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So, this is my second Merlin-story! :D And I promise this is going to be superduper awesome (though it sounds pretty boring in the summary, 'cause I suck at summaries ...)!

Yeah, well, it's a Modern/AU version of the whole Merlin-thingie and I don't know, but I see Arthur and the knights as coppers, Merlin as a doctor and Gwen as a waitress:D

WARNING: This story will contain ArthurxGwen, MerlinxFreya and GaiusxAlice, because I think he needs a wife! So if you don't like these pairings ... TRY TO ESCAPE ME! (Just joking;D)

So ... have fun and please comment, so I know what you think!


Arthur Pendragon opened his eyes.

He groaned as he realized his mobile phone was beeping. ‚Mblphswhat?', he mumbled into the phone and sighed as he heard his best friend's voice. ‚How late is it, Arthur?', Merlin asked.

‚Dunno …', he mumbled, trying to focus his clock on the table.

Merlin answered his question himself. ‚It's seven o'clock, Arthur.'

These words woke him up. Arthur sat bolt upright. ‚WHAT?!'

‚Please don't tell me you've missed your alarm clock's ringing again. Because if you have you're too late, about two hours. I've been up since five o'clock and you didn't even-'

But Arthur didn't listen to him. He threw his phone away and stumbled to the bathroom, taking a quick shower and trying to look proper again.

The young man slid into the kitchen and threw a quick look to the clock on the wall. Half past seven. Okay, he still had … no time. Good, why not?

Breakfast? Nope, no time., he thought and poured a mug out of the cupboard. A quick cup of coffee had to do the use of a breakfast.

‚Arthur?', a sleepy voice interrupted him. He looked up and saw his sister standing in the door, wrapped up in a blanket. She looked terrible.

‚Why aren't you at work yet?', she sniffed and tapped closer, taking his mug of coffee without listening to his protest.

Okay, no coffee then, Arthur thought gloomily. Then he mumbled, while putting on his shoes: ‚Overslept.'

‚What, really?', Morgana teased him, glancing to the clock. ‚Dad will be furious.'

Arthur didn't look up as he said: ‚I don't care what Dad thinks. He never cares what happens to us, nor how we are. I bet he didn't even recognize you've catched a cold.'

Morgana sneezed and pulled the blanket tighter around her body. ‚It's okay, nothing serious. I feel better again.'

‚No, you don't. You look terrible.'

She shot him a dark look. ‚But I promised to -'

‚You do nothing', Arthur said firm, grabbing his coat. ‚You're staying at home. There's a leftover in the fridge, I think …'

‚Yes, I know', Morgana smiled ‚'Cause I put it there yesterday, you clotpole.'

‚Clotpole?', Arthur said, raising his eyebrow. Morgana shrugged and grinned as her brother groaned. ‚Please stop using words like Merlin, okay?'

His little sister shot Arthur a In Your Dreams Look and struggled as he hugged her. ‚Do you want to get a cold? Go!'

‚Hey-ho, to work we go', Arthur said sarcastically and shut the door behind him.

Gwen's eyes flashed open.

Bright morning light flooded her little room. Birds were singing. A beautiful day.

She quickly got up, headed towards the bathroom and sang her favourite song as she stood under the shower, the hot water waking up her body.

‚There's gotta be something more, gotta be more that this', she hummed and reached for the towel.

Five minutes later she stood before the mirror, turning her eyes about the fluffy mess, also known as her hair. It was fruitless to try to brush it, it just got fluffy again. She gave up and put on a red hatband to let the mess as if it was exactly what she had intended to. She put on her make-up and smiled at the face in the mirror like she would do the whole day.

In the kitchen she met her Dad who read his newspaper. ‚Morning, Dad', she said and he looked up, smiling.

‚Morning, Gwen. Coffee?'


So she sat beside her father, drinking her coffee.

A couple of minutes later, Gwen stood up, put their plates into the dishwasher and searched for her shoes … again.

‚Dad, have you seen my shoes?', she asked with her head in the wardrobe.

‚Which ones?', he shouted over from the kitchen.

‚Red ones!'



She hurried upstairs, found her shoes, rushed to the wardrobe again and quickly put on her coat. Checking one last time her look in the mirror, she turned around, kissed her father goodbye and opened the door.

‚Bye, Daddy'

Then she shut the door behind her.

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