Hi, this is my first attempt for a Harry Potter / Naruto x-over. The story will be separated in books, the first one is concentrated on Harry's first year at Hogwarts. In the beginning there will be elements of Naruto, but the story will take place in the HP world. Later on that might change. this story will contain bashing, mainly Dumbledore, Ministry and some others. So if you don't like stories like that, you probably won't like this one.

As always I don't own anything of Harry Potter or Naruto, I only have this new idea to my name.

I hope you like the story. Happy reading.

Book One: Ninja Hidden Among Wizards

Parents' Precautions

James and Lily Potter were said to be two of the brightest students to ever come out of Hogwarts. It was certainly true. Lily had been top of all her classes since her first year with especially great talent for Potions and Charms. James was a prodigy in Transfiguration which was only proven through his achievement of becoming an animagus at fifteen. Both were highly respected by their peers, well those not working for Lord Voldemort. They hated them, especially Lily, because they continually thwarted their plans and proved to be hard to kill. And that while James was declared a blood traitor by them and Lily was nothing more than an uppity mudblood.

Three times they even escaped the Dark Lord himself after a massive battle. So who would believe that these two exceptionally smart and powerful people wouldn't make absolutely sure that not only would their beloved son survive the war, but also that in case they both died for some reason, he wouldn't be used by others? Well, a manipulative old man thought he could control the boy and use him for his benefit. There was after all a prophecy that seemed to completely fit the boy. So the old manipulative man decided that to give the child the right mind-set he would let the sister of Lily, a spiteful and jealous person, raise the small baby after his parents had been murdered by Voldemort.

He didn't care that the parents had chosen others to take care of their son in case they died. No responsible parents would have not done it with a war waging in their society that had already cost many of their friends and families their lives. But this man had a lot of political power and he thought he could get away with anything. Well, most of the time he really could, because the people had developed a sheep mentality and followed the shepherd without doubt, even if they should have known better in many cases.

Just what the old man didn't know, because neither Lily nor James had ever mentioned it, was the secret heritage of the Potters and the Evans. Fifty years ago two people had found themselves in England with no clue how to return to their homeland. Both didn't know of the respective other and over time integrated into the society they were stranded in. Vivi Uchiha had landed in Godric's Hollow and worked there as a trainer for martial arts for children. As she also knew how to use a sword, it was common among her clan that the members learned to use a weapon of their choice, she was really popular as a teacher. Vivi soon gained the attention of Charlus Potter, the heir to the Potter family. They fell in love and married two years later. To protect Vivi and their future children they never told anybody where Vivi was from, just that she was a pureblood witch from abroad.

Emiko Uzumaki had landed in Kent and found a job as a nurse. As a few years after her arrival a war broke out, the Second World War in fact, nobody questioned her origin. She used the medical techniques that she had learned in Uzushio to help as many as she could and soon gained a reputation as a great doctor. She joined the medical unit of the British Army and met her future husband Francis Evans there. They married in 1940 and had a son a year later. They sent their son to grow up with his grandparents as it was too dangerous for a child at the front. Emiko only took off a few months from duty because she couldn't bear the thought of people dying when she could prevent it.

Now these two powerful ninja lines normally wouldn't have ever had common descendants. The Uchiha had the infamous sharingan that some members of the clan could awaken and which was seen as one of the most powerful eye-based bloodline limits in the elemental nations. The Uzumakis meanwhile possessed unparalleled knowledge of sealing, special chakra and longevity. Now because James Potter, the son of Vivi, and Lily Evans, the granddaughter of Emiko, fell in love and had Harry Potter the two powerful bloodlines were combined. While Albus Dumbledore, the manipulative old man that was previously mentioned, thought that young Harry had a special magical power that would help him defeat Voldemort, the truth was another. But it wouldn't be revealed for a lot of years to come and for the manipulator and the terrorist that was Voldemort it would be far too late to prevent that the abilities that Harry Potter had been born with would bring them both down.

Harry Potter hated living with his relatives. They were mean, lied about him all the time and tried to bully him into submission. Now he was seven years old and he shouldn't know any big words like submission but he was a really smart boy. Not that he could show that at school. No, the Dursleys had forbidden him to show up Dudley with his 'freakishness'. Yeah, as if a small boy that was abused was more freakish than a fat boy that was on the best way to get diabetes, heart problems and die a premature death because his parents couldn't see the faults that their son had. In fact Harry had realised that his relatives would never love him when he had been four. A sad thing really that such a young child came to that conclusion. But in turn he also decided, after listening to a TV show from his cupboard that spoke of children learning most when they were really young, that he wouldn't try to make them love him anymore.

