Author's Note: I'm not sure about this. It's been quite a while, but anyway. Here's the end of Regina and Emma's night at the prom. ~ LZ


"I'd like to walk you home."

Emma's lips brushed Regina's nape as she whispered in the brunette's ear. A shiver moved through the body Emma held; reflexively, protectively, she tugged the other woman closer..

"What about your chaperoning responsibilities?" Regina's warm whisper touched Emma's ear.

Emma lifted her head and found brown eyes searching her face. Regina's lips curved upward at the corners. The emotion Emma saw made her consider kissing the brunette once again. But she held back. Regina's eyes darted warily to everyone dancing around them. Emma saw a group of kids including Henry huddled by the stage talking. Once whatever was being decided had been settled, a redhead young man in a simple tie and suit took a piece of paper from Henry and went up the steps to the stage, walked to the band's lead guitarist and gestured to his microphone. The music stopped.

"Oh," Regina stepped back, disengaging from Emma's hold. Emma missed the other woman's warmth immediately. "I wonder what's going on?"

Emma shrugged and made no move to reclaim her previous hold on the brunette. But she was heartened when Regina took her hand. Regina turned toward the stage, but then backed up until her back was snugly tucked against Emma's front. Her grasp on Emma's hand loosened, so Emma cradled Regina's waist. Regina's warm hands rested on Emma's forearms and held her in place.

The redhead spoke. "I'm Aidan, president of the senior class of Storybrooke High. I'd like to say thank you to the prom committee and everyone who helped put this event together tonight. Thanks also to all of you for attending."

Applause erupted. A few shouts of joy were heard. As the group quieted again, the senior class president lifted his hand with the paper. "We have counted the votes for prom king and queen."

More applause came amid shouts of "tell us already!" Aidan laughed. Regina's head tilted backward against Emma's shoulder. She lifted a hand and cupped Emma's cheek. Whispering, she said, "Do you hope Henry will win? He and Grace seem very popular."

Emma saw their son indeed standing off to the side with his girlfriend. The two were holding hands loosely but not intimately. All of the kids were crowded around the stage, looking up at their class president and standing shoulder to shoulder. She and Regina, she realized, were the couple standing most intimately. Even David and Snow stood only next to one another by a bench along the wall. As were all of the adults; Emma started to pull back, realizing that she and Regina had remained on the dancefloor long after the adults were supposed to have left the kids to it.

Regina tightened her other hand on Emma's arm at her waist. "I should…" she protested.

"We've been dancing all night. Don't pull away now," Regina whispered.

Stepping forward so her front pressed once again against Regina's back, Emma dipped her head and whispered when her lips brushed Regina's shoulder. "You've been enjoying this?"

"Very much. Have you been enjoying your first prom?"

Emma caught the hint of earnest question in Regina's tone. "Yes, yes," Emma assured.

"Good. Though, unlike the children, I don't think our night has to end with the last dance, hmm?"

Tilting her head to get a better angle on Regina's eyes, Emma questioned, "Would you like to go for coffee at Granny's?"

"You did ask to walk me home, Miss Swan."

"So you're saying I can?"

"Yes, dear."

After that Emma found herself impatient for the evening to end. The crowned king and queen were dancing before everyone else would be invited to step in also. Following this slow song, the teens all crowded the stage and requested several upbeat tunes which weren't either Regina or Emma's style for continuing to dance as a couple.

Holding hands with Regina, Emma moved to the edge of the dancefloor and toward the food tables.

"Emma," Snow stood. Emma hesitated.

Regina's fingers squeezed hers and Emma found herself able to smile. "Hi, Mom."

"Are you having a good time?" Snow asked.

"Yeah, I guess."

"You..." Snow paused and gave a sweep of her head to include Regina, "both looked lovely on the floor together."

They were next to the food tables. Getting Regina a cup of the punch, and snitching a petit four for herself, Emma hummed around the bite in her mouth, not sure how to respond.

