AN: Hi again, guys... Sorry, no updates here. I've got a pile of revision three-feet-tall that needs to be done (or at least started) by next Wednesday and then I've got a fortnight until my exams starts (*insert crazy panicking screaming here*).

But, I do have news. I had a bit of a brainwave in bed the other day when I accidentally on purpose read the spoilers for what's happened in AoS in the two episodes that have yet to be aired in the UK. I decided that I simply was not happy with what happened because MY POOR BABIES WHY MUST YOU PUT ME THROUGH THIS HEARTBREAK AND WARD I WILL GET BACK TO YOU LATER YOU LITTLE-

Yeah, not the point. So basically, it made me realise that this fic isn't going where I want it to go and I had an idea that was so much better. So, I will be REMOVING THIS STORY FROM FANFICTION. - DON'T SHOUT AT ME.

I WILL (look, it's bolded and underlined, so it must be true) be rewriting and reposting this story with lots of added bits and it'll be reasonably quite different and it will lead on to the next one which will lead onto the one after that and then who knows what'll happen THIS SERIES HAS A FUTURE, PEOPLE, I'VE NEVER WRITTEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE.

I know exactly where I want this to go; the only issue there is now is actually writing it, which might take a while. What I shall say is that I will make sure I know exactly who is following or favouriting this story and I will alert each and every one of you when I publish the improved version. I have realised that this fic isn't doing as well as What's the Point? did which is understandable because I did that one in ten days and published a chapter a day and it was crazy. This one has gone dramatically different and I don't like where it went so I'm taking it down and I'm writing it all so that I like it and THEN I'll post it so that you lovely people get quicker, better-quality chapters.

Wow, this got long. I hope you guys don't hate me for taking this down (if you DO, let me know in a review or PM and maybe I could write you a one-shot or something to make up for it, idek) and it'll be officially removed from fanfiction on Sunday. In the meantime, I'll start to post my '100 Drabbles for 100 Followers' on SUNDAY 20TH APRIL and I'll post one every Sunday and every Wednesday for the foreseeable future yaaaayyy.

Thank you so much for taking an interest in this story and I hope to have it back up on as soon as humanely possible for a little writer like me doing her stupid GCSEs. TTFN everyone and I'll make sure to let you know when this fic is written :) -BananaLollypop