He had heard an adult at the supermarket, where he had had to help Aunt Petunia do the weekly monster shopping, say that if his son didn't shape up and perform better at school he wouldn't get a good job. Harry knew from listening to Uncle Vernon rant to Aunt Petunia that those that lazed around never had money and would never be worth recognising. As Harry knew from watching that the money that Uncle Vernon earned as a sales director for Grunnings was the reason all adults believed the Dursleys, even if everything else pointed to something else, he decided that he needed to get a good job. It just wasn't worth being beaten up over it. So he didn't show his intelligence in class, even if he could easily be the best student at school.

Instead he watched and learned. He did his homework to never get in trouble with his teacher, he answered all questions he was asked in class correctly and politely and generally made sure to not stand out. The teachers thought he was simply shy and that his aunt exaggerated his causing trouble. Dudley meanwhile was known to be a troublemaker after he had tried to blame Harry for breaking a window at the school but Harry had been in the library at the time and the librarian had vouched for him not being able to break the window. Other incidents followed and as much as Petunia Dursley tried to pretend that Harry was the reason for everything bad the teachers knew that it wasn't that way because they had kept an eye on Harry.

There had been complaints about the Dursleys to some authorities but for some reason everything was hushed up and the principal forbid them to accuse the Dursleys who were upstanding citizens unjustly. He was an old friend of Vernon Dursley. But even he couldn't pretend that Harry was a troublemaker when the boy always spent his breaks in the library or helping the caretaker to feed the school rabbits.

Now today Dudley had been bored again and had decided that 'Harry Hunting, would be a good way to pass time. Just this time Harry wasn't easy to hit. It was as if Harry always knew where Dudley would hit next. His gang also never managed to grab Harry because he side-stepped or tripped them whenever they tried. Harry didn't know it but his eyes were close to awakening the fabled sharingan. When Dudley threw his last punch, breathing hard, Harry caught the punch, glaring at Dudley with blood-red eyes with one tomoe in each of them.

"Listen and listen well, Dudley. I won't be your punching bag anymore. If you ever come after me again you will regret it." Harry growled, being seriously pissed off with his cousin who made his life miserable.

"Y-You can't," Dudley stuttered. "M-Mum and D-Dad won't a-allow it."

"Who said I cared for them? Did you know that there are lots of nice poisonous snakes living in the small forest a kilometre west of Privet Drive? And did you know that I can talk to them? If you don't stop your attacks and blab to your parents I might smuggle some into your bed and let them bite you. I might get beaten if you blab once but after that you can be sure I won't hesitate to retaliate. So for your own safety I'd advise you to stay the hell away from me," Harry said before letting go of Dudley's hand and walking away.

That night Harry was woken up by a sudden thud in the corridor outside of his cupboard. He wondered what was going on. Dudley had indeed kept his mouth shut, too scared that Harry could make his threat true. And Dudley was afraid of snakes, Harry knew. He carefully opened the door and looked around. He was surprised that none of the Dursleys had woken up. He looked at the crate that had suddenly appeared in the corridor. He took out a flashlight he had nicked when he cleaned out Dudley's room because Aunt Petunia never made the stupid bully do any chores himself. On the top of the crate was a note. He lit the flashlight and saw that the note had his name on it. Carefully Harry took it and once his hand touched it writing began to appear to his surprise.

Once the writing was finished he looked at the letter which he now held.

My beloved Harry,

this is your Dad writing. First, congratulations on awakening your sharingan. That's awesome. I'm writing this letter while watching you play with your godfather who lets you ride on his back in his animagus form. Your Mum and I have some important things to tell you that you need to know before you start at Hogwarts. So this crate with the letter will be triggered to appear close to you when you either awaken one of your bloodline limits or turn eleven. This letter means it was the former which I'm immensely proud of. The sharingan is an eye-based ability that turns your eyes red when you activate them with your chakra or your magic. I would guess it happens through a bout of accidental magic as that is how my eyes awakened.

