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Disclaimer: I do not own Batman Beyond; it belongs to its creators. I gain nothing but a writing outlet and writing/editing experience.

Summary: Terry could have just as easily received Bruce's spliced X instead of Y; if so, would it have all started with Matt instead? But the world, particularly Gotham, needed a Batman again. The Jokerz overran the streets, businesses were destroying the world. Pride and avarice were destroying Gotham, and Gotham needed its symbol of hope and justice again.

A/N: As I've said, I'm trying to write long chunks of text; therefore no page breakers before scene changes or things like that. It's a little awkward at times, so please forgive that. Again, a lot of this is pretty much verbatim because honestly, things had to happen as they did or neither of them would have let the new Batman become a reality. So please enjoy ~ with love, depressedchildren Edited 10/9/2016

Chapter 2: Rebirth part 2

Terri received the fifth text from Chelsea stating that she had to be here—"there are tons of really hot guys with super schway rides!"—and another text from Dana that said Jared was asking about her. Ugh! She needed to be there, but her "father" wouldn't even listen to her when she tried to explain how she got into the fight with that meathead Nelson. Granted, it probably didn't help that there had been a call from public safety saying she had dealt with a Joker on the Atrack.

It was a little ironic how protective he could be; especially, considering he wasn't all that positive she was his daughter. Terri glared up at her ceiling for a moment longer. Slag this, she was going regardless of parent approval.

Terri quickly kicked off her skinny jeans, slipped on some leggings and her gray heeled boots. If she had the chest for it, she would have thrown on one of the mid-drift tops that were all the rage, but sadly she had always been severely lacking in that department. Instead, she pulled on black tube-top and slipped a gray skirt on before throwing her jacket over her shoulder.

She went down to her "father's" designated office space and mock knocked on the wall, "Knock, knock," she called out in time with the action. He must have been engrossed in work because he started.

Terri pursed her lips for a moment. It was kind of rare for him to bring work home; he always said it was something about not having secure servers here. He looked a little piqued too. Her "father" ran a hand through his red hair while he closed his eyes. Looking at him, Terri really didn't resemble him, at all. Her face structure, build, and hair were so different from his, so different from either of her parents actually.

He turned away from her, apparently engrossed with the screen once more. "Terri, I'm busy," he sounded a little distracted. Terri shook her head and started to walk into the darkened office; he was going to hurt his eyes working in the dark like that.

"Dad," he flinched, and Terri looked down at the ground but continued speaking, "I gotta go out." If it wasn't for him flinching, she would have entered the room further and draped herself over his back to give him a hug—just like she used to when she was a kid.

He turned away from her and rubbed at his forehead…was it because he couldn't stand the sight of her? A kid he was tricked into raising for some unfaithful wife… She didn't get him anymore; didn't get how everything had turned out the way it had. "You're grounded, Terri. Remember," he sounded stressed and fatigued.

"I didn't start the fight!" Terri insisted. Why didn't he listen to her anymore? Why wasn't she his little princess like she used to be?

He still wasn't looking at her. Maybe he was distracting himself with the screen?

"I'll hear all about it when we meet with your counselor, again" he straightened then and looked over at Terri. His eyes narrowed instantly at her outfit. "And either way you should not be going out in that."

"Mom would hear me out" Terri began to refute before adding on, "and you should see how other girls dress!"

"You are not living with that woman, and perhaps if you didn't dress—" he flailed one arm as he turned fully toward Terri. "Well, then people wouldn't make false accusations."

The rage just boiled up and she punched the nearest thing, the wall, but instantly regretted it for the smarting it caused in her hand. "Don't remind me," she gritted out, "And how can you say that!?" She wasn't a slut, slag it!

He stood up then, "That's you're problem right there!" he gestured at the wall, "You can't control your temper and you better if you ever expect to make something of yourself." He took a step closer to Terri with his arms out, almost in a comforting gesture but he retracted it. Instead, he ended up sighing. "The more you react and go to those clubs, the more people will think the rumors are true. We've gone over this Terri—"

"Why won't you listen to me or trust me!" she shot out, interrupting him.

"Do not raise your voice to me Terri," he warned. "Now go back upstairs. You shouldn't be going out to clubs anyways; it just feeds into the rumors."