"Thank you, Snow," Regina said.

"I'm glad you told us Emma wanted this," Snow said.

The hand on hers tightened suddenly. Emma looked over to see Regina frowning. "You knew I wanted to ask you?"

"Snow, that was told to you in confidence," Regina whispered sharply. Her former step daughter had the grace to blush.


"Why didn't you say something?" Emma asked Regina. "Any of those times I was stumbling over myself?" she added.

"You wanted to ask me," Regina reminded her. She looked at Snow before continuing, eyes only on Emma. "I wanted the prom to be special for you, all the things you didn't get to have."

Emma found such depths of sincerity in Regina's gold-flecked brown eyes that she felt herself suddenly fighting a lump in her throat. "Uh. Um." She cleared her throat. "Wow."

Regina looked at Snow. "I need to powder my nose." She turned to Emma. "Will you wait for me?"

"Yes, of course."

Snow accompanied Regina into the ladies room. David stepped close to Emma who nodded toward the men's room where she caught a whiff of sweet smoke.

David stepped inside and a scuffle ensued. Shortly he came out, hauling two teen boys up by their jacket collars.

"There's a still lit joint on the floor by one of the toilets," David said.

Emma stepped into the bathroom and confiscated the evidence. "Hold them in lock up until morning. We'll call parents then."

David was leaving with the boys when Regina and Snow emerged from the ladies room. "David? Emma?" Snow asked.

"Just some underage pot," Emma said. "Dad'll be right back."

"Oh." Snow started to follow David.

"You need to file a report," Regina said.

"Dad can do it. I gave him the evidence," Emma said. "Besides, I only smelled the evidence. He caught them lighting it up."


"I think the kids are all right," Emma said.

"You do, do you?"

"Mm hm. May I walk you home?"

Regina looked around. "You really had a good time? Was there anything else you wanted to do for your prom?"

"Got the beautiful date, got the dancing, even the kiss," Emma replied. "What more could I want?"

Regina's gaze twinkled and she leaned close to whisper, "A glass of the best apple cider you've ever tasted?"

Emma chuckled. "Yes," she replied, in a matching whisper.

She and Regina walked out of the hall chosen to host the dance and inhaled the bracing night air.

"It's rather a long walk to Mifflin," Regina said.

"Wanna poof?" Emma lifted her fingers to snap.

Regina grasped Emma's fingers before the motion could be made. "Together?" she requested.

Emma smiled. "Yeah." She lifted her fingers as Regina did the same, and in silent sync, both women snapped their fingers at the same time.

Regina appeared inside the mansion's foyer with no Emma by her side. She began to think the blonde's magic had misfired until she heard a knock at the door.

Opening the door, she saw Emma standing on the stoop. "Why didn't you poof inside?"

Emma looked at the doorway then shrugged. Regina reached out and dragged Emma into the house by her wrist.

"Get in here." She shook her head. "Surely you know you're welcome. I've already kissed you."

"Several times," Emma replied and she was grinning. "Still, I want to do this right."

"I see." The blonde's earnestness made Regina smile as it had the last weeks as she watched the blonde struggle with trying to get Regina to attend the prom with her. "All right. Will you please come in?" Emma took the cue and stepped forward a long step. Once across that imaginary barrier, the blonde's green eyes shifted from luminescent to hungry.

Regina inhaled. Emma was so beautiful like this, given rein to be herself. She put her hands in Emma's hair just so she could keep gazing into green eyes rapidly darkening to emerald. The sight caused Regina's breath to catch, feeling the blonde's gaze as though it were already her hands caressing her. She felt the woman's hands grasp her waist.

At the moment Emma's fingers made contact, Emma's lips touched her own. Regina closed her eyes and inhaled. Love and desire flowed through their connection.

She opened her eyes to see their magic surrounding them in a sparking cloud. Strands of her own lavender magic and Emma's white magic danced together and apart mimicking how tenderly the women had moved together earlier that night.

