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Chapter 3

Lloyd sat reading, while he was waiting for Raine, Genis, and Colette to come and visit. He had become accustomed to reading while he waited for the professor, because then he was able to catch up as far as he needed to so he knew all he needed to for the answers to her quiz… Maybe cramming wasn't the best idea, but he didn't often have the inspiration to actually study until the day of the test, especially since overly loud noises still bugged him sometimes.

Of course the classroom wasn't the best place to find quiet…Especially without the teacher around… He sighed and hid under Raine's desk, with his book, reading quickly, hence his flipping a page a minute. Finally the professor got there, and quieted the class, making all of them go back to their seats. She sighed in contentment, and dropped a piece of chalk under her desk, and onto Lloyd's head. He jumped, hitting his head, and scurried out with his book still in hand, and read it as he quickly walked back to his seat.

Thirty minutes later…

"Lloyd! Did you hear what I just said?"

"Yes professor. You said- 'the chosen's journey consists of going to the four seals around the continents and releasing them. Then the Chosen will go to the tower of salvation to become an angel, and finish the journey of regeneration, saving the land from dying, and making the desians vanish. Also concerning the tower of salvation, the large tower, said to reach the heavens, appears when the Chosen accepts the oracle, and opens when the seals are open. The seals that need to be released are the seals of Light, Wind, Water, and Fire.'"

"Word for word."

Lloyd went back to his book, splitting his attention between Raine, and the book. He'd found with his better memory he could multitask fairly easily, so his grades had shot up, past Genis, and into a whole new level. The silver haired genius had been a little jealous that Lloyd of all people would surpass him grade wise, but he got over it after about three years…

Colette was getting more mature… But she was still just as accident prone as before, heck not even Lloyd sprinting to save her was able to keep her from making a Colette shaped hole in the wall during spring cleaning… No; no amount of help could ever stop her from tripping even when nothing's there…

Raine was… Well Raine, only a little less chalk, and whiteboard eraser happy. And Genis, well he was still a genius.

A couple hours later the lunch/recess bell rang and Lloyd walked out lunch in one hand and his book still in the other. He slid down the wall next to Genis and Colette, and pulled out a quarter of a sandwich. He nibbled on the sandwich as he read through the rest of the chapter. Finally when he was done he put the book down, and he turned to his friends still taking small nibbles of the piece of sandwich.

"So Lloyd what are you reading, you've had your nose sitting in that book almost all day; even when you were riding Noishe." Genis said.

"Oh, just catching up, I've been reading a series of interesting books; they're different than anything I've ever read. There are seven, and they're about a different type of magic."

"Sounds interesting Lloyd," Colette chirped.

"It is."

They continued talking for a while, until the bell rang, at that point Lloyd grabbed his book, and he started to re-burry his nose into it eagerly, as he walked happily back to his seat, and put what was left of the sandwich in his lunch bag.

About half an hour later Raine was teaching them about Sylvarant's history, happily lecturing them all to sleep; but she was cut short as a light shone in the northwest, illuminating everyone, and everything within at least a ten mile radius, considering how far from the village the Martel Temple was.

There was a lot of murmuring from the children in the classroom, and Raine looked startled.

"Class, I want you to stay here, and study on your own until I come back. I'm going to go and investigate that light." She left and one of the kids jumped up.

"Telling us to study on our own is like saying school's out for the day!"

"Sit down." Lloyd said, nose still in his book.

"What are you going to do Lloyd tie me to my desk?"

"If I have to; I know where the professor's rope is… And trust me when I say, I know how to make it work so all of you stay…"

"Right…" The kid, a troublemaker named Marcus, said, sounding oh so much like he believed him. Lloyd slapped his book shut, and put it down calmly, then got into one of Raine's drawers, and pulled out a rope about thirty feet long.

"You asked for it…"

Ten minutes later all the kids in the classroom, aside from Genis, Lloyd, and Colette were tied together with the rope, and books in their hands –the only parts of them Lloyd didn't tie up.

"Genis, Colette, let's go. They'll be good until someone, probably the professor, finds them."

"Where are we going?" Colette asked.

"Lloyd! No! My sister'll kill us!"

"Correction Genis, first of all she'll spank you pretty badly, and I'll get a nice kick… Something I'll endure, only because you'll have to deal with it too. And this is only, if she meets us in there, and if I need to I'll try running away home with you." Lloyd reasoned. Genis sighed, and went towards the door. "Besides, this might be the oracle."

