Hello everyone, Bombshell her. this is officially the third fic that I have started. Some may have noticed that I haven't put a disclaimer on my second story The Nameless Kitsune. I would like to state that there is no point behind it since we know nobody here owns anything besides the ideas behind there stories. But i digress, this here is a crossover between to thinks I like Naruto and Monster Blade. so enjoy

It was a beautiful night in Konohagakure. The date was October 10 tenth and a festival was lit with the scent of sweets being cooked. The streets were crowded with civilians visiting the many booths. Children enjoyed the many games that were set out. It was joyous occasion. This festival was in celebration of the defeat of the greatest threat to the village, the Kyuubi, or nine tailed fox demon. It had been five years since the demons defeat, but it was also five years since the sacrifice of Konoha's greatest hero, the Yondaime Hokage. Ever since his sacrifice this day was used as a memento to him and the other shinobi that had died that day, thus the annual festival was born.

Though October tenth seemed like a day for celebration, for one five year old it was the worst day in his short existence. It was this day that the usual hateful glares turned blood thirsty eyes seeking vengeance. For one Naruto Uzumaki it was his birthday. Due to the festival the adults that just ignored him or whispered hateful phrases got drunk and took the abuse a step further. The most tamed being pelted by random objects. Sadly today wasn't one of those times. Usually he would have stayed home and bolted his door shut, but today he just had to get something to eat that wasn't a day before expiration.

Young Naruto was inhaling, as some people called it, a bowl of miso ramen. Currently he was on his third bowl and would have had another if wasn't for the fact that he wanted to get home before anyone got really drunk.

"Thanks Ayame-neechan, old man Teuchi. How much do I owe you?"

"Think of it as a birthday present, free of charge."

"Wow! Thanks you two." Jumping out of his seat he waved to the two ramen chefs with a foxy grin on his face. Ayame stares off into direction Naruto ran off to and lets out a heavy sigh.

"I just hope he makes it home safely."

"I do to. I do to Ayame." As Naruto walk through the streets of Konoha, his mind kept thinking about why the villagers hated him. Sure he may have pulled a few harsh pranks in the past, but that was because that store owner deserved it. It's not like he killed a bunch a people. As his mind started drift he failed to notice the large mob forming behind.

"Get the demon!"

"Kill him!"

"Finish what the Fourth started."

With his train of thought broken, Naruto made a mad dash for his apartment. He had been running for what seemed like hours. Usual he would have been home in no time at all but it seemed as if the villagers be at every turn forcing him to make detours here and there.

'I wish Neko, Inu, or Hebi-chan were here at this time.' Neko, Inu, and Hebi were the Anbu in charge of watching Naruto. They weren't allowed to interfere with his personal life but he knew they were there from the many times they broke up mob raids thirsting for his head. But today they were on a mission and their replacement out right hated him. He couldn't really tell because the guy wore a mask obviously. But the way he breaks up the mob right before they nearly kill him was just a dead giveaway.

It felt like hours but he finally made it outside the village, he at least had gotten the civilians to give up, but unfortunately there were shinobi amongst the mob that were still chasing him. He ran into a metal fence leading to a large forest. Scrambling to find an entrance, Naruto didn't bother to read any of the signs as he entered a hole in the fence.

Three shinobi landed in front of the hole just as Naruto crawled through it. "Damn" shouted the first one. "He got away."

"Maybe we can get him before he gets too far." Suggested the second one.

"Are you fucking crazy dude?" blurts out the third one. "Do you know what this place is?" pointing his finger at the forest. "This is training ground Forty four. You'd have to be a fool to go in there."

"Well he may have gotten away but he sure as hell won't be living for much later. The forest will just save us some trouble."

In the Forest of Death

Naruto continued to run as fast as he could. He didn't know where he was headed, but he didn't care where, as long as he was away from those idiot villagers. As he continued to run, his legs seemed to get heavier with each step. He eventually collapsed inside an enormous cave. He sat on the wall of the cave eyes closed, his mind deep in thought. 'Why do those idiots keep chasing me? My prank wasn't bad enough to cause a mob to chase me.' He was in his mind for minutes on hand. As he opened his eyes, he met the gaze of a pair fully reds with yellow slits for pupils. As much as Naruto wanted to scream the gaze kept him sitting there frozen in fear.

So yeah there's the first chapter. I just got the idea for this fic one night when i was about to go to sleep. Just so you know there is going to be a lot of monster blade names and concepts in this. to those who don't know what Monster Blade is, I suggest looking it up or playing the game if you have a tablet. R and R