Turnabout Holidays

Day 1

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"Alright Athena, let's go, once more! Ready? MY NAME IS APOLLO JUSTICE AND I AM FINE!"

While shouting, the man then thrusted his finger forwards, pointing at the female attorney in front of him wearing a yellow jacket, prompting her to punch her fists together with a large grin.


The two then nodded, before gathering their thoughts together.

"And that concludes Chords of Steel training. We're ready for today!"

"Hope you two will do alright, you don't want to break those Chords during court."

From their left, the two glanced over to see their boss and mentor, in his proud suit and vest, with a content grin on his face.

"Mr. Wright! What are you doing here?"

"To watch the trial. What else could I be doing? One thing though, I'm sorry you two have to be working on a case today, it's December 22, a few days till Christmas!"

The two younger attorneys' faces fell immediately at the sound of it, Apollo already fatigued and sweating.

"Don't remind me, this means a Christmas alone after such a long time…"

Phoenix then immediately picked up on his employee's tone of voice. The trial of the Phantom was over, but Clay Terran, his best friend was Apollo's supporting leg, and the person he spent Christmas with the most. It didn't take him long to notice the downcast expression on Athena's face as well, as she's been with the agency for only a couple months. The older man then shook his head before bellowing another laugh.

"C'mon you two. Your client needs you don't they? Attorneys always have to force their biggest smiles. Don't worry about the holidays just yet. Bring home an acquittal and the truth. Now, one more time!"

Apollo then brightened up, arms crossed, nodding.

"Right! Cause we're fine!"

The female attorney then balled her fists together, a red like aura being produced around her.

"We're fine! Wait and see!"

The bailiff nearby then signaled the two to come to the courtroom, where they proceeded through with vigor. Phoenix was about to head to the gallery, but his eye caught a different person exiting the courtroom next to theirs.

"Well, of all the people today, I never thought I would see you here right now."

The man he was talking to turned around, where his burgundy suit and cravat stood out like a sore thumb in the lobby.

"Ah, Wright. Don't mind me, I was just leaving."

"I don't normally see you around the courthouse Edgeworth, other than for assessing the prosecutors."

Simply pushing his glasses up, Miles just smiled wryly.

"There are future preparations to be made considering the season. Normally such social events are not my cup of Earl Gray, but it is a tradition that the head prosecutor to hold a gala at the office, even for a little while. It's completely out of my purview not to hold one, though, I trust you also have other plans Wright?"

Phoenix just grinned again, chuckling under his breath.

"You certainly have been looser the last time we talked. But yeah, I don't want to disappoint Maya on Christmas, at Pearl's insistence of course."

The blue attorney then dug around his suit's pockets for a little bit, before pulling out a small package wrapped in a cravat.

"Since you won't see me on Christmas, I'd thought you might have something for the ride."

Edgeworth accepted the gift from him before giving one of his classic bows from his younger years.

"Please Wright, you've done more than enough for me, however…"

Reaching into a different part of his coat, he pulled out a different box that wrapped in a Steel Samurai movie poster.

"I just happen to have a spare poster that had worked as wrapping paper. I hope that isn't too much inconvenience. Think of it as a gift of gratitude from me to you."

Taking the box, he slipped it into his jacket.

"Thanks Edgeworth, Happy Holidays!"

The two then waved goodbye, walking in opposite directions, Phoenix climbing the stairs to the gallery.

December 22, 12:30 pm, Courtroom No.5

"And therefore…the one who committed the crime, was you!"

Apollo stuck his left finger out, pointing at the person on the stand. Phoenix however was only getting into the stands, looking for an available seat. By the time he sat down, he saw a thumbs up from Athena down below.

"And it was getting good too, looks like I'll have to settle for the climax." Phoenix mumbled to himself as he sat down. On the other hand, Apollo had his fists firm into the desk.

"No alibi, no justice, no dreams, no hope!"

The man on the witness stand then flinched, his hands shaky over the railing. Athena and Apollo's eyes then glinted, both of them with absolute confidence.

"It's time-"

"To pay for your crimes!"

They both then stuck out their index fingers, submitting a statue that was a bit on the bloody side, with the top of it broken.


