Moon Butterfly

Chapter 7

Warning: Grammar mistakes, Typos

"Why did you take away my exercise DVDs?" Fuji asked, pouting in front of her husband. Tezuka, who was watching his favourite news program, rolled his eyes at her childish behaviour. Since they started living together, no days passed without a fight. Come on, who were we kidding with? No enemies would live together in peace after all. Especially these ones.

"I'll give it back to you so you can lose weight afterchildbirth." Tezuka said without looking at her. The hormones were kicking in hard these days and Tezuka almost lost his patience. If only the tomboy woman in front of him was not his wife AND having their child, who knows what would he do.


"Syuuki, you don't need that DVDs since you don't have to be in your usual bishounen figure, you know that slim-almost-like-girl figure. You need to gain weight for our baby. So bear with it for nine months!" Tezuka said, finally looking at Fuji, who was stabbing him with her death glare. Dangerous icy blue eyes definitely opened.

"I hate you!" Fuji screamed, tears were leaking on the corner of her eyes. She sticked out her tongue at him before heading to their bedroom. Tezuka let out a frustrated sigh as he tried his best not to kill his wife.

-Next day-


"Okaeri!" Tezuka frowned when he heard Fuji sounded so... happy. He immediately went to the living room and a knowing look appeared on his face. He sighed when he saw Fuji was smiling while trying to handle the three pose. He caught a sight of a DVD case on the table.

"Yoga : a great exercise for baby and Mom." Tezuka read the title.

"Isn't that amazing, anata? I can still do some exercise even though I am pregnant. And before you get angry to me, it's Takahashi-sensei who recommended it to me. She said it would prepare me physically and mentally to childbirth."

Tezuka only nodded. If they were approved by the doctor, he could tolerate all Fuji's attempts at exercising. Letting her do what she wanted, he headed to the kitchen where he would prepare dinner for both of them. It was their agreement on who would take turn in making breakfast (plus bento) and dinner.

"Syuu-chan," he called. Fuji stopped her stretching and cocked her head to the side.


"We don't have enough groceries." She palmed her forehead.

"Sorry, I haven't looked at the fridge since I am too busy doing exercise." Tezuka nodded and began to walk into the living room. He searched for a while for his car key before putting on his coat.

"Where do you put your bag? I'll go buy some groceries." He said. The young woman turned off the TV and DVD player before waking quickly to their bedroom. When she went out, she was dressing in a long coat complete with a scraft around her neck.

"I'll come with you," she said when she saw Tezuka's surprise expression.


Tezuka rolled his eyes when he watched Fuji filled their cart with vegetables. It wasn't that he hated vegetable but didn't they need other things too to stay alive and healthy?

"Let find some meat or fish." He said when Fuji put a bag of broccoli into their cart.


"Syuusuke, in case you didn't realize, we need to put balance in our food especially someone like you. We need vegetables, that's right, but we need meat or fish, fruits, and milk too. So come on, after we find some meat and fishes, we find suitable milk for pregnant women." Tezuka said, after he took out some vegetable and replaced them with some fruits during his speech. He pushed the cart and began to walk away, making Fuji pouted.

Tezuka let Fuji choose her milk while he chose his own milk. He put a big cartoon of fresh white milk and rose and eyebrow when he saw two boxes of chocolate milk.

"Syuu, what are these?" He asked. Fuji looked at him innocently.

"My milk." She answered calmly.

"Yes, your usual milk but you're pregnant now. You need milk for pregnant woman. Not these!"

"B-But this is my favourite milk and- and I love chocolate."

"Then choose the chocolate flavour." Tezuka said, putting the boxes to their original place and strolled to the pregnancy milk isle. He took a box of milk and looked at Fuji with a 'This is what you need!' look. Fuji pouted at him.

"I don't like it."

"Why? This is chocolate flavour. You love chocolate, don't you?"

"But pregnancy milk, even though, they have chocolate flavour, they don't taste very good." Fuji said, taking the box into her hand.

"How do you know?"

"I have tasted it before."

"W-What? When?"

"When I was kid. When my sister was pregnant, I accidently drank hers." Fuji explained. Tezuka took the box back into his hand and looked at her like a parent did with their naughty children.

"I don't care. You need this, we will buy this." Tezuka said with a final tone. Fuji opened her eyes and glared at him.

"I hate you." She said and walked away. Tezuka shook his head and let out a sigh.

'Kami-sama, help me' he silently prayed.

Tezuka ignored his sulking wife and paid the groceries before grabbing the bags. Both of them were passing in front of a convenience store, when they heard a small exclamation,

"Mommy, look! It's Tezuka-san!"

Tezuka and Fuji froze in place. They didn't expect to be recognized that easily. Fuji panicked a little, but calmed down when the little boy didn't appear to recognize her as Fuji Syuusuke. She was dressed as a girl after all.

The kid ran to them and stopped in front of them before holding out a pen and a small piece of paper, like a photograph.

"Sumimasen, can I have Tezuka Syuuki-san's autograph, please?" He asked with a visible excitement. Both idols' eyes widened.

"H-how do you know my name?" Fuji softly asked.

The boy looked at them in confusion and slowly showed them the photograph he had in his hand. They saw Tezuka in a tux; both hands were around her small waist. Fuji in a very beautiful white Victorian style dress, her hands were holding a bouquet of beautiful flowers. It was their wedding picture.