They kissed until kissing was no longer sufficient to express the myriad emotions they felt. Emma's hands slid into Regina's hair, and Regina's fingers pulled loose the knot of Emma's tie.

"Are you sure?" Emma asked, then they were kissing again.

Barely separating their mouths so she could speak her answer, Regina finally said, "Yes."

Emma took a decisive step back separating their bodies while keeping hold of Regina's left hand. "You lead."

Ever the gallant knight, Regina thought. "Upstairs," she said simply.

# # #

Emma had taken no one to bed in several years and she had the thought as Regina closed the door to her bedroom that she should be more concerned by that fact. The brunette's bedroom was appointed in white satin and sumptuously upholstered furnishings. Emma's last partner had been content with pine timbers and moth-eaten wool. Emma felt suddenly every inadequacy. Was she good enough for Regina?

Her expression must have given her thoughts away because Regina's throaty voice and gentle hands disrupted Emma's thoughts. "Stop second-guessing yourself, Miss Swan."

Renewed desire - yes, she did desire this woman - straightened Emma's spine. She turned to find Regina's brown eyes had grown even darker, pupils widening with the woman's own arousal. "You…" Emma shrugged.

"And you, my dear," Regina replied.

Then the brunette was pressed fully against Emma's front and they were exploring one another's mouths. Emma heard her groan joined by Regina's and she squeezed her arms tighter around the other woman. "Thank you," she murmured.

Regina removed the first of many pieces of clothing - Emma's tie - tugging it apart with her teeth as Emma shivered.

Emma found the clasp keeping the shoulder of Regina's gown closed. As it parted between her fingers, the dress fabric fell away from olive skin and Emma chased the shiver of desire that coursed through Regina's chest until she found a plump nipple between her lips.

Regina tugged Emma until they fell together onto the bed. Head clasped between Regina's palms, Emma lavished attention on dusky nipples and delighted in the pleased sounds coming from Regina's throat.

"Miss Swan," Regina throatily commanded as she writhed. "Emma," she begged. "Please."

Emma parted her lips from heated skin, rose up and shucked off her shirt and pants in a couple pulls. Quickly she rejoined Regina, sliding her palms across the plains of the woman's flesh, tugging stockings and underthings aside so she could gaze her fill of the beauty.

"You're so beautiful," she breathed, dipping her head to stroke her lips and nose in the hollow formed between the woman's clavicle and her throat then down the valley between breasts she gently palmed, teasing the nipples with her thumbs.

She couldn't keep away from the nipples for long and soon her wandering mouth found its way back to the turgid peaks. She adjusted so her weight rested on her elbows to either side of Regina's ribs, her hips cradled by Regina's pelvis. They rocked together slowly, almost lazily, until Regina locked her ankles around the backs of Emma's thighs.

They kissed as Regina rubbed herself against Emma's pubic bone. Emma caressed Regina's hair from her face, then kissed her languidly while her hand slid down between their bodies With care she swirled her thumb against intimate flesh until the brunette shuddered and, head falling back, eyes closing, mouth falling into an 'O', Regina cried out, "Em-ma!" with such passion

Emma closed her eyes, feeling tears trickling onto her cheeks. She kissed panting lips and indulged in the feeling of silken liquid on her fingers and the sound of her own name so lovingly spoken.

Fingers threaded through Emma's heavy tresses, finally coaxing her to open her eyes. Full lips and brown eyes smiled on her. "Em-ma," Her name sounded as if Regina thought it was a blessing. She was a blessing.

Emma swallowed and she slid to the sheets beside Regina, unwilling to break the hold of their gaze. Eyes darting over dark features holding a post-orgasm shine and heart filled to overflowing with so many emotions, Emma briefly captured lips before she could find her voice again. "Hi." With her thumb she lazily traced a delicate cheekbone. "I love you, Regina Mills."

Regina's fingers moved to the back of Emma's neck, massaging lightly. "And I love you, Emma Swan."