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Chapter 15

"Quincy! Quincy! Are you all right? Oh! Please don't be dead!" I heard a voice shout out to me in panic.

My eyes flew open and I jumped when I saw Ryder right next to me. Relief in her position was obvious. Why was she worried? What happened?

Why was she panicked! Did she get hurt!? Did- I couldn't bring myself to think about the dark possibility

"Ryder, did something happen?" I asked with fear. I was up on my feet in an instant looking for danger.

She sat back on her heals and looked at me. No, observing me. She was in her thinking mode.

That made me relax a bit. But what was she talking about? I obviously was alive and well.

"Quincy, you were asleep! Vampires can't sleep! How did you do it!" she demanded, still slightly serious and confused.

I was asleep? No way! How? Was I?

I thought back to my last conscious thought. I was slipping into a world of darkness and peace. Oh.

"Oh my gosh! I did go to sleep!" I nearly shout in surprise.

A sort of smug look crosses Ryder. "I told you that you were still part human! There is no other way to explain it."

She was smug, but I could see her confusion still.

"How is this possible? How can I be part human?" I wonder aloud. It was impossible!

As if the world around us was excited, the wind blew rapidly and the leaves in the trees roared like nothing I've ever heard before. Ryder was shocked as the leaves were flying down on us. The wind whipped through our hair and caressed our skin.

It seemed like it was dancing in the trees and embracing us down below.

We both looked up into the sky as the wind blew and finally died down.

"What was that?" Ryder huffed as she picked a few leaves out of her hair. She didn't enjoy it?

I felt warmed. Could it have been Luke? Was his spirit still around? Knowing it was probably ridiculous to think this, I couldn't help it. It felt so right. There could be no other explanation that seemed to fit in my mind. He was celebrating with me.

"You're smiling." Ryder commented. She didn't say it aloud, but I almost heard her say 'that's a shock'.

My gaze fell to her, and I nodded. "Yeah."

"So, are we going to leave?" she asked while checking out the area as if there were more surprises would just surrender if she glared hard enough.

Thoughts of Isadore and Mark choked out my other thoughts. If they wanted to get to me, wouldn't they have found me already? We had given them a day to find us. And we were still in the state. Were they thinking about attacking me? Or us. They wouldn't have known about Ryder, leading them to believe I was alone.

The more I thought about them, the more confused I became by their lack of appearance.

"Yes. Come on. We need to leave now. I don't want to chance them even coming within twenty miles of us."

I was eager for more distance actually. Desperate.

They may have not shown up yet, but I had a distinct feeling they would.

"I'm ready!" she said eagerly.

I examined the night sky. "How fast can you run in your wolf form, Ryder?"

She grinned like a hyena and rolled her eyes.

"Hold this, I'll be right back." She shoved her bag at me and disappeared into the darkness. After a few seconds, I could hear her trotting back with her clothes in her mouth and covered in fur.

"I'm guessing you can't talk?" I laughed.

The little wolf in front of me glared bullets into my head and stuck her nose away from me.

"Come on, little wolf. Let's go." I encouraged.

She whipped her head at me and snarled at the name. My hands went up in surrender and I smirked.

This would be an interesting night.

And what exactly is your plan? I thought to myself.

Get out of the state as fast as possible.

That's it?

That's all I'm focusing on right now. We don't need to run into the enemy. One thing at a time.

We started running full speed north. We were leaving and never coming back. Never coming back. This was my chance to leave everything behind. To let go.

Letting go of the pain and loss would be nearly impossible, but it was necessary.

Looking at Ryder running and then looking ahead, I could see my new future. Both of us had had it rough. Neither of us would just forget what had happened in our pasts, but we could look forward and see a chance at a future.

Looking up to the silent sky, I whispered under my breath, "Good bye, Luke."

A gentle breeze swept through my hair and left, leaving me, once again, warm.

The world had left us shattered and broken, but now we were going to mend our wounds.

That is the story Broken. I can tell you the sequel will be called Mended. :) again thank you for reading my story and reviewing.

Now, as I promised earlier, I am going to tell you what the original was like.

so, number one. Ryder wasn't in it. no werewolves were in fact.

Quincy didn't have that run in with Mark at school. she saw him, but they didn't speak and she didn't think he was a vampire. just different.

when Quincy came home, Luke was in her house and he told her who he was and the backstory. the backstory was crappy cause I had just gotten back in the swing of writing.

Luke had burned Mark and so mark got revenge. (I know. it's stupid. but that's why it's changed.) But they never fought in front of quincy causing her to run until she threw up.

Luke stole a bus and made it seem like quincy was going to a summer school to her foster parents who are still alive.

at Luke's apartment, they make arrangments to leave. the next day Quincy goes for a walk and when she goes into a fast food joint, ten minutes later no one but five vampires are in there and she is kidnapped.

they force her to walk with them out in public and she just drops on the cement cracking her head and causing attention. thus she ends up going to a hospital, but Lily comes and takes her anyway. (lily does not have the trap gift either)

and then there is Luke in the clutches of Mark who kills him in front of quincy just as isadore who's original name was joseph tells Lily to bite Quincy.

there is another vampire in this coven and she is joseph's mate, her name was Sylvia, but I decided that the coven was too big and that she could be omitted.

Lily and Maverick actually befriend Quincy and they are in the coven for a few more weeks prior to one day. and at the end Lily, Maverick, and Quincy all sneak away from the coven in a stolen car.

and that is the original pretty much. um... I changed it up like making mark threaten her in school and her running from what she thought were two monster fighting for her blood so it could be enticing.

i added lily's gift since it would be fairly simple for Quincy to escape and i wanted her to hate that coven with every once of hatred she could muster.

i added ryder cause i didn't want quincy to kill the "human" when lily was making her hunt and i couldn't figure out where to go, and then BOOM! what if she was a werewolf? and so that is what the original was like.

if you have any questions about the either version go ahead and ask. i'll answer them :)

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