Formally called 'Water's Solace'. Rewritten, altered chapters, added new ones etc. Told through the eyes of Rahab – his evolution, his conquest of the Drowned Abbey, the fall of humanity, the execution of the oldest of the Brethren, and of course, his loss.

More chapters coming soon ;)

Rahab, Kain, Raziel, Turel, Dumah, Zephon & Melchiah etc. © Eidos Interactive & Crystal Dynamics

By Taransay



Water. It can nourish, and it can destroy. It can give life to mortals, and yet it can take it from vampires. See the equilibrium that water can be? Do not let it fool you, for it is most beautiful. Upon the currents of such, gentle light may play, so alluring... and yet... it can bind you fast, it can drag you in... And it can introduce you to us.

Water – yes, the pure beauty, the whole essence of purity. In honesty it has captivated me since the beginning. Nevertheless, it also trapped me in the cruellest of ways. It betrayed me. I became a prisoner of the element I once admired. Worse, I became a prisoner of my own body.

I am no longer the creature I was. Nor am I the figure that once stood tall and proud with my brothers in utmost dignity, knowing that I would serve Lord Kain no matter what.

But that figure I was once... I am no more. Instead my own body has gone against me, warping itself to further its own means.

It was I who beheld the greatest feat known to vampiric kind. Afterwards, it was my children and I who suffered.

I remember when it was the change occurred. It stains my mind of how it was, and how it was going to be. I was at my weakest and my most vulnerable point, the worst I have ever been. And I was in too much pain to be embarrassed of my defencelessness; too busy trying to figure out what was happening to me and why it was all so suddenly I was finding it hard to breath. It seemed that slowly, yet surely, I was being suffocated – unable to breath the air around me. I was drowning.

Throughout the darkness I could hear the winds blowing up and down the stone corridors, howling like some misplaced spectre. Howling like some lone wolf separated from its pack, separated from those it needed to be with, much like myself.

The floor underneath me remained to be cold, and I had shuddered because of it, the contrast of that stone floor compared to that of my skin – hot and moist due to a fever I had acquired days earlier. Strange indeed for creatures such as us, suffering from such illnesses. Yet this was not an illness. This was change...

Above me Turel stood, a statue composed patiently as he looked down upon his younger sibling. His shadow loomed over me, but it remained to be the gentlest shade. I wondered what he thought, whether there was any annoyance within him in seeing me act so weak and pitiful. For here was I, looking up at him in a pleading manner, like some weak child, lying limply and sprawled upon the floor. Muscles weak, and skin hot, unable to move much due to feebleness, and words broken with frailty.

Behind me was the waters edge. The sound of the water trickling and flowing filled my ears with the most beautiful chorus. I wanted to be apart of it. Truly I did. But to vampires water is like acid, and I feared its touch, its embrace, and its kiss upon my skin.

The sound of the water highlighted my own thirst, and the unfathomable bloodlust that I felt, deeply. I had not fed for some days due to the change that was plaguing me. And I dreamt what that element, water, might feel like against my skin, imagining its cool and silky touch running close to me as I dived through the many depths of a darkened blue where there were no boundaries and the depths were boundless.

From behind where I lay came the sound of the water breaking. It was the calmest of sounds as the translucent surface broke. I could sense the others, my own, stepping out of the water. Long before me they had taken to their element – children of water, and unafraid. Meanwhile, I lay on the cold stone floor, frightened to embrace what they had, and dying because of it.

"...Release me, brother..." My voice was raucous and weak, my body fragile having been neglected these past few nights. I was desperate, smothered in pain, and begging for a release that would sooth my own woe.

For many nights I had been here. When weakness had become too consuming I had come to the waters edge in hope of solace. All I found was torment. And then I had collapsed, exhaustion and fright fighting for a part of my soul. Would I dare take another step near such an element?

"Nay Rahab." Turel knelt next to me, lifting up the frail husk that my soul was encased within. This is what my body had become, a mere husk.

"Hush now, and worry not."

I became aware that Turel was walking towards the waters edge, and too suddenly I was tempted into foreboding. If I had but the strength I would have cried out, 'Turel, what are you doing!' But my vocals were frozen tight, and I was at the mercy of my elder sibling.

But oh, had I not just asked to be released? Perhaps this was what he intended, to allow me to die this way, surrounded in the element that all my kind feared and yet I so loved.

I wondered about Raziel, and what it was he had felt.

'Let it come swift then...' I thought.

Up the steps four of my children came, whilst four remained in the water. 'How marvellous they are,' I thought as I looked upon their grace. I was proud of them. Proud, and slightly jealous that they had adapted whilst I remained like this. And what about me? Was I to revel within her embrace like they did?

Silence. How did they feel to see their lord like this?

"Embrace what is yours to embrace." Gently Turel placed me into two of my children's arms, one that supported my upper torso and head, whilst the other took a hold of my legs.

"Become strong, fear not waters touch," I heard Turel say.

My children backed away from the Turelim Lord, and with a backwards pace they descended down the stone steps, taking me with them. My gaze never left Turel.

It was the last time that I ever stood on the ground...

But this is not how it should start. Like all stories there should, in theory, be a beginning. So allow us to start there...