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This is an idea that came to me last December, after Christmas, so I had to wait almost a year to write it. Alas, here it is.

Warnings: There is a fight scene in here. Also this is XigDem. Fluffy Xiggy might be a little out of character.

I also decided to give Luxord some actual screen/story time here. Since he was barely mentioned twice in my Broken series and so far has a total of three lines in my Organization Chibis series, he actually has a part in this story. I don't know how to write his character, so hopefully it's not too OOC.

This story is not affiliated with the Broken series, as it is much, much more lighthearted. This story is pure fluff/ real life esque.

Two nobodies occupied the Gray Area. The older of the two held a book, lazily scanning the well written sentences. Every few seconds he would glance up to find his surroundings the same as before. The younger man stood with perfect posture against a grand window that allowed for a good view at Kingdom Hearts. He wore his trademark scowl with his arms crossed; no one dared to approach him unless required.

Both sets of eyes glanced up at that familiar sound followed by the appearance of black mist forming into two separate portals. The thirty-something blond stepped through the first one. Two seconds later he was accompanied by a younger nobody with his dirty blond hair formed into a mullet-mohawk. The first walked with crossed arms and the second followed closely behind with his head down.

The oldest nobody placed the book in his lap to take a closer glimpse at the youngest in the room.

The two approached the tall man waiting for them by the window. The majestic nobody stood and flipped his waist-length, blue hair behind his shoulder. One look into that man's cold eyes made even the bravest of nobodies shiver.

His gold eyes narrowed as he stared into the blue ones belonging to the tenth member. Luxord mirrored the scowl and the two remained silent for a few moments. Saix always tested his subordinates to see if any of them dared to speak to him before receiving permission. Thus far the only one bold enough to push his luck was Axel.

The blue-haired nobody said in a calm voice, "I assume the mission went well."

Luxord nodded followed by a grin. "I do believe the Superior will be pleased with our success."

Saix nodded then stated, "I expect a full report…" his gaze fell on Demyx, "from the both of you."

Luxord elbowed Demyx in the side. The Nocturne gasped and looked up to see Saix's scowl on him. He shrunk back and gave a nervous nod.

Saix turned his back on his two inferiors. "That will be all for tonight." With those words he disappeared into a dark portal of his own, most likely heading for Xemnas' office.

Luxord turned towards his recent mission partner. "I must say I'm impressed with your fighting technique. You're not the pushover you pretend to be." He patted the younger man on the shoulder. "I hope to work with you again sometime."

Demyx feigned a smile and thanked the gambler for his compliment. Oblivious to the good acting, Luxord took his leave for the plans he made with other members, leaving Demyx alone with the second member.

"Alright, Dem, what's up?" Xigbar asked once Luxord was out of earshot. "And don't even try to pull that with me, I know you too well," Xigbar stated when Demyx attempted a fake smile, ready to fill the older man's ears with lies.

Demyx stood directly in front of Xigbar. Two seconds later he leaned his forehead against the older man's broad shoulder. Xigbar grabbed his lover and pulled him close, taking a seat on the couch. Demyx moved his head to lean his cheek against Xigbar's chest, while the Freeshooter wrapped an arm around the smaller nobody's back.

Xigbar gently stroked Demyx's sensitive scalp. Demyx nuzzled closer to Xigbar and inhaled the scents of leather and licorice that he often associated with his beloved. Xigbar continued to play with Demyx's scalp, a move that always relaxed the younger enough to spill any secret.

"Come on, kid, tell me what's eating you," Xigbar said in a gentle tone.

"Xiggy, am I bad?" Demyx asked without making eye contact.

Xigbar sat silently for a few seconds. He cleared his throat then said, "Er...um...could you elaborate?" Demyx glanced up with that adorable pout that never failed to make Xigbar's non-existent heart melt. He gave his love a smile. "I don't understand what you're asking."

Demyx leaned his head against Xigbar's neck. "Me and Luxord finished our mission in Halloween Town today."

He recalled the incidents from earlier.

Claws aimed for his face. The dirty blond ducked in time then used his sitar to parry the attack. He spun around and called out the water clones to attack while the creature attempted to regain balance. The monster sizzled before evaporating into black mist.

The young nobody glanced over at his partner who finished with several smaller heartless. The older man hissed vulgarities at the creatures. He gripped his deck of cards tighter then nodded at the smaller man before both raised their eyes to the true reason for their visit.

The emblem heartless stood and danced about in a routine meant to intimidate the two. The smaller nobody brought his sitar close to his body while reminding himself that he had fought scarier ones in the past. He took a deep breath and on the other man's cue the two lunged at the heartless. The heartless' counterattack barely missed the two. Demyx glanced up in time to leap out of the path of a near fatal blow.

