Fairy Tail's Humanoid Dragon

What if in the Valley of the end and the battle between Naruto and Sasuke when their attacks collide sent a nearly killed Naruto into a space and time Dimension to a World where magic was used instead of chakra, plus Kurama was killed but not saying farewell to Naruto and telling him to survive, protect those that are precious to him, and to fall in love with a sweet and kind hearted girl. Naruto now at the age of 7 in the year X772 meets an Elemental Dragon that is willing to teach him Dragon Slayer Magic. However, both find out during all the training for a year that Naruto cannot use Dragon Slayer Magic. So, the Elemental Dragon decides to put some his blood into Naruto so that Naruto could learn a different Magic, Dragon Soul, which a new form of Take Over Magic. For the next five years learns to use his Dragon Soul Take Over Magic by transforming into the element forms of Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Lightning and Full Take Over. Naruto finds out that other dragons were leave the child they are teaching, but Naruto's Dragon wishes to stay behind to teach Naruto one more form, which is Holy Dragon Magic to add to his Take Over Dragon forms. After a year Naruto completes the Holy Dragon form, but learns that his Dragon was actually dying and didn't want to leave Naruto because he found him to be like a son to him. The Elemental Dragon tells Naruto the same thing that Kurama told him when he died before shutting his eyes forever. Naruto watches as his dragon dies before his eyes, but not after giving him a pair of gauntlets made from his own scales that would help Naruto to combine his Elemental Dragon forms to make new ones. Now, Naruto sets out on a journey to find a place to live, and that place is called Fairy Tail.

Things I want to happen in the Story

Naruto's Elemental Dragon forms are able to face dragons and other dragon slayers, but he can't eat the elementals to gain magic back or get motion sickness.

Naruto's Fire form allows him to use fire (Just thing about how Ace from One Piece uses fire that is pretty much how Naruto uses it.)

Naruto's Water form allows him to control the water around him and make water out of the air, plus allows Naruto to turn into water.

Naruto's Earth form allows him to shift the earth and make earthquakes and also this form is more like a Defensive form.

Naruto's Wind form allow to fly and use Wind magic.

Naruto's Lightning form is just like how Laxus's magic works and is more of a Speed form.

Naruto's Holy form allows Naruto to uses Holy Magic, give out light when it is dark out, and gives Naruto Angel Wings so he can fly.

Naruto can combine the elements to make ice, explosion, wood, and other forms that you can come up with.

This will be a Naruto/Lisanna story when it comes to a relationship.

Naruto loves to fight and usual challenge by Mira and Erza because Mira sees him as a rival for Take Over Magic, while Erza sees him as a rival to see who becomes an S-Class first. Also, Naruto becomes S-Class before them and that pisses them off.

Naruto fights Master or Gildarts to become S-Class.

Erza in X780 and Mira in X781.

Naruto saves Lisanna from being killed and starts to date her after. Plus, helps Elfmen with the Full Take Over and Mira finally accepts him and then thinks of him as a brother.

Naruto becomes a Wizard Saint after the whole Phantom War is over.

Naruto never betrays Fairy Tail.

This is all I want anything else is you to but I am will to help with story if you want.

Send me a PM if you want to try and do this Challenge Story.