"Fuck you," Terri whispered before turning on her heel and hurrying out of the house. She tried to ignore the stinging behind her eyes, but it was no use. The tears came as she hurried out of the house and ignored her father's calls behind her. How…why… They used to be so close, she used to be perfect in his eyes and now… She didn't want it to hurt her but it always did. She tried not to let what he or anyone else said get to her but her dad always knew what to say to hurt her.

She climbed on her bike and hurried to the club despite the danger wandering Gotham alone at night presented to a young woman such as herself. She just had to get away. She never even noticed the car pulling up to stop in the night shadow of another building.

She was so distraught that it took nearly the whole ride to the club to calm down. Once she parked her bike and removed her helmet, Terri immediately saw Chelsea and Dana in line. Wiping at the last remnants of any tears, she got in line beside Dana.

"Surprise," Terri announced weakly.

"Terri! I thought you were in solitary," her friend turned around in surprise; however, Dana's smile faltered. "What happened?" she asked in concern.

Terri waved her hand as she looked away, "Just…let's just focus on our Girls Night, yeah?"

Dana gave an almost reproachful look but then set her hand on Terri's shoulder, "You can talk to me Terri, I won't judge."

Terri gave her a weak smile before looking at those assembled in the line. She didn't see Jared's among the people waiting in line. "Where's Jared?"

"Already inside," Dana said with a slightly more playful smile. Dana was likely going to tease Terri some more, but they were interrupted by the sound of tires screeching and bass thrumming form a car. Chelsea gave a little joyous squeal as Terri and Dana turned around in time to see Nelson's parking job. The red car was new and made a flashy statement—a lot like its owner. It was disgusting.

"Just ignore that pig," Dana murmured while flipping her hair over her shoulder. They began to move back toward the line with the sole intent of trying to enjoy their evening, but yet another interruption broke through.

Instead of a entitled prick arriving on the scene, laughter and motorbikes began sounding behind them. Jokerz. Dana froze in place—she always had a hard time with Jokerz, but she never told anyone why.

The gang of Jokerz circled around the club with maces and mace-like rubber chickens. Nelson, who was the farthest away from the curb at that point, was their first victim. Terri felt the irony as they kicked Nelson's ass, but then Jokerz could get lethal if they wanted to. No one was doing anything to stop the gang, and at this rate, someone would definitely get hurt—someone other than Nash Nelson.

Just as Terri was thinking this, Chuckles the dredlocked clown and a wannabe Joker pulled up beside Terri and Dana. Before either girl fully knew what was happening, hands grabbed them around their midsection and pulled them onto their respective assailant's lap. Terri cringed in Chuckles grasp, especially as he tried to lean in to give her a sloppy wet one. Jerking her head a way to the side, she rammed her elbow back into Chuckles' torso before head-butting him. His grip on her loosened and the still moving bike began to wobble. Terri quickly jumped off the crashing bike.

She then hurried toward Dana who was being "tickled" by the Joker wannabe. "Hands off, dreg!" Terri yelled as she grabbed the freak's hand and used his own momentum to throw him over her shoulder and into Nelson's car.

Chuckles, with his busted nose, was back on his bike and ready to go by this point, but at least Dana and Terri were no longer restrained. "Split the bitch's sides!" Chuckles yelled to other Jokerz as they all began to rev their bikes at her.

"Dana, go!" Terri pushed her friend slightly in the direction of the club. Dana was frozen for a moment but still managed to give Terri a skeptical look.

"I got this, Dana," Terri reassured, which partly convinced Dana to move out of the way—the Jokerz rushing toward them was another reason for her to move. Still, Dana did not leave without giving Terri a look that said she thought Terri was insane.

Terri had no time to rebuttal, so quickly scanned the area around her. That lamppost could be helpful. She ran over to the light and faced off against the behemoth who had tried to kiss her. She ducked under the Morningstar (for real? How did a Joker get his hands on that?) he was swinging and its chain wrapped around the lamppost so that he ended up crashing his bike when he continued to hold onto the weapon. Another dreg was coming her way with a fat top-hat wearing thug behind him. Terri turned toward the lamppost and then jumped so that her momentum would swing her around the post to kick the first thug off his bike so that he would crash into the one behind him. It worked well enough, but she had to quickly readjust her top when she landed.