"I can't let you go… I want to go and see if it's the oracle as well… So even if neither of you go, I'm going." Colette said.

"Well, we defiantly have to go now, because we can't leave Colette on her own."

"Right, let's go."

Zelos felt the ripple of mana even in Tethe'alla; he bolted upright in his bed as the ripple from mana drawing to Sylvarant washed past him in multiple waves. It was only a mediocre amount of mana, just enough for the light of the oracle, but it still bugged him. He didn't know how he would fare in a declining world… Well, he would probably find out soon enough, wouldn't he…?

"So Lloyd… You're leaving on the journey soon huh? Well… According to dad and Uncle Yuan, you'll be here sometime in the next couple of years … Finally, I'll be able to keep an eye on you, and I won't have to worry about you so much…"

Lloyd, Colette and Genis walked to the edge of the village and Lloyd called for Noishe. They would ride Noishe to get there faster since the temple was about 9-10 miles away, and under any other circumstances would take them as a group about half a day to walk/run that far.

When they got there about ten minutes later with Lloyd just deciding to glide most of the way, and Noishe running, they found one of the priests collapsed outside of the temple on the steps.

Colette ran up to him and kneeled down to see how bad his wounds were.

"Ch-chosen… I'm glad… You're safe… D-desians attacked th-the temple… And…"

She grabbed one of his hands, "Where is grandmother?"

"She's back… in the temple…"

"Please don't speak, you'll be all right… I-"

"Thank you chosen, but it's too late for me… Flee, or the desians will… find you…" He said those words, and the hand Colette had grabbed went limp. She cried for a minute while Lloyd and Genis stood back both with depressing airs around them. Genis was crying and Lloyd's eyes were watering. Colette after a minute stood up and started up the stairs. Lloyd followed silently, and Genis hesitated for a minute before following them.

What they found at the entrance was chaos. There were probably a little over twenty desians; Phidra was standing in the doorway trying to keep them from entering the temple. But when her eyes landed on Colette she took immediate action.

"Colette- run!"

One of the desians looked at the blond girl, and pointed. "Get her!"

A sword went straight for Colette slashing sideways, but Lloyd was quick and there was a ring of metal on metal as Genis stepped back and began to cast. Colette unclipped her chakrams from the holsters on her back, and attacked the desian that Lloyd was holding off with his sword.

Lloyd and the desian were caught by surprise as the sharp edge made its mark, the chakram she had thrown returned to her, and she caught it with ease barely tripping over her own feet as she went to protect Genis who was casting like crazy, at the very top of the stairs away from most of the battle but noticeable.

Lloyd meanwhile was working on a 5 on 1 battle, of course he was the one, but he didn't exactly have a disadvantage; see he'd grown significantly in strength over the years, both his drive to protect Colette and the crystal he wore making him stronger both mentally and physically; not only that but for the most part he'd gain maturity, and respect… Though the younger kids didn't seem to respect him at all… He parried and swept his leg to the back of the knees of one of the men attacking him.

He fell with a hard thud and Lloyd mentally smirked, He ducked, then jumped, and flipped in midair getting out of the circle; then took advantage of their momentary confusion and sent a kick to one knocking over the man, and two of his comrades. The men grunted trying to re-orient themselves as the last two looked uncertain whether or not they should continue this battle…

They finally looked at each other and grabbed the fallen men before retreating to their leader. Lloyd was suspicious when they didn't move out, and his suspicions were not without reason as a giant man came onto the battlefield. Now the desians seemed much more willing to finish battling.

Lloyd, seeing no way of retreat, put his blades up in his specialized form, one foot forward the other back and both blades raised, the left blade diagonal, and the other up around the height of his ear but in about a foot away from there.

He hardly used this stance in actual battle because it left him vulnerable from his balance being shaken too badly, but if he could get rid of this guy, or at least distract him… Well it would be worth it to get Colette and Genis to safety.

The big man swung his ball on its chain aiming directly for Lloyd's feet; he got just out of range by balancing on his back foot, and going back down on two feet. He had hardly broken a sweat so far, which was a good thing. The man charged him, swinging down with his hammer; Lloyd jumped just out of range again, and grinned cheekily.

"You can't get me neener, neener, neener!" he taunted.

