#2: Poster

"Rachel," Chad said slowly, staring at a section of the wall.

"Yes?" The blonde girl asked, looking at him with wide, innocent eyes, the corner of her lips threatening to break into a smile.

"Why the heck is there a poster of some emo with hair that looks like a duck's butt and some orange wearing weirdo with whiskers kissing on my wall?" He deadpanned.

"Uh...to decorate?" She suggested. "And Naruto is not a weirdo! Though I totally agree on Sasuke being emo, I mean, seriously? He dedicates his life to killing his brother because-"

"Um, Rachel?"

"-murder's his entire family(a family that never actually acknowledged him, mind you!) and gets a hickey from this snake pedophile-"


"-freaking stabs a whole into his best friend's chest because of that stupid hickey-"


"-and runs away with the snake pedophile that gave him the hickey in the first place." She finished.

Noticing his look, she blinked at him, bewildered. "What? Why're you staring at me? Is it something I said?"

Chad groaned, facepalming.