Terri had been so angry with everything that had happened that day; this was…therapeutic. Thinking of Charlie in depth, having to deal with Nelson and his pig attitude, then arguing with her dad… Terri was just completely done with the day and done with feeling like shit. She wanted to break someone's face in—just take out all her aggression on someone or something. She was actually a little grateful these Jokerz showed up because damn did it feel good to punch them in their painted faces. Beside it had never sat right with her how they treated people, and that no one ever did anything about them.

Just as Terri was feeling accomplished with her little tussle, she could hear (more than see) another band of Jokerz approaching, and fast. Their raucous laughter actually managed to drown out the roar of their bikes.

"Get out of here!" Dana shouted from where she stood on the side lines. She then gestured to Terri's bike nearby. Nodding, Terri got the bike standing upright. "Hurry!" Dana shouted, practically jumping up in down in anxiety and fear for her friend. Terri quickly fired the bike up and mounted before sailing down the highway.

She quickly put on her helmet, fearing brain injury upon what other wounds the Jokerz might deal her, and began to expertly weave through the traffic while also avoiding the pursuing dregs' attacks. But if she stayed on this road much longer, they'd swarm around her and she'd be in trouble. She then saw her escape, a structural slanted pillar to the highway lead down to another road, granted it would be a big jump, but she'd risk that than what the Jokerz had in store for her.

Luckily it all worked in her favor and she lost three of her pursuers as she continued to drive away from the city and closer to the harbor. She was starting to go up this creepy old hill, but they were still following her. She was practically at the top of it when, in her headlight, an old man appeared. Oh shit!

She veered off to the side but she was heading toward a wall and the turn had been so sharp that the bike tipped and skidded across the ground.

Terri winced at the burning on her left leg, which she was certain was all cut up and had friction burns, but at least her jacket kept her arms free from the same injury.

Grimacing, Terri looked over at the old man while she tried to get out from under the bike. She had just managed to get back out from under the bike when the Jokerz made it to the top of the hill. They turned their headlights on her. She stood up, threw off her helmet, and got into her best fighting stance despite her torn up leggings and bleeding leg.

"Aww, no fun-girl had an accident," the Joker wannabe crowed with a sneer.

The behemoth pulled out a switch blade, clearly pissed off. "Let's put a smile on this ugly slut's face," he snarled. Terri gritted her teeth. Why the hell did he have to say that!? She was going to knock him on his ass as soon as she could.

However, just as the Jokerz began to advance, that freakish old man spoke up—so he wasn't just a figment of her imagination! Thank goodness.

"Leave her alone," his voice had authority to it and it gave her chills just hearing the threat in his voice. "And get off my property, you're trespassing." The dramatic timing of his delivery was impressive, but the Jokerz did not seem to grasp it; though on another note, Terri was glad to know this man wasn't some random crazy old man—there was a legitimate reason for him to be outside on this creepy hill.

The sole female of the group walked her bike so her headlight faced the old man. "Oh? Is that so?" she asked in a mockingly sweet voice. Despite that the old man was standing up for her, Terri couldn't help but wonder what this old man was hoping to accomplish by antagonizing Jokerz. It wasn't like they were discriminate—old or young, male or female, rich or poor—all were equal subjects for attack. The Jokerz would either cut him, or when the old man tried to defend himself he'd throw out his hip or have a heart-attack.

"It's okay, I can handle this," Terri replied as confidently as she could, especially given the odds and her banged up body. She would probably make it out of the fight with a broken rib or two, and a concussion.

The Joker wannabe ignored Terri in favor of the old man. Likely his ego had been bruised by the fact that not only had a girl defied them, but now on old man had too. He got off his bike with a superior attitude. "Who do you think you're talking to, old man?" he asked mockingly before he grabbed the lapels of the old man's coat. "We're the Jokerz," he announced with a dangerous sort of edge to his voice. The old man was going to get himself killed at this rate!