The unnamed witness then started foaming at the mouth, slowly descending from the bench, fainting on the spot. The prosecutor, a man in a gray tuxedo flinched as well, where he had to push his glasses back up from the shock. The judge then cleared his throat.

"Given the circumstances, along with the heavy amount of evidence that draws away from the defendant to this witness, I declare her to be one hundred percent…"



December 22, 1:10 pm, Defendant Lobby No.5

The doors then re-opened, the two lawyers and the defendant exiting. Phoenix was arriving the moment their defendant had walked off.

"So, you guys did it, sorry I couldn't watch the whole thing."

Apollo just smiled, pushing his bangs back a little.

"Thanks Mr. Wright, it was actually kind of easy this time around."

Athena then smiled, showing her signature peace sign.

"Apollo did a really great job! He didn't have a single problem with my help!"

Phoenix then glanced over to where the defendant had gone.

"By the way, where did you client go?"

"I believe Anne Ode went to go find her sister, Kath Ode to thank her for hiring us."

Apollo then sighed, looking at his phone.

"It's past lunch, I'm pretty much hungry!"

Athena clapped her hands together, a grin spreading.

"Me too! This means-"

Phoenix quickly objected with only three words.

"I'm not buying."

The two were taken aback, Athena the most peeved.

"C'mon Mr. Wright! We did a good job, right?!"

Phoenix just chuckled before taking out a couple bills.

"Relax, I kid you two, take some of these. Consider it an early Christmas bonus for now. Remember, we'll be-"

As the two shakily accepted their bills, a familiar ringtone sang through the air. Phoenix then removed his phone from his pocket, picking it up as he excused himself from his company. Athena's eyes then glinted the moment they were alone.

"Race ya to Eldoon's!"

December 22, 1:45 pm, Eldoon's Noodle Stand:

"Enjoy your noodles!"

The two then gave their thanks to the familiar noodle vendor, before finding a nearby park bench to sit on while breaking up their chopsticks.

"Bon appetit!"

The girl then started eating, taking a large mouthful and savoring the noodles, despite the high sodium intake. Apollo took smaller bites, but found himself spacing out a bit as he stared for a brief moment at his partner. Athena caught his stare, raising an eyebrow.

"What? Something you like?"

Apollo then immediately averted his gaze away from her, before stammering a little.

"N-nothing! Nothing is wrong! I'm fine!"



The female attorney flinched a little, before sighing, taking his word for it, turning her attention back to her noodles. His voice didn't escape her memory, as her sense of hearing picked up the discord within him.

'Apollo isn't one to keep secrets like this…why is he? It wasn't like when he left the agency, so what is he trying to lie about?'

The rest of the day had the two wandering around the city, nothing especially spectacular happening in the streets. Apollo and Athena then stopped, where Athena had her eyes plastered on a purple bridal boutique display window, that contained a very vivid violet gown on a mannequin. Apollo noticed her staring at it intensely.

"Are you okay Athena?"

His subordinate then whipped around, flashing her signature peace sign.

"No sweat on my forehead! I'm fine! Really! I just think the dress is really really pretty!"

Apollo then felt his left arm get a bit tighter.


"No use in trying to lie Athena, I sensed it."

"W-What? I'm not lying, I really do think the dress is pretty!"

The moment Athena had the word "dress" out of her mouth, her fingers shook a little bit, threatening to fall.


Apollo then crossed his arms, a sly smile on his face.

"Your fingers during your peace sign were going to fall, when you mentioned the dress."

Athena then was shocked, placing both her hands to her cheeks.

"That dress was able to make you lose a bit of your façade. Why is that now?"

Athena then caught him off guard with a sly smile of her own.

"Alright, I'll tell you, after you tell me…why there was some discord in your heart when I caught you staring at me."


The grin on Athena's face grew wide, while Apollo regained his composure.

"Alright, I'll tell you, but you have to go first!"

"No way, you first!"

"This isn't going to work, let's just drop it for another day."

'Considering her stubbornness sometimes, I'd think she would make me crack first…' Apollo thought to himself as he felt drops of sweat roll down his face.

Athena then sighed as she checked the time on her phone.

"You're right. It's kinda getting late."

The two decided to leave the topic alone as they walked back to their respective apartment complexes, but little did they know, this event would spark their friendship into something more.