A/N: Okay...First of all-I am going to be putting this story on hiatus.

I am so sorry-I can't even tell you how much it pains me to do this. (I mean, not to be melodramatic or anything...) But seriously. I know some of you really wanted me to update, and, duh, finish it, but I'm afraid I just can't. At least not yet. In short-I have lost the inspiration for this story...but I'm not willing to give it up entirely just yet. When I do continue writing "A Second Chance," I promise I will not start posting until I have finished it (so as to avoid another hiatus like this one). Consequently, that means the next actual update won't be for quite a while.

Speaking of which...I know it was kind of mean to post this apology/notice thing as a chapter (for those of you who thought I'd be updating), and I'm not sure if I'm braking some sort of rule by doing this, but it was the best way to get this alert out to everyone.

Basically, what you need to know is this-

1. I am putting this story on hiatus.

2. If you looked at this before-I've changed it from discontinuing the story to putting it on hiatus.

3. Go up a line and reread #2. It's kind of really important.

4. I have no idea when I will start posting again (so don't hold your breath too long)

5. However-I will start posting again-so don't give up completely on me.