Terri began to think of ways for how to keep the wannabe away from gutting the old guy. She could tackle him, but then she'd be exposed to the others. She could make a distraction but then that would put all of them on her again, and she really did not like the way Chuckles the behemoth clown was looking at her.

However the old man didn't seem concerned about the threat the dreg in front of him had issued. In fact, the old guy looked immensely amused, almost like he was humoring a child. "Sure you are," he drawled sardonically. Terri supposed the man looked old enough to have lived during The real Joker threat, so perhaps these street gangs really were just pathetic child's play? It was possible but it was going to piss these Jokerz off more than they already were.

As expected, the wannabe took offense and pulled back his arm before Terri could move to tackle him, but the old man proved to be more agile than his hunched appearance made him seem. The old man pulled back and struck the dreg four times so hard with his cane that the wannabe was sent flying backwards with a broken nose and split lip.

Slag, Terri hoped she rips like the old man when she got to be his age! Seeing an opportunity to make it out with minimal injuries, she rushed to the old man's side and got into a fighting stance.

There momentary shock wore off the Jokerz and they all went after them with switchblades, bats, and maces held out at the ready. This was going to be intense, and Terri wondered briefly how much attention she should pay the old man. If that earlier display said anything, he was a capable fighter even in his advanced age. Old guy took on the behemoth easy and sent him crashing into some other dreg, while Terri jumped over some punk swinging a baseball bat at her—she had always had the highest vertical of her class, even among the guys. She then gave him an upper-cut that sent him tipping backwards.

A few more punches and kicks from Terri, and some whacks from the old man's cane, and the Jokerz were out cold or crawling away with their tails between their legs. Panting, Terri adjusted her slipping top in time to see the old man calmly, and without looking hit the wannabe with his cane. So schway! She was seriously experiencing a bit of hero worship here.

The Jokerz fled quickly; their headlights disappeared down the creepy hill.

"Man, you are something," Terri said as she began to advance on the old man with her mouth open in shock and wonder. He seemed to be ignoring her now as he made his way to the large gate leading to a driveway. "I've never seen anyone…" Terri began, but trailed of when she saw the old man stumble into the wall before the gate.

Terri could see his shoulders moving up and down now as if his breathing was labored. The old guy had dropped his cane, and one arm was hidden from Terri's view. She hurried over.

"Are you okay?" Her question was not answered, but she could see now that he was clutching at his chest and his left arm was going to give out from where he held himself up against the wall. Was Old Guy having a heart attack? She quickly slipped under his arm and began to support him from his left side.

All the man mumbled as he staggered forward was, "my medicine." He then gestured toward the creepiest house Terri had ever seen. It was like a house, no mansion, from a horror film that was bound to be filled with ghosts or some pscyho-sociopath that trapped people and killed them inside his own home. No lights were on, and there were tall thin windows looking out at the them—it was creepy.

Oh man…Terri really wanted to leave the old guy out here, but then... Slag it, did she even have her phone still with her?

While the man was reaching into his coat pocket in search of what Terri hoped was a remote for the gate, she reached into the pocket of her coat only to feel nothing…she had lost her phone…somewhere. It might have been when she crashed or when she swung around the lamppost, but either way she had no way to contact anyone in case this old man tried anything psychotic. Though at the same time…he was panting heavily and she would hate to have been the reason for giving an old guy a heart attack and then not doing anything about it.

His breathing was slowly getting under control as together they began to hobble toward the creepy house on top of the hill—this seriously felt like a horror film. Was she going to be drugged and then wake up in a cell in some secret lair filled with medical equipment? Oh man… Of course, just as Terri was thinking the place couldn't be more terrifying, the scariest ass dog came to greet them at the gate. The animal nearly lunged at Terri.

"Down, Ace," the old man used his cane slightly to back the dog off them, though he was still weak and Terri could feel him trembling from where she supported him. "She's okay," he said almost reluctantly, and the dog backed off. They proceeded on their way, but Terri was cognizant of the dog growling at her heels and following not far behind her.

"Nice dog," she commented in a slightly nervous yet ironic tone.

"Not really." Well that killed all hopes of conversation.

Terri hummed and continued to help the old man up toward that really creepy large mansion. The silence was tense and uncomfortable.

