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Chapter 12

The little gray and brown wolf that was once a girl growled. She had glowing pale blue eyes and as she attacked Lily without hesitation. Not having any time to defend herself, Lily shrieked. The wolf's mouth met her neck and I felt a freedom. Lily's trap was gone. Smirking deviously, I bolted right at Maverick. Completely freaked out, he had little time to defend himself from me.

I jumped onto his shoulder and grabbed his arms. He struggled, but at my position, I had already won. His arms gave a satisfying crack.

He just screamed in pain.

"That is for killing my brother." I shrieked.

The wolf girl, now finished with Lily, charged towards us. Before Maverick could do anything, she bit into his neck. His head lay by the rest of his body pieces.

It felt too good to be true.

They were almost dead, if only I had some access to fire. The growling continued. The wolf girl was sizing me up.

Instinct told me to fight her and kill her, but since when had I followed my vampire instincts?

Instead, I slowly put my hands up as if to surrender.

"I don't want to hurt you." my voice rings out clear and sincere. She just took down a vampire by herself. No way am I going to pick a fight with her.

She slowly backed up. I doubted she could talk to me, and I needed to get out of here before any more vampires try to enslave me.

"Thank you." I whisper. I am hoping she can understand me.

She whines and then she walks to her pile of ripped clothes. They were still on her when she became a wolf, but from fighting, the clothes were torn off.

The girl grabbed a bag from the pile with her teeth and slowly backs away into the taller grass that conceal her.

The whines turned to human grunts as she pulled on clothes.

When she revealed herself, her eyes were full of suspicion and confusion.

"Are you a vampire?" she asked. Her entire body was ready in case I attacked.

But I wanted to reassure her I wouldn't attack. That wouldn't be any way to thank her. And she did help me kill half of the coven who destroyed my life.

"Yes," I answered truthfully, "but what are you?"

She smirked at me. "Ever heard of a werewolf?"

Her voice had that degrading tone that made a person think that they were stupid for not seeing the obvious.

"Crap! Is every myth real?" Seriously? What isn't real? Am I going to meet a fairy next?

The girl laughed. "I don't know. All I know about is vampires and werewolves."

Her eyes grazed over Lily's and Maverick's body pieces. Her green eyes snapped back to me, all laughing gone and replaced with seriousness.

"Why were you with these vampires?"

Everything inside screamed at me to attack her, but I didn't want to end another life. Lily and Maverick were murderers, so killing them doesn't count. I also didn't want to answer her question, but I couldn't just leave without talking to this girl. That seemed rude. Even if I didn't quite trust her.

"They were keeping me with them; the woman had a power that let her trap me."

"I guess I can see why they wanted you. I've never seen a vampire that appears human."

The girl seemed to examine me.

I didn't like that. It seemed like she was looking at me like a possession. A thing.

A hiss slipped out before I could stop it.

The wolf girl immediately put her guard up and growled slightly.

After a few seconds. She narrowed her eyes and stood up straight. "You haven't been a vampire very long, have you? I can tell with all the reactions. Haven't had so long to pretend to be human."

I was starting to mistrust this werewolf. Crossing my arms, I asked, "Why were you out here anyways? You would've died if you hadn't woken up sooner."

"My blood would have repulsed anyone who tried to drink from it, and I'm immune to vampire venom. I think I would have just been fine."

I wasn't letting her go back to questioning me, so I asked her more. "What about those people with you? Who were they?"

She shrugged. "People who had food and were willing to share. I don't really have a home or money, so when I smell food, I go for it."

We went quiet. Both staring at the other without a hint of trust in our eyes.

I wanted to leave this area. Get out before I get trapped again.

"Well, I'm free now. I'm leaving." I remarked.

"Wait," the girl said before I made a move. "What if we stuck together?"

Something told me it would be a terrible idea. I didn't like the idea of having her tag along, able to kill me at any given moment. She didn't seem like the person who would stick up for you. More like the person who would stab you in the back.

"I'm a loner." I state, indicating I want nothing to do with companions.

The girl huffed and rummaged through her bag.

"Good luck to you then," She said while pulling out a lighter.

I ran in the opposite direction of where I came from. As much as I wanted revenge on Isadore and Mark, I had to think reasonably. Two against one.

I would be demolished.

If they won the fight, they would have the victory and that wouldn't be revenge, would it? And now that I was free, I had a fondness of my life. Not really wanting it to end just yet. Maybe so I could plan a full revenge on them.

At least, leaving this way they have lost half their coven and I disappear. They would be furious. Their little plan was ruined.

Flames burst behind me and I smiled quite deviously. Maverick and Lily weren't coming back. They were gone forever.

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