I don't know where you are right now, but if our wishes were followed you are with Padfoot, your godfather, and know at least about some of what I'm talking. If not it is even more important that you learn everything from the things we placed in the crate. I'm really sorry that your Mum and I can't be with you. If you read this then we died in the war against Voldemort, who is one of the most evil wizards to ever walk the earth. We fought him to prevent him from destroying everything we held dear. If he wins this war he will murder people like your mum just for who she was born, meaning not having magical parents.

Harry's eyes widened. What his relatives called freakishness was magic? And his parents had been murdered? Damn the Dursleys couldn't even be truthful how his parents had died. He read on.

Now both Lily and I have some rather unique ancestors that are even stranger than being a witch or wizard. The sharingan that I mentioned is the bloodline limit of the Uchiha clan of Konoha, a village that had just been founded when my mother Vivi was transported to England. From Lily you get other special abilities like stronger chakra / magic and a natural understanding for sealing and Ancient Runes. Lily insists it also helps learning new languages easier so you should use that. Lily's grandmother Emiko was from the Uzumaki clan of Uzushio, another village in the Elemental nations. It's also where she gets her red hair from. You though got my raven hair which I will tell you right now will never look tamed. It's simply impossible to tame Potter hair. Even if you grow it out you will still keep some messiness to it.

Inside the crate your Mum and I put lots of books on topics we think will help you develop your abilities and all the knowledge we know you will need on our families' history before starting to learn control of your magic. There also will be a portkey so that you can get away if some stupid arsehole placed you with Lily's sister Petunia Dursley. We stated explicitly that you were to never go to her. She hates magic, because she is jealous that Lily has it and she doesn't. If she got her head out of her arse she would realise that she still could have learned ninja arts from her grandmother but she was too lazy to work on them. She only insulted Lily for being a freak. If you aren't with her, never go there.

The portkey is a transportation device (in this case a necklace with a blue lily pendent) that will take you to a secret safe house that Lily and I set up for your use. It's warded with the sealing abilities of the Uzumaki clan so not even Voldemort or Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, will be able to find you or enter against your wishes. You will get an invitation to Hogwarts when you turn eleven like all witches and wizards in England. We want you to be happy, but also to be safe and therefore you need to study the things in the books we left for you. More things are stored in the secret Potter family vault that only the Potters and the goblins know about and all goblins are sworn to secrecy. In fact all ancient magical families have such vaults next to the main family vaults but to get to them you need to be of the blood of the family and have been told about them.

At the house one of the Potter house elves will look after you. In case you are with Sirius he will have returned to Potter manor already. His magic will know where you are. Your Mum and I love you more than anything in the world and we don't want you to be taken advantage off or die because you weren't strong enough. There is some kind of prophecy that concerns you or Neville Longbottom, the son of good friends of us, and Voldemort. Dumbledore keeps the wording to himself but he warned us that Voldemort would come after us and we should go into hiding to protect you. Don't trust him blindly. While I don't think that he is an evil man, he clearly has his own plans and those are not necessarily to your best.

Please learn all you can, Harry, I want you to be happy but that happiness can only truly be yours if you are strong enough to prevent others from hurting you or the ones you love.


James Charlus Potter (Dad)

Harry cried openly over the letter. Here he had the proof that his dad had truly loved him. He had been loved and his dad hadn't been an unemployed drunk like his aunt and uncle had always pretended. He was a wizard and had a special heritage. Harry was determined to make his parents proud of him. He opened the crate after a few minutes and wiping the tears away with his sleeve. He saw that there were lots of books inside the crate and another letter written in a different handwriting to his Dad's. He decided to read it as soon as he was away from Privet Drive. He looked for the necklace the letter from his dad had mentioned. He found it after a minute in a small box and held it reverently. This would be his ticket to freedom. He looked at the note which only held two sentences of instruction. He was to hold onto the crate and the password to activate the portkey was 'Wizard of Oz'. Harry snorted at the password. Yes, he would definitely leave for home.

So once Harry had taken everything he thought he would need and what was his, as little as that was, he held onto the crate and spoke the password. Harry Potter wouldn't be found for the next four years by anybody no matter how hard Albus Dumbledore would search for him.

How did you like this for the introduction into the story? I don't know yet which updating schedule I can keep with this story, but it should be at least once a month. Till next time.