Thankfully, after five painful minutes, she opened the door and helped the old man into his freakishly large and sparse home. She looked around for a light switch but the large windows let in enough light from outside—it was still creepy as hell, especially since there were sheets covering half the furniture she saw. In the gloom, Terri found a massive wingback chair to help the old man into. Once seated, the old man looked fatigued and ready to drop.

"Medicine is on bed stand, next to glass; first room on the right down left hallway at the top of the stairs," he was still breathing heavily between every few words, but it seemed sitting was already helping him. "First-aid, adjoining bathroom, under sink."

Terri nodded and hastily moved through the supper creepy and dark house. The eerie lighting from the outside was more than enough to move around but…she shuddered. Oh, slag, why'd she lose her phone? Why?

She tried not to pay attention to how vast and empty the place felt. She tried to ignore the fact that there were seemingly no personal affects anywhere, not even in what seemed to be the master bedroom. Slow pulse, was she in some serial killers home? Gotham was known to a have a few back when Batman still roamed the night. Still, it was against Terri's nature to not help someone who needed help. If that got her killed, well…damn.

Thinking about how creepy this place was wasn't helping her nerves, so she needed a new tactic. A new tactic… Right, get out of her as quickly as possible. Nodding to herself, Terri quickly grabbed everything she needed and went back down stairs double time.

She set the first aid kit, which she was balancing the glass of water on, on the covered table in front of the chair. She then picked up the glass and handed it to the man with the pills she held in her other hand.

"They were right were you said they were," she stated conversationally and to generate discussion should the man choose to respond after taking the meds, but he grabbed at the things and took the medicine quickly in silence.

The old guy handed Terri the glass again, and she set it on the table before opening the kit. She wanted this old guy in her sight at all times; she was not going to be played the fool, though something in her gut said she didn't need to worry about anything nefarious from him. Still…she had seen enough horror movies to be cautious.

As Terri began to apply antiseptic to her leg, she tried to begin conversation again, "So…Thank you for back there, Mr…?" she asked searchingly.

The old man sighed and leaned back in his chair, "Wayne."

"Wayne?" Terri repeated. She nearly dropped the bloody cotton ball in shock. "As in Wayne-Powers industries?" The man made a noise at the back of his throat that suggested he was displeased. "If you could fight Powers like you did those Jokerz there'd be no more take overs," Terri joked weakly, but Mr. Wayne just shook his head as his eyes began to fall closed.

"So, you're going to just rest then? Should I let myself out?"

Mr. Wayne hummed before completely slumping in his chair, probably worn out now that the adrenaline of the fight had left.

Terri quickly finished cleaning her cuts and was surprised to find there were bandages she could use that would cover the pretty nasty scraps she had running down the length of her leg. With that done, she stood up and gathered all the things she used and found a waste-bin on her way toward the front door. However, when she opened it, Ace began snapping at her and barking fiercely. Did the dog think she did something to its master? Slow pulse that!

Jumping back in alarm, she quickly shut the door and looked around for a phone. There was an ancient looking one not too far away from her. With a heavy sigh, Terri moved over to it and prepared to call her "father."

As she picked up the phone, she sighed and thought of being grounded for the rest of her life. She was so going to be given a severe lecture about how she dressed and that she let herself into some old, former billionaire's house—oh! And that billionaire was a notorious womanizer on top of that. Oh yeah, this conversation was not going to go over well.

Just as she was finished dialing, Terri heard a high pitched screeching from behind her. What the hell? She turned around and found… Was that seriously a bat in a really ancient looking clock? How the hell did it get in there?!

Phone forgotten, she slowly approached the strange phenomenon. There must be some hole in the wall and clock that got the bat in there. She had heard that in old houses bats and other creatures lived in the walls…she shuddered slightly and carefully opened the glass door to the grandfather clock.

"I'll get you out of there," she said slowly as she felt around the glass covering the face of the clock, "Just don't bite me—I really don't want rabies…" Just when she thought she found the opening for it, the whole clock backing swung open and lead down a winding stare case. Talk about a hole in the wall…

Against her better judgment, and perhaps because curiosity and her gut were telling her to, Terri cautiously began to go down the stairs. At the landing she, found (presumably) a light switch—she wasn't going to take another step further without some light in this inky darkness. She pressed the switch and spotlights began to open up on…was that the batmobile! A jetplane?! An ancient, but clearly more sophisticated than what Terri was used to, supercomputer?