His comments of course enraged the man - as he swung again Lloyd was ready and pretty much danced around him; pulling off a spin that slashed the guys back. But what he hadn't been expecting was for the chain ball to crash into his right ankle… Hard enough he heard a crack.

Botta watched worriedly, he knew that Yuan wouldn't be very happy if Lloyd were too badly injured… He could just see the fireballs filling the base…

Kratos watched waiting to see when he needed to jump in… If ever. Honestly his son seemed to be doing just fine on his own… Of course when he broke his ankle Kratos knew it, he heard the crack. And though Lloyd couldn't feel it he couldn't walk on it.

Kratos went for the attack, not the kill, but the downing. He seethed with anger at Lloyd being hurt but withheld the impulse to try and heal his ankle and do anything to show it.

He promptly took care of the giant man, and checked on Genis and Colette. Then he finally stopped suppressing that urge as the renegades retreated, and he had room to check on Lloyd. He kept his face neutral, annoyed even. Anything not to give away what he was really feeling, joy, fear, anxiety, anger, and sadness, to name a few.

He was known in the village as a mercenary, and often was known for doing work for Dirk. And since Lloyd was going on the journey they'd asked Dirk who he might suggest for another escort. The Dwarf had of course known the plan, and quickly chosen to hire Kratos. When he told the plan to the auburn haired man he'd been quite happy, and found it worked great because Yggdrasil had wanted him to go on the journey and protect the chosen. Of course this would all coordinate with Yuan's plans and finally when this was over there were two options for an end result. The worlds would die, or become one. He brought his mind back to examining Lloyd's ankle.

"I think it's broken… I can heal it mostly, enough to walk on with the aid of a wrap."

Lloyd looked happy at that and Kratos healed it most of the way with a couple first aids. Then he allowed Colette and Genis to wrap it while he talked to Phidra.

"Long time, no see Kratos," she said.

"I've been busy around the continent; I came here to check on things, and see if the oracle had come… When I saw the light I hurried here, and I'm glad I did…" The truth was that he'd been told when the oracle would be received. But she didn't need to know that, nor did she need to know the little part of his explanation that was tweaked a bit to hide his 'true allegiances.'

"I see. Well, I'm glad you did as well. Lloyd is quite the swordsman, has a high pain tolerance too… But if he's anything else, he's cocky; as I'm hopeful you already know, he will be accompanying you, Colette, and Miss Sage on the journey."

"I am aware. And I'm also sure he'll prove to be very valuable and mature along the way."

"Yes… Though I do ask one thing," Phidra said, turning to him, and guiding him a bit into the temple. "Please, protect him… Make sure he makes it back home, our village is already going to lose a bright young soul to this journey, I ask that you do your best to protect him if the need arises. Please."

"Of course," Kratos said. Well that was one thing dealt with, he could be as protective as he needed in the face of Lloyd's possible death and have a reason other than 'because I'm your father' to justify it.

A minute later Colette and Genis were following Lloyd, whom they weren't so sure should be walking at for the time being.

"Lloyd if anything you should call Noishe and go home; you seriously shouldn't be walking!" Genis said. Lloyd, of course, paid no heed to his words, and continued on towards the entrance of the temple. "Lloyd!"

"Genis can you please keep your voice down just a couple hundred decibels?"

Genis quieted down, his mouth moving like a fish's, "I- uh- um…Eh heh… Sorry…" He said, half whispering half talking.

"Though he is correct Lloyd, you should go back home; I don't think Dirk would approve of you going in here with an injured ankle."

"You too Kratos!? Oh come on, is anyone on my side?"

"I wouldn't mind Lloyd coming, so long as he is careful and doesn't get into any of the battles… Or tries not to at least," Colette said.

Kratos looked about to object, but Phaidra spoke up sooner.

"Lloyd can choose, though, I will not agree with Colette in the matter of staying out of battles and being careful enough. I would suggest hovering to keep off of it entirely… There was a dispersion of Mana in the area when the light of the oracle shone."

"Fine, I can do that. And I can still fight if necessary," Lloyd agreed, his wings appearing behind him. Kratos was slightly amazed at how well Lloyd was hovering; even with the mana from Tethe'alla there was still a miniscule amount of Mana in the air, therefore it shouldn't be possible for Lloyd to be flying this well. But somehow Kratos just mentally shook his head and accepted it. According to Dirk he'd always been prone to doing the impossible…

You truly are the best candidate to save our worlds aren't you Lloyd…

"Hey Kratos come on!" Lloyd called from about ten feet into the temple. Kratos sighed and complied with his wishes, following them deeper into the temple. (You're. So. Lucky. I could have – Should have- ended it here, but I didn't because when I asked my sis… Well let's just say she tried to write this dungeon before and it took her over a year to complete…)

(Hey! I had school and other stories I was working on, too! And limited access to the game on top of that! And it's definitely gotta be among the most boring dungeons I've ever played!)

