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Rin woke up, groaning in pain as the sun shone on her face. She suddenly remembered what had happened. She quickly shot up from where she was laying only to discover that she was in a bed. She frowned upon realizing that someone had even taken the responsibility of taking off her shoes.

Rin was interested in determining where the heck she was now. She studied her surroundings. What she observed was rather surprising. She was in an unfamiliar room. The bed she was in had been pushed parallel to the wall. Across the room was a plain desk and chair. A window was next to the desk.

Rin slowly pushed back the covers and stood up. Taking light steps, she walked over to the window. She frowned in confusion. Why was she in a room on the second story?

She walked away from the widow and towards the door. As she reached for the knob, it suddenly began turning from the other side. Rin backed up and stood behind the bed. The door opened.

A handsome young man with golden hair and ocean blue eyes strode in, carrying a tray with what looked like western style breakfast, complete with pancakes and a glass of orange juice.

Rin froze then opened her mouth, "Who are you and where am I?"

The handsome man raised an eyebrow."Oh, so you're awake. Tell me, is it your hobby to pass out in the woods and trouble law-abiding citizens to carry you to their homes?" the handsome stranger asked.

Rin blushed at the question. "Well, I wouldn't have passed out in the woods if I hadn't been chased out of the mansion," she retorted.

He gave her an odd look,"You've been staying at the haunted mansion?"

"Wait, is that mansion actually haunted?" Rin exclaimed.

"What's your name, your age, and can you help me?" Rin asked desperately. The stranger scrutinized the desperate look on her face.

"Sit down for a bit, and eat your breakfast, I'll tell you everything you want to know," He gave the tray to Rin.

She merely accepted the tray, then proceeded to ignore it. She stared fixedly at her savior.

He raised another eyebrow when he realized she wouldn't be eating anytime soon without answers. He sat next to Rin.

The man took a deep breath before speaking, "My name's Len Kagamine, I'm twenty-one, and I don't even know your name yet, so I can't answer your last question. What about you? Why were you in that mansion?" Len questioned.

Rin blushed for forgetting her manners. This guy had saved her, and she hadn't even introduced herself. "My name is Rin Kaga, I'm nineteen. My parents..." She paused, calculating her next words. Len noticed the hesitation in her words here. "They died recently, and I only had the mansion left as a place to stay."

Kaga? Could she be- "What were your parents' name?"

Rin frowned slightly. That question held no apparent relevance to what they were talking about. "Kaito Kaga and Meiko Kaga. Did you know them?"

Len studied the ceiling as if something interesting was hidden above his head. "My parents were friends with your parents. They died in a car crash when I was six. My relatives should've taken me in, but they were in some financial trouble. Your parents took me in for six months until my relatives could support me. They didn't really want to hand over me, but the court system felt that I needed to stay with my relatives."

Rin, feeling sorry for him, gave him a pat on the head.

Len shifted his gaze back to Rin. "I'll never be able to pay back the debt to your parents, but perhaps I can help their daughter instead."

Rin felt relieved. She wouldn't be dealing with whatever this was by herself.

Len got up from where he sat, and said,"We'll go the library later. We might get an idea about what's going on."

Rin frowned. "Let's go now." She stood up, ready to follow him, but froze as her stomach growled loudly. Her face grew hot.

Len coughed into his hand, attempting to hold in his laugh. "Eat first. It's still early. When you're done, come downstairs. There's some clothing in the closet." He left the room, closing the door quietly behind himself.

Rin stared out the window, very determined not to turn around at her very handsome savior.(Not to mention that if she did look at him, she didn't think she'd be able stop staring.)

She noted that the town seemed to be old, stuck in the set of an old classic movie.

"So," Len started. "Is there anywhere else you could stay?"

Rin grimaced. "Only the mansion."

"Then it's settled. You'll stay with me!" Len stopped at a red light and smiled cheerfully at her.

"I can't take advantage of your hospitality." Rin tried to explain.

"I owe your parents quite a lot. The least I could do is offer their daughter a place to stay." The light turned green.

Rin sighed, wondering where she could buy fresh goat blood. The blood didn't seem to be difficult to acquire, but the fresh part would be hard.

Apparently, it was supposed to be able to scare away supernatural creatures. For a second, she actually considered ordering a live goat online and making Len harvest its blood...

Wait, what?!

Rin groaned aloud. She needed more sleep. And maybe some oranges. Yes, that sounded great. A nap and some oranges in ice cream.

"Hey, Rin. Come take a look at this." A voice interrupted her thoughts. Rin dragged herself away from her computer and walked over to where Len sat at his computer.

"Young child missing." Rin read aloud. Len pointed at another article. "Missing child found to be brutally mudered."

"Now look this." Len opened a new tab on the his computer.

"Insane boy sent to asylum. Claims to have seen a spirit trying to kill him." Rin read aloud. Len opened a new tab on his computer.

"House fire kills widow." Rin read another news article. "Man found stabbed to death in his own bed." Rin continued to read more articles.

"What does this have to do with the spirit in the mansion?" Rin asked.

Len had a disturbed look on his face. "All of the people in these articles had lived in the mansion."

As the two of them returned to Len's home, something caught Rin's eye as she stared out the window.

"Stop the car," Rin ordered.

Len pulled over, but looked over at Rin questioningly. "Why did we stop?"

Rin pointed at the shop that had captured her attention. "We're going to that fortune teller shop."

They climbed out of the car. As they entered the shop, incense overwhelmed their senses. A small bell chimed overhead.

A woman entered the room from a back door. Her body was swaddled in cloths, giving her a shapeless figure. Bracelets encircled her arms, and rings adorned her fingers.

Unfortunately, Rin and Len were too busy examining the shop's interior to notice. When Rin finally saw the woman, she stifled a scream and forced down the urge to hug Len.

"GET OUT OF MY SHOP!" screeched the old woman.

"Alright, alright, no need to yell, we were just getting out," Len said defensively. He took Rin's arm and pulled her towards the door. Rin refused to move. There was something about the woman that made Rin want to talk to her.

"You know." Rin stared at the woman, refusing to break eye contact. At those two words, the woman broke down in tears. Len hovered nervously between the two women.

"Come inside, and sit down. We have much to talk about." The fortune teller wiped her eyes, as she led the two of them further into the shop.

Len could only stare in amazement at Rin. The three of them walked further through the shop before coming across a table draped with a purple cloth. Three chairs were situated at the table, one chair across the other two. The woman sat down across from them and gestured for the other two to do the same. Rin and Len sat down.

"So it seems that you have the mark," said the woman.

Rin was puzzled. "What mark?" she asked.

"The mark of death," answered the woman. "It is given to those who have escaped death and death promises to kill you now."

Rin, now feeling rather terrified, asked, "Is there a way to save me?"

"There is, my child, but listen closely. I will not come before you again, this will be our first and final meeting. The only way to free the spirit held here by hatred and confusion is to release it from its suffering. Then, and only then, can you erase the mark of death."

Rin's mind was racing. How the heck do you release a spirit?

"How do I free a spirit?" she wondered aloud.

"Why, child, solve the mystery, of course," responded the woman.

"You surely don't mean the mystery that's made every detective who's come to solve it give up?" asked Len incredulously. "Everyone's lost count of how many people have failed."

"Yes indeed, but the one thing that every detective overlooked was a very crucial puzzle piece needed to solve the mystery."