"Woah…" Eyes-wide, Terri jumped down the last bit of stairs and was about to walk further into the room. There was a giant penny on the far side of the cave with a dinosaur replica holding it up. That looked sooo cool! Just as she was stepping forward there, a humanoid shape appeared out of the corner of her eye. While the psycho killer theory was out now, she still didn't want to snuck up on. Just before she let her fist fly, she paused. If there had been any doubts left in her mind of whose secret hidden cave this was, they were erased by the line of suits in glass cases she had been about to punch.

Either Mr. Wayne was a huge, borderline crazy, Batman fan or…well, he was The Batman. "Slag…no wonder he could fight," she breathed in amazement. Her hero worship was official. Man the original Batman costume. This was so schway.

Before Terri knew it, or could even sense it, she felt a flare of pain erupt from the back of her head. Her vision swam for a moment as she stumbled forward and then tripped over her feet. She had been struck hard with either a baton or a cane—probably a cane.

Rolling onto her back she looked up at Mr. Wayne who was backlighted by the cavern. "Get out," he commanded. He looked like he was going to beat her with his cane while she was practically defenseless. Scrambling to her feet, she backed up from him before being roughly escorted out of his house—at least the vicious watch dog didn't snap at her once it saw his master. In fact, the dog shepherded her out of the gate.

Stumbling, thanks to a nosey dog, she grumbled, "Alright, I'm gone." She looked around for the bike she crashed and just hoped it worked; she was not going to walk all the way back to Gotham from mount creepy if she could help it.

Of course, luck had never really been on Terri's side—at least not lately. The bike ended up being trashed, but she was able to find a bus that would get her home once she got back toward the freeway. At this point she just wanted a hot shower and to sleep. She didn't want to fight with her dad, and she didn't want to be lectured—but he probably would when he saw her bandaged leg.

Sighing, Terri got off at the last stop and turned toward her home. However, she froze as she neared. What were the police doing there? Why were they swarming around her home, and was that smoke billowing upwards from the apartment? Dread settled into her stomach, and it quickly transformed into panic. She could barely breathe.

Racing up to the house, Terri shouldered past police officers and was horrified to find spray paint all long the hallway walls. Jokerz… Were they from this night? Did they have her phone? How did they find out where she lived?

Terri's heart stopped when she saw her mom standing by the police officers. "Mom…" Terri's eyes were stinging again, but she held back the tears this time. She had to know for sure.

"Terri!" Her mom exclaimed as she quickly enveloped her in a hug. Terri weakly returned it. Her dad hadn't hugged her since she got out of juvie and on rare occasions, so it was so nice to be comforted. "You're okay," her mother breathed out in relief.

"Mom, what happened?" Terri asked faintly as she looked around the trashed hallway. This had been her home…

"A robbery," her mother whispered before looking back over at the police stationed around the office doorway. "The police say it was some Jokerz. They surprised your father." That wasn't right… he wouldn't have opened the door, and there were no signs of forced entry—she had checked as she entered the house.

"Where is he?" she asked faintly, but Mom wouldn't answer. The woman just turned her head away and closed her eyes tightly. Terri jerked away from the hold and stumbled into a wall. She slid down it and pressed the heels of her hands up to her eyes.

The last thing that had passed between her and her father was all hate. He hated her for not looking like him, for possibly not being his, and he-he implied she was… She had said fuck you in return. That wasn't who they used to be. She used to be his little girl! They used to do everything together, and everything she did he was proud of.

Had he really come to hate her? He'd always be her dad no matter the legitimacy—she realized that now. Warren McGinnis had scared away the monsters in the closet, and told her stories about Batman, and knights, and sometimes even a brilliant little girl named Teresa who would become a detective like she always dreamed… He had sat down with her seriously when she and Charlie got busted for their scam, and he had asked if Charlie coerced her into his plans, was he forcing her into anything else…

And now her dad was gone…just like that, and she could never tell him she was sorry.