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1. Nightmare

Lucy looked around to find that she was in a pitch black room. All of a sudden, pain shoots straight up her left arm and a warm liquid running down her arm. In pain Lucy looks down to find that her arm has a big gash that went a crossed her arm below her shoulder. Slowly she takes her right hand and covers the large gash letting out a small whimper. She winces in pain as she looked around. "Where the hell am I" Lucy said to no one.

Faintly Lucy could hear a man's voice far off in the distance to her right. Slowly she walks in the direction of the voice. That's when she heard a scream. A bad feeling went to the pit of her stomach, but she kept going.

Just then Lucy stumbled upon a wooden door that was surrounded by darkness. On the other side of the door she could faintly hear a male's evil laughter. Slowly she opens the door to find a man, no wait a boy, a little older than she.

His hair was different shades of green and he had charcoal black eyes, but that's not what catches her eyes. It was the limp body that he held. The body appear to be a boy, who had salmon color hair and a white scaled scarf. "N-Natsu." she said in a whisper.

Lucy wakes straight up gasping for air. Struggling to sit up she was too shaken to realize that Ezra, Wendy, and Carla were in the room with her. "H-how is t-t-that possible?" Lucy asked herself.

"Lucy-san what's wrong." Wendy asked. The girl walked up to the side of the bed with a worried face.

Suddenly realizing that she has company, Lucy looked over and smiled. "N-nothing, I just had a bad dream. That's all" She said patting the girl's head.

"Oh, okay" Wendy said, but she didn't buy it because she knew something was wrong with Lucy for her to act the way that she had.

"You better go get dressed Lucy, or all of the good jobs will be gone. This week the jewels are doubled." Ezra said with a sparkle. With a sigh , Lucy hops off the bed to go to the bathroom to get dressed.

When Lucy finished, she is dressed in a simple pink tank top, with a matching pink ribbon, a light brown skirt, with her gear belt strapped to her waist. She walks out of the bathroom to see Ezra reading her novel she's been working on.

"Ezra, I promised Levi that she'll be the first one to read it!" Lucy said as she slipped her boots on.

" I was just merely scanning the pages. I wasn't reading it." Ezra replied. Lucy whispered a 'whatever' and turned towards Wendy.

"Ready, Lucy-san." Wendy asked Lucy happily.

"I'm ready," and with that, they walk out of the room and headed for Fairy Tail, their guild.

When they arrive at the guild, Ezra went straight for the quest board. Lucy sighed and looked over at Carla. "Hey, Carla can I talk to you it's important," she looked at Wendy. "sorry, but alone?" Lucy asked.

Carla thinks for a minute before replying. "Okay Lucy." Lucy led her to the women's restroom.

In the restroom, Lucy locked the door and turned to look at Carla. "I'm confused Carla, I don't know what to do. A-and you're the only one who I can talk to about this." She said to the white exceed.

"Okay girl, what is it, boy trouble?" Carla asked.

Lucy shook her head and a heat quickly flooded her cheeks "N-no, it was a dream I had more less a nightmare." Lucy stated. She couldn't descried the feeling she was experiencing. Pain, hurt, and discomfort, combined and she didn't like it at all.

"Oh, is that why you said that can't be possible?" Carla ask. Lucy shook her head "yes" with a frown. "Alright, tell me about the dream. I need to know what happened." Lucy nodded and started to explain the nightmare.

After Lucy was done talking to Carla about her nightmare, she felt so much better. About how she was in a pitch black room, the gash in her left arm, about the wooden door and the laughter behind the it too. She also told Carla that when she opened the door and what she saw.

Carla just sat there and nodded as Lucy told her dream to her, but what really shocked her was when Lucy told her who she seen behind the wooden door.

"Are you sure it was Natsu?" Carla asked. If what she was hearing is true than she needs to tell Lucy that she needs to be careful when they go on the mission later. Lucy and Natsu could be in some serious trouble.

"Y-yes." Lucy replied.

"Lucy, I shouldn't tell you this, but I think you are like me." Carla told Lucy.

"What are you saying?" Lucy asked with wide eyes.

"What I am saying is that I think you can detect the future like me Lucy." Carla said. "Instead of getting random premonitions, you dream about it the night before."

"W-w-wait, but h-how." Lucy asks.

Carla sighs "Lucy, your mother Layla, had the similar power who you have now." Carla told her.

"How do you know." Lucy asks wanting to know more.

"My mother, the Queen of Edolas, worked beside your mother when she was on the Earthland. Your mother would send my mother events that would happen in Edolas and my mother would send your mother events that would happen on Earthland. I'm sorry if this is all of a sudden." Carla said with a sad look on her face.

"No, its fine. I needed to know sooner or later right, Carla." Lucy looked at Carla and smiles. "We better go back to the others before they start to worry. Oh, and Carla please don't tell anyone, especially Natsu." Lucy said. And with that they both walked out of the bathroom to join their friends.

Lucy sat down at the bar to notice that Natsu had entered through the doors with Happy happily flying behind him. Oh great, just great, I can't tell Natsu about my dream. I don't need him worrying when we go on a mission today. Lucy thought.

"Hey guys, what mission are we going on today." Natsu asks. To be honest, no one knows expect Ezra. She was the one who picked it out and threatened anyone who dared asked. She had said to wait for everyone to get here.

"We are going to catch some missing bandits who keep stealing peoples jewelry for 600,000 jewels. And since it's doubled this week that means 1,200,000 jewels." Ezra said with shinning eyes.

"Then what are we waiting for, lets go!" Lucy said as excitement bubbled throughout her body.

"I'M ALL FRIED UP!" Natsu yelled as he rushed out of the guild hall throwing opening the doubled doors. "Aye!" Happy said as he to followed Natsu out of the door. "They'll never learn will they." Carla explains.

"No" Lucy agreed

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