"It's written in all those magazines and this picture is the bonus hidden inside the magz." he replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, pointing at the rack of magazines in front of the convenient store.

Tezuka and Fuji looked at each other before hurrying to the convenience store to pick and leaf through every magazine they could put their hands on. Their eyes widened when they saw that almost all magazines were talking about them. Oh, how they wanted to cry on the spot.

-Tezuka's apartment-

Yamada Hiroki-san and Atobe Shizuka-san requested a press conference to reveal the marriage between Tezuka Kunimitsu-san (26) and Fuji Syuuki-san (25).

"The old man didn't waste any time," Tezuka rolled his eyes as he was stirring the spaghetti sauce he had been cooking. Yamada Hiroki was a man of his words

"Yeah, so did Shizuka-san." Fuji replied nonchalantly, her eyes still going through the article.

"ListenTezuka Kunimitsu married Fuji Syuuki-san. It was revealed that she is actually Fuji Syuusuke, the famous bishounen in Japan entertainment world. Tezuka Kunimitsu and Fuji Syuuki had been dating for few years and they created their "fight" to avoid scandal and unwanted reactions since their companies are rivals. This explains the sweet pictures of them we had seen few weeks ago and also the picture of them leaving the ministry of marriage building. The complete history of the two idols will be explained in the conference."

"So, we had been dating for years, huh..." Tezuka commented as he kept preparing the dinner.

"And we have to explain everything in a week." Fuji let out a sight.

"In other word, we have to create a story for the media." Tezuka said before putting down two plates of spaghetti on the table. Fuji let out a miserable groaned as she reached for her share of it, the bigger portion. They unexpectedly had their dinner in a silent. Each of them was trying to prepare themselves for one of their big days in a week. Tezuka watched his wife eat her enormous portion of dinner once he finished his dinner.

"What?" Fuji suddenly asked. Tezuka blinked and cleared her throat.

"Um, I was wondering..."


"Would you like to meet my family before the conference? We have met yours and..., well, I don't want my family to endure heart attacks when they watch TV later. I have a grandfather, you know. I don't want to-"

"Fine." Fuji said, smiling at Tezuka's babbling. Never once in her life she expected to see Tezuka like this.

"Well, t-thank you."

"You're welcome. I would like to meet your family since we stuck forever after all." Fuji said, smiling. Tezuka felt butterflies in his stomach when he heard the "forever" part. Tezuka, even tough he didn't want to admit it out loud, really wanted that to happen. For him, marriage should last forever despite how many problems and arguments the couple had. Because it was their decision, so they had to be responsible for it. Because they had so many people around them that wished them happy with their marriage and they didn't need to get hurt by their foolish action.

"Well, I'm full. Thank you for the dinner. I think I will hit the hay now." Fuji said as she collected the plates and put them in the sink. Tezuka nodded his head as he watched his wife walked out the kitchen to their bedroom.

"I hope we will be together forever too." He said with a soft smile.

-Two days later-

Fuji frowned when she tried to find a suitable clothes for her. Today was the big meeting-Tezuka family day which meant that she must wear something polite to Tezuka family standard. Tezuka had said that his family was a traditional kind of family so she must be careful with everything if she didn't want to be critized. Not by his father and mother though, but by his grandfather and the rest of the family. Fuji had packed a bag of her "polite girl clothes" and Tezuka was having it with him right now.

Fuji decided to wear a baby blue baby doll knee-length dress that made her blue eyes would stand out when she open them, which she decided to let Tezuka's family see them. She was told that her bue eyes were so beautiful and it could made people either fear or admire her. Fuji didn't let someone see her eyes easily and by letting Tezuka family see that, it meant that she really trusted them and hoped for them to like her. After satistified with her look, she took the elevator down and joined her husband in the car.

Tezuka looked up when he heard a sound of heels and froze. His wife looked so feminine, more feminine than usual. She didn't wear any makeup, excepr for lip gloss. The blue dress was not tight but it did show her femininen and delicate body. Looking at her now, there was no doubt that she was, indeed, a girl.

"See something you like?' Fuji asked, smirking at her stunned husband. Seeing the smirk, Tezuka couldn't help but to do the same.

"Of course." Fuji rolled her eyes and muttered something like 'pervert" before opening the car door.

"So I heard that your family live in a big traditional house."


"I heard from Atobe that your parents are the nicest people he has ever met. That's coming from Atobe."


"Your grandfather lives with them, right?"


"Can you not asnwer my question with only saying one word? If it can be said as word." Fuji said annoyedly. Tezuka just smirked and glanced at her.

"You will get your answer when we get there." He said. Fuji huffed and leaned back to her seat. She looked at her husband for a moment and decided to close her eyes. Soo, she fell asleep.

"Syuuki, we've here." Fuji went back to the living world when somebody shook her body roughly. She looked at her right and indeed saw a big wooden gate. No doubt that the hose behind it was a big traditional house. She watched as Tezuka went to the gate and pressed something on it. She took a deep breath when the gate was opened and Tezuka went back to the car.

Fuji couldn't help but to admire the beauty inside the gate. The big square traditional house was so big with green and brown colour adorning it. This is the firsts time in her life to be in this kind of environment. From where she was, she could see a beautiful woman wearing a simple yet elegant kimono walked quickly to them. It must be Tezuka's mother.

"Here it comes..."