddenly he takes my arm and flips me over his shoulder. I land with a grunt and that now-becoming-familiar whoosh of air as my lungs are emptied. Zeke howls with laughter as Tobias continues talking like nothing happened.

"Beware of everyone. Trust no one-not even me." From my prone position on the floor, I glare at him. He offers his hand out to me again, but this time I just ignore it and get up on my own. Smiling, he remarks, "Good. You're learning." Tobias turns around to our audience, gestures to me and asks, "So what do you think? Could he pull it off?" Cara steps forward.

"Well, he did get beat by you pretty badly. Then again...you're Tobias. At any rate, his fighting technique seems a bit too...I don't know, planned. Like it's not completely instinctual yet." Zeke snorts, saying, "We'll what do you expect? He's an Erudite." Out of the corner of my eye, I see Tobias glower at Zeke.

"Don't you realize that that's exactly what we're trying to erase! There is no way he'll survive Dauntless acting like an Erudite." Thanks for that optimistic outlook, Tobias, I think.

Ignoring Zeke's eye roll, Tobias turns to Matthew and raises an eyebrow. Matthew clears his throat, "Oh, um. Well, I've never been in a faction before, but it seemed fine to me." At Tobias' glare, he says defensively, "Well he isn't even supposed to be Dauntless yet! When he gets there, he will be an initiate. So wouldn't it be worse if he already knew everything?" Tobias seemed to consider this.

"Alright," Tobias decides, "I just didn't want to leave anything to chance."

"Well," Zeke interjects, "it isn't as if we have a whole lot of time in the first place. GPs are going to march on Chicago any day now. If he's going to leave, it has to be now. Regardless of whether he's ready or not." As if to punctuate his statement, the loud boom of an explosion echoes overhead. Bits of plaster rain down on us, and our eyes all widen.

"It's happening," Cara breathes. "We're out of time." Tobias turns to me and yells, "Run to the lab and GO!" I'm already scrambling for the door. Just as I'm about to bolt out of the room, Tobias shouts "Wait!" I turn back around to see Tobias staring at me, and with a final salute, he says, "Be brave." With that, we both turn around, and I'm sprinting along the halls. My breathing falls into a steady rhythm as I try to focus only on the task at hand. My feet know exactly where to go-I have gone this path many times before. But this time is different. It will be the last time I ever do so. With a jolt, I realize that that was the last time I will ever see Tobias-THIS Tobias. Everyone I know will cease to exist, and the thought frightens me.

No, I think. I can't let fear distract me. I burst through the lab doors, and I start a silent mantra in time with my rapid heartbeat. Be brave. Be brave. Be brave. Twisting knobs, pulling levers. Be brave. Be brave. Be brave. Typing in the date-Choosing Day. Be brave. Be brave. Be brave. I whisper, "I will not be a coward. Not this time." With that final thought, I slam my palm down on the activation button, and the world dissolves into a flash of color.

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