So, with Yugi Moto having become Champion of Champions, and Aelita Stones and Bloom joining him on the podium in 2nd and 3rd places, that concludes the inaugural Cartoon Race of Champions. I do, however, have one more side story to tell before closing up;

For Aelita, as she parts ways with Bloom and Yugi, her feelings over the outcome suddenly become more bittersweet. Though this event was, for her, a clear success, having claimed 3rd for France in the Nations Cup and 2nd in the actual Race of Champions, taking home trophies for both positions, she was still within a thousandth of a second from defeating Yugi, in which case she would've become Champion of Champions herself.

"Hey, Aelita." Aelita is then greeted with a kiss by her boyfriend Jeremy Belpois, a fellow competitor in the Race of Champions (he lost in the group stage). "You still did awesome out there," he says, trying to reassure her. "I don't see any shame in placing 2nd to the King of Games."

"Easy for you to say," scoffs Aelita. "You didn't even make it past the group stage!"

"Well you did a hell of a lot better than I did, at least!" Jeremy retorts. "And YOU'RE the one with the trophy – surely that counts for something?!"

"I… I think so," Aelita shrugs, seeing no counterargument for Jeremy's point.

"That's my girl!" Jeremy grins as he gives Aelita another kiss. "Now come on, let's get some sodas or something, I'm so parched!"

But of course, there aren't all smiles throughout the champions. On this down side of the spectrum is where we will find former NASCAR Cartoon Cup Series champion Homer Simpson. After winning the Nations Cup for the United States, he'd made it to the semifinals, where he lost to Aelita Stones. And then in the third-place race, he was set on fire by Bloom, and had to get out and stop, drop and roll to put out the flames.

So, during the final race, he was in the stadium's medical center having his burns cared for; he now sits forlornly in said center, with his skin covered in cold, wet cloths, and with his wife Marge and kids Bart and Lisa surrounding him, keeping him company.

"I feel so awful, guys," Homer laments, not reassured by the smiling eyes of his wife and kids. "I could've at least gotten third and taken home another trophy, but that fairy had to set me on fire! Oh, I feel so emasculated!"

"Well that was a real cheap move that she pulled!" Marge affirms as she places a hand on Homer's shoulder. "And besides," she adds, trying to reassure him, "you're still man enough for me!"

"Uh, thanks, Marge," Homer sighs half-heartedly. "But I still don't feel any better."

"Well…" Lisa starts, trying to think of something to cheer her father up, "we still another NASCAR season a couple of months away."

"And we know that you're gonna crush 'em like you did in the first season!" adds Bart.

"But it's still a couple months away!" And with that, Homer heaves a great sigh of disappointment over what has happened tonight, leaving his wife and kids powerless except to embrace him in their arms to hopefully provide some form of solace.

But on the happier note, we now segue to the Champion of Champions, Yugi Moto. Despite his elation over having become Champion of Champions, his suddenly getting a bit more trouble than he is worth; while still holding onto his big trophy, at the same time, all of the other drivers that were in the Cartoon Race of Champions are bombarding him with congratulatory handshakes, high-fives, and even the occasional hug. Flattering as it may be, he still has a difficult time taking all of this credit without dropping his heavy trophy. That's when he spots his fellow teammate for Japan, Ash Ketchum, sitting in an adjacent area and looking rather down (he didn't make it past the group stage), with Pikachu and May trying to console him.

"Hey, Ash, why so down, dude?" Yugi asks.

"I still can't believe I didn't even get past the group stage!" Ash laments. "I mean, I can understand Bloom getting as far as she did, but I still don't understand how in the hell that Canadian girl managed to beat me? I just don't get it!"

"Pika..." purrs Pikachu solemnly as he nuzzles Ash's cheek.

Yugi, meanwhile, kneels down and puts a hand on Ash's shoulder, saying, "Gee, man, I don't see how you could feel bad about this after you and I both got trophies for the Nations Cup."

"But you went on to win everything!" Ash interjects.

"Maybe," replies Yugi, "but even for you, this whole thing wasn't a total failure. Surely, you'd know that!"

And Ash, as he looks up at Yugi grinning at him, cannot find any points to argue against him. "Yeah, I suppose you're right," he says half-heartedly as he reaches out to shake Yugi's hand.

But then Yugi says, "Come here, bro!" and ends up pulling Ash in for a big hug, suddenly putting the smile back on Ash's face and making May and Pikachu giggle at him.

"Thanks, I needed that," grins Ash as they pull apart. "So, uh, I guess I'll be seeing you in IndyCars in a few months.

"Yeah. See ya, pal!" smiles Yugi as he and Ash shake on it before parting ways.

"Now that's the happy Ash I like!" May smirks as she kisses him on the cheek.

Ash says nothing; he simply blushes as he, May and Pikachu all get on board Ash's scooter...

Before long, they all find themselves at their hotel room on the outskirts of Calcutta; they all then heave their exhausted bodies up and into the room, where Ash's 2nd-place trophy for the Nations Cup still stands proudly upon the dresser.

"Well, I'll still be bringing' something home!" Ash declares proudly.

"That's my Ash!" exclaims May. "Anyway, I, uh, have to use the restroom..."

And May quickly makes her way into the bathroom and shuts the door behind her. While she really sincerely does have to pee, there is another reason for her retreating to the restroom so quickly. The night before, after the Nations Cup, Ash and May went all the way, with May intentionally forcing the condom out of Ash's hand and throwing it away before he could put it on, as she was trying to get herself pregnant with his child. While Ash was very shocked, as he most certainly didn't see it coming, he said he would still stay with her nonetheless (leaving some to wonder if he suddenly felt trapped...).

"Oh, I hope we did it!" As these words swim through May's head, she pulls down her shorts and panties, sits down on the toilet and takes out a Krusty-Brand Home Pregnancy Test. Praying that she succeeded in her endeavor with Ash the night before, she holds the test in the toilet bowl underneath her, and carefully deposits some urine on it - only as much as the test needs. Then she pees the rest of it into the toilet and flushes it.

She then pulls her shorts back up, and for half-a-minute after that, she frantically paces back and forth, waiting for the results to come, hoping and praying to God that she'll get the result she wants. Then, before she knows it, her ears and her eyes grow wide as the test blurts out the results clear as day...

"ASH, ASH!" May cries as she comes bursting out of the restroom.

"Whoa, May, you scared the crap out of me!" Ash jumps. "What is it? What's going on?"

May says nothing. With happy tears flowing from her eyes, she shows Ash the pregnancy test, and replays it's spoken results;

"Hey-hey, you're pregnant! And it's not mine, a-hoo-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh!"

As Ash simply stands there, awestruck and speechless, May ecstatically throws her arms around Ash and ecstatically cries into his chest, saying, "Oh... thank you, Ash... I love you SO much...!" Pikachu, meanwhile, covers his ears and closes his eyes, trying not to watch.

That's when a terrifying though suddenly forces its way into Ash's way, one that she can't afford to dwell on any longer. "Hey, uh, you still won't leave me, will you?"

Ash, of course, is at this point unsure of how he, at his own young age, will be able to raise a child. But he then remembers just how much he loves May as she gazes into her pleading, tearing eyes, as well as the promise on the matter that he made the night before.

"Well, I admit, I'm not sure how we're gonna raise a kid when we're still kids ourselves," Ash concedes. "But I still love you too much to let you go it alone - I'll still be here for you, May."

"Oh, ASH!" May exclaims as she once more buries her face into Ash's chest, crying harder and more happily than before. And as Ash holds her close, he realizes all that he has to look forward to this coming year, not just with his future family, but also in the up-and-coming Cartoon IndyCar Series...