Chapter One

The Sandaime hokage leaning on his desk rubbing his temples trying to ease the pain accumulated over ten years. Ever since the day Naruto had disappeared rumors of the "demon child" being dead started spreading like wildfire. Eventually everyone knew about it and started throwing parties celebrating his death. These were the times that the village his predecessors worked so hard to achieve just seemed to disappoint him.

None of the parties where ever long lasting seeing as Anko would violently break it up. Anko Mitarashi was the former apprentice Orochimaru, Konoha's biggest traitor. After giving her the Curse Mark and then abandoning her at the age of twelve, she grew to resent the man with a burning passion. Upon returning to the village she was practically shunned by everyone, save for the hokage and three friends. Once she heard about Naruto's situation, she couldn't help sympathies with the boy being a fellow outcast and what not. She took it as her personal duty to protect the boy whenever could. To say it he died the one day she was out on a mission was an understatement. She was devastated beyond belief, in fact Saratobi believed violently stopping parties was her way of grieving.

He sent out many search parties to look for the boy. The search even went out to the farthest parts of the fire country, but none of them had any results. A year later he had to give searching for his adoptive grandson much to his distress. Besides, there was a new threat he had to take care of. There have been rumors of creatures no one has ever seen before showing up in the Forest of Death.

It all started one day when Anko was walking around the forest as she usually does. She started to her growls and chirps that weren't the usual sounds she heard. She claimed that she was almost hit by what looked like a bull with red skin and orange fur and large horns on its head. The description sounded outlandish and only got more so when she said it was twice the size of an adult male. Initially no one believed her except the Sandaime, but it was one incident that really cemented the rumors.

One night a Kumo shinobi invade Konoha for another attempt at capturing the Hyūga heiress. When he was exposed he fled into training ground 44 thinking it was safest place he could hide. When anbu finally caught up with him, they found his body mauled with a hole in his chest and a missing heart. The only clue as to what could have killed him was the rather large feathers and claw markings on the ground.

The Sandaime had sent scouts one after another in order to see what they were dealing with, but so far as of to date the only survivors of these scouting parties were Inuzukas and Aburames seeing as there partner told them how dangerous going past a certain point was and the other scouting members didn't bother to heed any warnings. The bodies always showed in various conditions, some had all their bones broken, some came back mangled with a large hole in their chest, and some came back charred.

This went on for quite a long time until the civilian council started demanding that the forest be burned down. It was tempting but it would cause more harm than help in the long run. The Sandaime purposed that an assault team be sent in and exterminate any creature they could find a get to the reason they started showing up.

Currently he had Tsume Inuzuka, Hiashi Hyūga, Shikaku Nara, Kakashi Hatake, Might Guy, and Anko Mitarashi standing in his office awaiting for instructions on this A ranked mission they were to embark on.

"I have brought you here today because you're the best Konoha has to offer. What the mission your about to embark one is an A rank bordering on S rank." The Sandaime began until Shikaku interjected.

"Does this have to do with Konoha's recent pest problem Hokage-sama?"

"Yes. As you are all aware the Forest of Death has become unusable due to an unidentified creature or creatures killing anyone that enters. I am sending you along with a squad of anbu to exterminate whatever is in there at least what caused their recent upbringing." The Sandaime rested chin on his hand frowned a little. "Anko, seeing as you spent most of your time in the forest; you're the only one who knows the forest like the back of their hand. Now if for any reason-"

"No. I'm going. I want to find that bull and make it regret not hitting me that day." Anko shouted making everyone face vault, minus Hiashi. "By the end of this mission I'll have a pair horns hanging on my wall." For some strange reason she just seemed to have a grudge against beast.

Smirking at Anko's antics the Sandaime let out a small sigh. He really was getting to old for this. "Alright if there are no more questions, you are dismissed."


So yeah there goes chapter two. Naruto's age will be 15 to 16 since at that age he would probably fit the armor designs better. speaking of armor I original wanted Naruto to use all of them but now feel like I want to limit how many he uses down to three or four. so look the armor designs on monster blade wiki and vote. choices are:

Armor of the wolf god

Armor of the hydra god

Armor of the wyvern god

Armor of the gargoyle god

Armor of the dragon god

Armor of the elder dragon god

This poll will not affect the appearance of the god beast because they will all show up at one point or another. Will the forest ever be usable and will Anko have that pair of horns she promised return for another chapter of THE GOD BEAST NINJA TAMER!