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It was just a normal day in the fuedel era, well normal for the inu gang at least. Kagome and Inuyasha were fighting again while Sango was hitting Miroku up side the headfor groping her again. Meanwhile Naraku was working on a plan to defeat Inuyasha once and for all along with his group but since Inuyasha seemed to be the strongest he figured he would work on defeating him first.

Naraku had figured out what made Inuyasha so powerful it was the tetsaiga, (AN/ sorry if i spelled that wrong) he had also figured out that the tetsaiga would only transform when the weilder was protecting someone, and of course only when inuyasha has his demonic aura to power the sword. So now he was working on a way to break up the group so our favorite hanyou would have no obe to protect. He had gone to an old sorcerer and stolen a book of spells and was now working on a spell that seemed it would do the trick. "ok all i have to do is say the incantation and then drop in the last part of the potion, easy enough" said the spider demon.

"INUYASHA SIT!" yelled the very angry miko. 'THUMP' "What was that for wench?!" asked a very angry and now dirt covered Inuyasha. "Dont call me wench! And that was for saying my aim is bad!" "Well it is!" "Arghhhhh SIT!". And with that the youg girl stopmed off back towards camp.

"My dear sango i only wanted to admire your beautiful assets." "Ya right monk!" said sango once again hitting him up side the head creating a very big bump. "Oh miss kagome you are back, but where is Inuyasha?" asked Miroku while rubbung his head. "Probally in a hole some where" commented Shippo. "that is not a very nice thing to just assume shippo" retorted sango. "no sango he is right Inuyasha is in a big hole somewhere because he said my aim is bad! can you beleive him i mean come on! i only have had the bow for a year i am not a miricle worker!" shouted the young miko. "well for having it that long i do have to say he is sort of right it could be a little bit more accurate". "what now you are taking HIS side! Im going home!" and once more Kagome stomped off for the second time that hour.

"Finally! it is done, now all i need is the last ingreedient to put in when i say the spell" said Naraku. "now then lets go pay a visit to Inuyasha".

"kukukukukuku" chuckled naraku when he found Inuyasha alone in the gods tree. 'lucky, now i dont have to seperate him from the group' though the evil half demon. "Who's there!" yelled Inuyasha jumping down from the tree. "kukukuku" "Naraku! you bastard come out here and fight me!". " As you wish" said naraku while coming out of hiding. Then from behind Kagura took a strand of Inuyasha hair while he was busy with her 'master'. "what the hell?" asked Inuyasha confused by her action. "ahhh there we go the last ingreedient" said naraku taking the silver strand and holding it out. "Ingreedient? for what?" demanded the dog eared boy. "for this " said naraku pulling out a container with a pink/re liquid in it, he then started to chant.

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