Ok so i feel really bad about my absence, my laptop decided to be stupid and stop working so i had to get it fixed. luckily now i have it back and i can write more of my story.

Inuysha and Sesshomaru have just got back to their castle

"finally we're home!" Inuyasha exclaims happily. She liked spending time with her mate but it was always nice to be home and see her feline friends (kietta and kayka).

"Yes it is nice to get back" Sesshomaru added, he was just worried about how much paperwork must have piled up since Inuyasha came to the castle. He had been neglecting his duties as the 'Lord Of The West'.

"welcome back" they both heard from a voice they wish wasnt there.

"Mother to what do we owe the pleaseure" Sesshomaru saud slipping back into his imotionless mask.

"Follow me you two i have some things i wish to discuss with you"

Now all three of them were heading to the sitting and Sesshomaru did not notice when Tsukiko ( i am not usre what his mothers name is i think its this though. if anyone know her actual name i will change it) smiled with an evil glint in her eyes.

"how about i send for some tea" she said. they both agreed with caution.

Sessh was sitting with Inu next to him while his mother tried to commense small talk with them. he just let inuyasha answer unless he really had to.

"what is taking so long with that tea!" tsukiko said angrily as she got up to go see. What Inuyasha and sess didnt know is that she has had a vile with a strange blue liquid in it hidden within the sleeve of her kimono.

Tsukiko caught the servant just as he was about to enter the room and took the tea from him. when she was sure that no one was around she slipped the vile into the two tea cups that matched while leaving it out of her own.

"Oh look the tea is finally here" she said with a fake smile dawning her lips. she handed them the two cups that mtached.

'perfect even with enhanced sense of smell they cant smell my potion soon the western lands will be mine!' she thought.

As soon as the tea passed each of thier lips inu and sess both passed out. Tsukiko made arrangments for a carraige to come around she claimed they had been tlkaing of taking another trip and had fallen asleep before it arrived. but once the two were settled inside no one noticed Kietta or Kayka slipping in as well. ah Uhn soon took off and flew in the same direction as the old slayer village.

When they were just outside the village the sun was setting and a blue glow emmitted from inside the carraige for a moment. Ah Uhn layed down and fell asleep as Kietta and Kayka had a while ago. The result of the blue glow would have to wait until morning.

(ok so thats it for thi chapter! i finaly have my laptop back and can put my plan for the story in motion. not including this chapter there are about 10ish chapters more some short chaps and some two part chapters. i might do a sequel to this story but i will have to wait to see if anyone wants me to. k bye!)