They started with the middle path, the door being blocked by a barrier of Mana. They turned around and went to the left only to find a dead end. Next they tried the last path, which was where they found a few monsters and the stairs down to the lower part of the temple. They defeated the monsters, and went down the stairs, Lloyd floating a bit uncertainly for a moment at the top before following them slowly as he attempted to maneuver his head out of the way of the stone coming to meet it on the way. No such luck as his head bumped it, but he was ok overall, being slightly dazed but ok.

"Oh, what is that rock thingy?"

"That would be a stone golem." Lloyd said, noticeably bored… Lloyd and bored were not two words that should ever enter the same sentence… Again… See the last time he was bored; well, the village was bombarded with water balloons first thing in the morning. Later when Raine started to reprimand him, and finally asked why he did it, he simply gave a five word answer… "I was bored last night…"

Soon enough they could see just how bored as Lloyd pulled out a book on wind magic, and soon enough the golem was a block. Which Kratos, knowing the puzzle, quickly used to 'figure out the solution'.

He helped Colette push the block through the hole, and they just let Lloyd stay bored as he took out golem after golem, finally running out of old spells, and thinking up slight variations, and sometimes manipulating the wind strikes to make patterns.

Genis was amazed and started. "Hey Lloyd can you teach me how to do some of that?"

"Oh, sure; later though, maybe this evening before dinner, then you can have some dinner before heading for home,"

"Ok, cool!" Genis said happily.

Finally the last hole was filled, and they went down to the ground, all the holes were filled perfectly, and they went to the middle stairway, grabbing a ring. Colette put it on and when she thought it, fired a blast of mana.

Kratos stood behind them calmly. "With this we should be able to break the mana barrier."

"Great!" Colette chirped, trying to skip away to the stairs back, but tripping and landing ungracefully on her face. She stood up and dusted herself off; meeping when Lloyd was hovering around her to makes sure she didn't break any bones. Of course by now she never did, she just got a little dusty.

A few minutes later…

"Lloyd, I'm fine; I swear, so please stop worrying about me."

"But Colette… You should know by now, I always worry about you."

"Oh! Here's the door!"

She sent a burst of mana at it and the lock dispersed allowing them all entrance. They walked and hovered into the large room slowly. Suddenly there was a sound and an angel appeared.

He floated in front of them. "Colette, chosen of regeneration, you have done well, the journey of Regeneration now begins and so I bestow the Tower of Regeneration upon this land." He said leading their gaze to the white tower of stone, a light also flowed around Colette's neck, and there was a small burst of sparkles as an exphere on a golden mount appeared there. "Now you begin, go. The first seal is to the south east, in the desert."

"Uhm… Wait, please wait; is it true? Are you really my… My father?"

"Go, I wish you luck my dear daughter, Colette."

"Did you hear that; it's true! My father really is an angel!"

Five minutes later…

Colette was still beaming when they met Phidra… Of course everyone else went to the village while Lloyd and Genis stayed back so they could talk over plans for a few minutes before heading to Lloyd's house… Of course they were stopped by a scarily familiar voice…

"MARVLOUS! WONDERF-" Raine stopped her crazy ranting when she saw her little brother and her student… Two that should still be in class studying… Her eye twitched. But before she could do anything Lloyd had grabbed Genis and floated to the ceiling.

"Professor before you start to reprimand us I have an explanation; a good one!"

"And what would that be?"

"WellyouseeColettewantedtofindoutwhatwasgoingonsoGenisandIcouldn'tleavehertogobyherselfsowehadtogowithhersoItieduptheclassandwewent." He said super high speed.

"Slower Lloyd…"

"Well you see… Colette wanted to find out what was going on, so Genis and I couldn't leave her to go by herself, so we had to go with her, so I tied up the class, and we went."

"Fine, I won't punish you… Much… Lloyd you have a five page essay to write tonight on the Karlan War, and extra homework to do during the time of the journey, Genis five spankings."

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