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Day 4:

December 25, 8:10 am, Hazakura Temple:

Apollo woke to the sound of a soothing melody radiating through the lodge that they resided in. He found that his subordinate was not sleeping in his lap, and not even outside.

"Merry Christmas, my song, for you..."

Following the sound to the door, he heard it outside.

"With a deep, heavy, sigh of white,

winds of the cold, stinging both my cheeks,

My fingers are also frozen, struggling to move, touching the fallen snow."

Suddenly, Apollo continued on with her, providing a small harmony.

"The sound of all bells so divine, the resonating voices start to sing,

All the little boys and girls, this world believes,

In the power of this Holiday!"

Apollo then wrapped his arms around her neck, getting a small yelp out of her, forcing her to grab his wrists.

"NONONO! It's just me! Apol-LOOOOO!"

His request was in vain when he found himself face first in the snow beside him.

"OH MY GOD! Apollo, are you alright?!"

He weakly gave a thumbs up as his face felt frozen.

"I'm...FINE, now, be a dear and help me out of his snow?"

Tugging on his arm, the carrot head pulled the brunette out of the snow, looking quite dismayed, not to mention, cold.

"Let's hurry inside."

Athena then took him to the fireplace with the blanket on the couch, warming him up, while she also brought out the laptop that he also had.

"Mr. Starbuck should be calling any moment now..."

The computer loaded up while Apollo warmed up near the flames, a distinct ringing being heard as it opened his Skype program. A static filled noise was heard before it settled down to a gruff voice.

"Apollo, come in. It's me, Starbuck."

"I can hear you fine Mr. Starbuck!"

Athena then chimed in as well.

"We both can actually!"

"Great. How you holding up there Justice?"

"I'm fine...really. Athena has been helping me grieve, and I'm talking to you while you're achieving your dream...Clay is probably very proud and happy right now."

"Merry Christmas Apollo."

"A Merry Christmas to you too Mr. Starbuck."

A heavy sigh came out of Sol's lips, before muttering.

"I wonder how Aura is holding up right now."

December 25, 9:30 am, Detention Center:

"Miss Blackquill, you have a visitor."

Rising from her seat, she walked out of her cell, towards the visitor's lobby, a somewhat content smile on her face.

"Well, if it isn't little Simon."

"Honestly, you looked better days Aura. Now you're letting your hair down like Rapunzel."

The snarky prosecutor then chuckled to himself, his hawk also joining in.

"Right. Clever. So how's your kawaii desu~ Christmas going?"

Prosecutor Blackquill glared at her for a few moments, before calming down with his eyes closed.

"It is better than being inside a prison cell. Although, I will admit, I will miss that inmate who was once a humble mall Santa Claus."

Aura then chuckled to herself a small tear in her eye.

"He was found guilty of smuggling change from the fountains, isn't that right?"

"Aura. Merry Christmas."

He then signaled one of the guards, opening a gift he brought to reveal a small pendant of him and Aura as kids. Aura just beamed brightly.

"Well, Merry Christmas to you too, little brother."

December 25, 11:00 am, Hazakura Temple:

"Time for presents!"

The little magician and medium then bounced happily to the tree, getting respective presents for their acquaintances, starting with Pearls, she got two boxes for Maya and Phoenix.

"As special someones, this is extra special!"

Phoenix and Maya then started sharing the same thought.

'I swear, if this is the two halves of mistletoe again, I'm reconsidering you and Trucy dating anyone.'

They then opened their presents, finding a Steel Samurai and Pink Princess charm halves.

"Now when you two meet up, you can always link them up to form the most powerful couple of Neo Olde Tokyo!"

"Aww...I love it Pearly! Nick, you like it too, right?"

"Well, I certainly don't dislike it. Thank you Pearls."

Trucy then spun her wand around, conjuring up her magic panties.

"You can get something special like that Pearls, but watch this! 1, 2, 3!"

Throwing them into the air, a stack of five presents fell into her hand.

"One for everyone!"

Everyone in the room started clapping, Trucy then distributing them individually. For Apollo, she got him a Lamiroir CD, Athena received a chocolate Orange, Pearly had a deck of cards that were Steel Samurai based, her daddy and potential mommy however got two rings, each with a mistletoe on them.

"Thanks Trucy, really appreciate it."

Sticking her fist onto her hat, she stuck out her tongue cutely. Maya then placed her gifts on the couch

"Alright guys, my turn! One for you Nick, and one for you Pearly!"

Opening them up, Pearly had a brand new Pink Princess spin-off manga, and Phoenix had Steel Samurai: Battle of S for the console that was at home.

"You're going to play this game till you unlock everything the next time you visit aren't you."

"Yeah huh!"

"Fair enough."

Meanwhile, Apollo and Athena were exchanging gifts with each other while Trucy was enjoying the new magic items that they got for her. When Athena and Apollo opened their presents up, they gave each other a large hug.

"I can't believe you actually remembered this one Apollo!"

"Well, some people do some crazy things for the person they like...a lot. I really like the suit you got me, it looks pretty sharp."

When Phoenix was about to distribute the gifts that he brought for everyone, he just tried to stifle his laughter.

"You two might want to look up."

Two confused heads then popped up, where they say Trucy and Pearl hanging two halves of mistletoe above their heads.

"Oh good god..."

It was then Maya's turn to hold in her laughter.

"Ha ha! Kiss you two!"

Athena was blushing furiously, stroking her ponytail to calm herself down.

"This is embarrassing..."

Apollo then summoned up his courage, grabbing the face of Athena, planting his lips on her own, where a content smile was plastered on both faces.


As they separated, Apollo gave her one of his signature smiles.

"I like you Athena Cykes. And that's fine."


Tears started streaming down her face, but a smile could be seen from the corner of her mouth, diving at him and planting small kisses on his cheeks.

"Apollo! You have no idea this means! I like you a lot as well!"

Apollo tried to calm her down, but was only met with kisses. The other five laughed heartily, for this was one holiday no one would ever forget.