The creature turned its attention to the approaching razor object heading its way. It slashed at the card then advanced an attack upon the nobody. Luxord used his cards to barricade himself from the strike. Demyx used the distraction to summon a geyser to inflict damage upon the heartless. In an attempt to gain its bearings, the heartless clawed at a trapped card, causing an immediate detonation, taking the creature with it.

The two nobodies watched as the heartless vanished and its heart obtained for their leader.

Demyx began to cheer with pumped fists. He turned with a smile and his palm raised high. The older blond merely chuckled then high-fived his partner.

"Come, we've wasted enough time in this dreary place," Luxord said as he glanced around the gloomy atmosphere that was Halloween Town.

"What? This place is awesome," Demyx retorted. "They even have this one shop where you can..." The Nocturne trailed off when he noticed the Gambler walking away.

"Maybe some other time," he said. "You know the berserker is going to want us back as soon as possible."

Demyx nodded in surrender. "That's ol' Saix for you."

Just as the two were about to leave they heard several of the inhabitants begin to speak of Christmas Town. Demyx stopped in his tracks.

"Do you think Sandy Claws will bring snowfall again this year?" the mummy asked the corpse child.

"I hope so!" the little corpse cheered. "I had so much fun rolling in it last year."

The two children laughed as they turned the corner around the fountain. Demyx stood with his head tilted to the side as his brain processed what they said. He recalled a few months prior when he was sent to gather information on Heartless from the Mayor and Jack. For some reason Jack mentioned his previous encounter with Santa the past year. Jack noticed Demyx's interest then satisfied the Nocturne's curiosity with the quick explanation of there being portals to other holiday worlds in the forest. However, once again due to time, and a recent threat from Saix, he had no time for exploration. By the time he returned to the castle, Demyx had forgotten all about Christmas Town.

Once he stepped into the Castle that Never Was, Demyx suddenly remembered that Christmas was only a month away. That realization brought with it new concerns for the ninth member of the Organization.

"Christmas is in twenty days," Demyx mentioned to the Freeshooter.

"Yes, I am aware," Xigbar replied, unsure of where this conversation was heading.

"There really is a Santa Claus, 'cause those in Halloween Town met him." Xigbar nodded, giving the Nocturne permission to continue. With an increased pout, he asked, "Then how come he doesn't ever bring me any presents?" He sniffed. "I believe in him, and I haven't done anything bad…" Demyx moved from Xigbar's hold. "Have I?"

"Er…" Xigbar replied. He scratched his head while staring into the eyes of his lover.

"I've been in the Organization for three years, and not once has Santa brought me a present," Demyx added.

Xigbar chuckled. He nervously replied, "He probably doesn't know where this castle is." The Freeshooter wanted to kick himself the instant those words left him mouth. Nothing he could do would make the man in red put any member of their group on the nice list. Not to mention both Saix and Xemnas had mentioned that he wished Demyx would stop being so lazy and complete his reports correctly, and on time.

"Then I should write him a letter giving him directions to our castle!" Demyx cheered. "Oh, and a list of what I want!"

Sure Demyx was happy now, but when Christmas morning arrived and he stared at the vacant spot under the tree where his alleged presents should be, would no doubt bring the Nocturne to tears. Besides with their castle's security, there was no way Santa could enter, even if he felt Demyx was deserving of gifts. The other members, including the Superior, would get a good laugh out of the ninth member's pain when that blissful morning became one of heartbreak. They would never get another mission out of Demyx.

Xigbar smiled as he got an idea. Of course, that's it. "Yes, that's right." He slipped an arm around his boyfriend's shoulder. He placed the tip of his index finger upon Demyx's nose. "If you're a good boy from now until Christmas—that means you do all your missions without complaining, and complete your reports in a neat and timely manner, clean up after yourself, and don't give your superiors any grief…" Xigbar squinted his eye with that last line causing Demyx to laugh. "I promise Santa will bring you lots of presents."

"Really, Xiggy?!" Demyx exclaimed. He put his fists in front of his face and began jumping up and down. He threw his arms around Xigbar and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I have to write him right now! Don't worry, Xiggy, I can do all of that!"

Demyx fled from his room to begin his letter to Santa, forgetting entirely about the mission report due at the end of the day. All the while he sang Christmas carols in his head and imagined the gifts the man in red would leave for him under the tree.

Xigbar laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his neck. Once again he had shoved his foot into his mouth to make his beloved smile. The Freeshooter decided it was probably a good time to visit the Superior.

There you have chapter one. I hope you all enjoyed. :)