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'Arthur, are you listening?'

'Huh? What?' Arthur's head snapped up.

'I said, I want you and Merchant to check the break-in in Oat Lane', his father repeated sharply. Arthur nodded. 'Yes ...'

'Arthur, what is wrong with you? You seem distracted.' Uther's fingers tapped onto the table impatient. Arthur looked away. 'Nothing', he mumbled.

'Speak up when you talk to me, boy!'

'Nothing', Arthur repeated, louder, 'I'm just a little bit tired. That's all.'

Uther raised an eyebrow. 'Well, if you're tired you should let Merchant do the hard thinking. Now go.'

Arthur nodded, stood up and left his father's office. Any other day he would be angry, but today ... today was not any day. He felt ... confident. Kind of. It was hard to have a lot of self-confidence after a talk with Uther Pendragon. He could make you feel like you were something he just had found under a toilet and weren't even worthy to live.

'Gwaine, the boss', he rolled his eyes, 'sent us to Oat Lane, some break-in.'

'Oh.' Gwaine looked disappointed. 'That's junior-stuff', he said while he grabbed his jacket, 'When do we get the serious ones?'

Arthur sighed. 'I have no idea.'

Half an hour later, they were in Oat Lane and nearly bored to death. It was the smallest of a small crime. No casualties, nothing very expensive stolen, just some money and a watch - and the hysterical house-wife.

'You will take care of that, will you?', the woman asked, looking worriedly up to Gwaine.

'Yes, of course, ma'am', he said and rolled his eyes in Arthur's direction, who stifled a laugh.

'I will never manage to close an eye in this house again!', the woman lamented, wringing her hands.

Arthur's thoughts drifted away. Back to a certain young woman with caramel skin, bright eyes and thick, dark curls ... He didn't know why, but somehow he couldn't forget her face. Nor her voice, her great, sparkling brown eyes and her melodic laugh ...


Gwaine shook his arm. Arthur snapped out of his thoughts. 'Huh?'

His friend rolled his eyes. 'Let's get out of here, that old crow is annoying me!'

'Hm. Comin'.', Arthur replied absently, staring down.

Gwaine's brow narrowed. 'What's up with you today?', he asked suspicious.

Arthur looked at him - if innocence had a face, he'd have it. 'Nothing, really.'

'Hm. You're in a funny mood today, mate.'

'Am I?', Arthur mumbled, looking down again.

'Yeah ...', Gwaine said, streching each syllable. I'll get out what it is. Just one more absent, boyish grin and I'll know it.

Bet it's a girl, Gwaine thought as they sat in the car, driving back to the Police Department. Then he thought about his thought - Nah, can't be. Arthur isn't the type for that. Wonder when was the last time he had a girlfriend ... can't be less than two years. Poor old devil. Must be lonely, just having his work, a all-the-time-workin-sister and a father who never listens.

Gwaine could not know how right he was.

When Arthur came home, it was already dark. His hand fumbled in his pocket for the key and after a couple of moments his fingers succeeded. He didn't want to ring the doorbell, for just in case Morgana was asleep.

The floor was dark. Also was the kitchen and the living room. She must be asleep.

The young man peeled off his coat and his boots, closed the door and went into the kitchen. Need a tea. Hot. NOW.

While sipping his tea on the sofa, he kept thinking of her. Again. Dammit, man! You saw her one time! All you know about her is she's a waitress, her name's Guinevere but she doesn't like it so everyone calls her Gwen!

Which was actually pretty much for someone he had met just today, about ... fifteen minutes? Nevertheless, his stubborn mind went on.

Suddenly he realized his mobile phone was ringing.


'It's me.'

'Oh. You sound happy.'

Merlin laughed at the other end of the phone. 'Well, you sound tired!'

'Don't forget the frustrated.'

'Why's that?'

Arthur sighed and turned around, to lay on the sofa with his back. He rubbed his brow and said: 'I met a girl.'

He could hear Merlin beaming. 'Really? Great! So why so grumpy? How is she?'

'She's ...' How could he describe her? Amazing? Pretty? Gorgeous? All these words didn't fit at all. He sighed. 'All I know about her is she's a waitress at a café and called Guinevere.'

'A waitress? At which café?'

'The 'Sunny Day'.'

'Wait, you don't mean Gwen, don't you? Gwen Leodregance?'

Arthur sat bolt upright. 'Where do you know her?'

Merlin laughed. 'She was nurse at the hospital a couple of years ago. And Freya knows her.'


'Later. If I tell you now, you won't concentrate 'cause your thoughts are all over Gwen.'

How the hell does he do that? It's like he can read my mind.

'Alright', Arthur said, impatient. 'And?'

'What and?'

'She was a nurse, and then ...?'

'There's not much of 'then' - her father got ill and she quit the job to take care of him.


She seems to be a very caring person. I wonder if I would quit my job to look after my father.

'Wait - what happened after that? I mean, if she liked being a nurse, why didn't she continue? Why is she a waitress?'

'Wanna hear the truth?'


'I have no idea.'

Arthur groaned, half laughing. 'Thanks, idiot, I could not do without you!'

'Nah, always for you, dollophead!'

'So what's about this girl? Freya?'

'Oh, yes!', Merlin said, cheery. 'Well, she's new at the CH - Gaius just said today were the new assistant docs about to come and I should take care of them. And ... she was the only one.' Arthur raised an eyebrow. 'The only one? Is that even possible?'

Merlin laughed. 'She said excatly the same thing!'

'And?', Arthur said drawled.

'Well, I met her today to give her her beeper and everything, casually saved her from Forge the old meanie and ... well, she's my assistant now. For the first weeks, so she can get used to the CH.'

Arthur imagined his friends grinning face and stifled a laugh. 'What's she like?'

Merlin sighed. He's sighing. Oh no.

'She's very lovely! Funny, smart, has long, wavy black hair and green eyes - I've never seen such a green, it's amazing - and freckles - very cute if you ask me - and-'

'Merlin', Arthur chuckled.


'You like her?'

'Wha- I mean, er. Yes. Of course. Who would ... not?', his friend said shiftily, obviously embarassed. 'Er. You know what I mean.'

'Of course', Arthur said, still laughing. It would be too brilliant if they would fall in love for each other.

'Arthur, you're still there?'

The young man snapped out of his thoughts and said quickly: 'Yup - hey, if I find some time tomorrow, I'll drop by to meet her, okay?'

'Sure! Good plan!', Merlin laughed. 'Then see you tomorrow?'

'I'll call when I can't come and Dad keeps me occupied', Arthur growled a little gloomily.

'He still keeps bothering you?', Merlin asked, sounding concerned.

Arthur shrugged. 'Yeah. As always. Nothing new, I got used to it. Tomorrow Morgana sets out for a session again.'

'Oh, give her my best wishes, then', Merlin replied cheerfully. 'Okay, I've got to go, Alice is calling ... supper.'

'What? It's 10 pm.'

'I know. Seriously, that woman is brilliant. She wants us to eat all together.'

Arthur smiled as he thought how happy his friend was with his greatparents.

'Okay, have fun, idiot, see you!'


Arthur hung up, looked around the room and sighed. He'd better get some rest.

Busy day tomorrow. Like everyday. It's always stressful and busy. He stood up, rubbed his brow and chuckled. I should have been a waiter. Bet it's far less stressful.

Then he went to bed.

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