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12. Over

The whole team was tried physically and mentally. With the whole thing with Rei and battling those rock monsters, they just wanted to go home and relax. However, they couldn't just yet, they have to stop Dark Haven from spreading.

As they continued to walk the long passage of the cave, their shoes echoed throughout the cave's walls. They stopped here and there only to make sure that they had everyone.

"How long is this cave!" Natsu yelled grumpily. "I just want to get the gem, stop Dark Haven, and go home."

"Settle down, dragon. We're almost there." Ginu said. "Look, don't you see that light. It means we're there."

Natsu nearly ran to the light, Lucy stopped him by grabbing his arm. "Not so fast, Natsu. You don't know what kind of things are in that shrine." She said.

"You're no fun, Lucy." Natsu pouted. "And besides, I don't feel any danger here only peace."

Lucy nodded her head and grabbed his hand. "Then we'll go in together." She said. They walked hand in hand into the shrine with the rest of the combined team behind them.

As they approached the bright light, they heard a soft humming that sounded a lot like someone was humming an old nursery rhyme. Once they were all inside the brightly lit shrine, they were instantly hit with a wave of peacefulness.

"Welcome." Came a soft voice that had everyone looking around trying to find whoever said that. "Welcome to my shrine. I've been excepting you." A woman appeared in front of the team with a loving smile. She had long orange hair that went to her ankles and had freckles covering her nose. She wore a long white dress, a gold band sat upon her forehead, her wrist, and ankles.

"W-who are you?" Lucy asked. There was something about the woman that she couldn't stop looking at her. Lucy's hand squeezed Natsu's for a second and he looked at her waiting for her to say something, but she didn't.

"My name is Exro and this is my shrine. I've been waiting for you, Natsu, Lucy." She walked up to the two couple and held her hand out. "You two are the only ones who can reverse Dark Haven."

"Wait, are you…..are you a ghost?" Lucy asked taking Exro's hand. Natsu done the same and she held them to a sparkling sapphire gem.

"Yes, I am." Exro said. Lucy went to ask another question, but Exro stopped her. "The only reason you can see me is that you're all mages. It's the only way to keep me hidden when someone does get past my monsters."

Lucy nodded her head and watched as Exro picked the gem up and placed it in her hands. "Natsu, put your hand on top of the gem and both of you close your eyes." Natsu done as told and they closed their eyes. "Now focus your magic into the gem and don't stop."

"Um….excuse me, but why does it have to be Natsu and Lucy who reverse the spell." Wendy asked shyly.

"With strong fire and a brilliant light can create a strong bond which is needed to power the gem." Was the only thing she said as she watched Natsu and Lucy work hard to power the gem.

With each passing minute, the light from the gem got brighter and brighter to the point that it blinded the team. There was a blast of light before it dimmed and went back to the originally lighting.

Natsu and Lucy both opened their eyes and looked around and to their surprise they were outside of the forest. The team looked up at the blue sky and sighed happy that Dark Haven was gone and over with.

"Finally, we can go home." Lucy said. "But first we need to consult master about this don't we?" She asked looking at the team.

Erza nodded and smiled. "Yes, but for now let's go home and get clean up." She said looking over at Natsu's bloody self.

"Um…if you don't mind, can we come too? It would be nice to have a place we can spend our time than traveling." Noni said bashfully.

"Of course you can. Master would love to have you guys join." Natsu said with a huge smile. Noni smiled back and Chan cheered as he slung an arm around Noni and Ginu.

Everyone laughed as they entered the guildhall after they had a relaxing bath. The noise stopped once everyone was inside. Everyone in the guild had a look of relief written on their face.

Levy ran up to Lucy with a sad expression. "All those people suffered and we had no idea what happened. One minute the blue sky was gray and everyone was running around." Levy said.

Lucy hugged Levy tightly. "It's over now. We took care of the one who did this." Lucy said.

"Master wants to see you guys in his office once you arrived." Levy said. "He wanted to talk to you about what happened."

The team went up to the master's office and knocked on the door. They heard a 'come in' from the master and they went in along with Noni, Ginu, and Chan.

"You wanted to speak with us, master?" Erza asked. He nodded his head and jumped on his desk.

"I wanted to hear your story of how all of this happened." Makarov said. "You don't need to explain about Dark Haven. I already know about it and whose idea it was."

"So, you already know that it was Rei who started it." Erza said. "Well lets started from the beginning when we where on our way to the mission. When we heading to the village that sent out the request, we were jumped by one of his minion. His name was Jackson and he tried to kidnap Lucy, but failed. Later that night they tried to kidnap her again when we had Jackson as a hostage. Gray and I later on fought the remaining two, while Natsu got kidnap by Rei himself.

We took them in and that is when Lucy got a note from Rei. We went to the mountain it said to go. From there everyone except Lucy was in Dark Box. We later on found out that he had drain most of her magic energy and that Natsu was battling Rei. We helped him and won. He told us how to stop Dark Haven. One was to risk our lives or kill the source of magic he stole it from and be devastated.

The next day we headed out and ran into Noni, Ginu, and Chan. They told us that they are Angel slayers and showed us where the cave was. We had to fight these rock monsters to get in side. There we meet this woman who said her name was Exro and told us that only Natsu and Lucy could reverse Dark Haven. There was a bright light and we ended up outside of the forest." Erza said.

Master Makarov nodded his head. "So, Dark Haven is over, but I feel that won't be the last time that darkness comes."

"What do you mean, master?" Lucy asked with worry in her voice.

He shook his head. "Nothing my child. Now, I heard that you three wanted to join the guild, is that right?" He asked.

Noni nodded, worried that the master would say no to them. She would hate to have come all this way only to be turned down. That has always been her biggest worry is to be turned down when she had high hopes.

Master Makarov could sense that in her and smiled. "There's always room for more members in Fairy Tail." He said.

Noni smiled big and thanked the master for everything. They headed down to the bar to have Mira put the Fairy Tail tattoo on the three. Noni got hers on the inside of her wrist in teal, Chan got his right below Natsu where got his in red, and Ginu got his on his left arm in indigo to match his eye color.

"Now that Dark Haven is over let's all relax until then." Natsu said. He snaked his arm around Lucy waist and pulled her closer to him. Smiled at him and he smiled back before he gave her lips a kiss.

"Natsu, what are you doing. I don't want them to know, not yet anyways." Lucy scolded.

"To late, Lucy. I couldn't help myself." He said while grinning at her. "Let's go home. I bet you're tired and want to sleep." She nodded as he stole another kiss from her. She smacked his arm and stormed out of the guild. He just laughed as he followed her out of the guild, waving goodbye to the team.

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