Is He Blind?

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It was clear to anyone with eyes that Bambi was in love with Bobby. Except Bobby.

It was clear to anyone with eyes that Bobby was in love with Georgia. Especially Bambi.

Bambi knew that she should just move on. She didn't need to be hung up on some guy who would never give her the time of day. But then he would do something adorable like mess up his lines or do a cute dance just to make her laugh or… breathe and she'd know that there was no escaping the hold he had on her. She'd just have to be persistent. If there was one thing she'd learned from Carmen, it was how to be persistent.

Besides, Aaron and Georgia were back together now and they were in New York preparing their show for Broadway. Things could be different in a new city, surrounded by new people in a show that was practically brand new. Hopefully. Maybe. Probably not. But hey, anything could happen. Maybe Bambi and Bobby would be a tough act to follow.


"Are you feeling okay, Bambi?"

Bambi awoke from her daydream to find its subject to be eyeing her worriedly. She shook her head and blinked a few times in an attempt to regain focus on what they were doing. Kansasland. They were working on her Princess Kickapoo character. Focus Bambi.

She laughed nervously and replied, "Uhm yes. Of course. I was just… going through the steps in my mind."

Bobby laughed, a deep, throaty laugh, and stated, "In the middle of the number?"

Bambi's eyes widened as she realized that she had indeed stopped to daydream in the middle of her dance break with Bobby. If she was being honest, it wasn't unheard of with her. They have to make intense eye contact while circling each other and it never failed to make her blush a little bit. Sometimes she managed to keep dancing. Other times she wasn't so lucky.

She laughed at her own stupidity and answered, "Hope that doesn't happen onstage."

Bobby laughed with her and she could practically hear Belling's eyes roll. She didn't want to stop laughing though. She liked laughing at Bobby. And being around Bobby. And looking at Bobby. And she needed a hobby.

When his laughter died down, Bobby's eyebrows rose and he smirked, opening his mouth as if to tease her. But that's just a guess because he never ended up saying anything. He just got this glazed look and his mouth hung agape as he stared behind her.

Bambi turned to find out what he was staring at, even though she knew full well what she'd find, and saw Georgia reviewing the dance moves for Thataway by herself backstage. Bambi rolled her eyes. Of course Georgia would get the sexiest number in the entire show. As if Bobby needed another reason to ogle her.

Bambi watched as Aaron came up behind Georgia and wrapped his arms around her, instantly bringing a smile to her face. Bambi turned away before she witnessed the kiss that would undoubtedly come only to see the heartbreak written clear across Bobby's face.

Ever since they'd gotten back together, Aaron and Georgia had been nearly inseparable. They were always hugging or kissing or doing something else that couples in love do. He didn't talk about it much, but Bambi could imagine that it was hurting him as much as he was hurting her.

Serves him right she thought to herself, but even as she thought it, she knew that she didn't mean it. She understood all too well the pain he was feeling. And she loved him. She couldn't watch him suffer.

"Uhm hey Chris. Bobby and I are going to take a break on the Kansasland number. We've been working on it for hours and deserve a break. It looks like Georgia needs the stage for Thataway anyway," Bambi called, earning her director's attention.

His disdain was completely unearned though. He rolled eyes and squeezed the bridge of his nose as if merely the idea of talking to her was giving him a migraine. Waving a hand dismissively, he called, "Georgia! Stop snogging Aaron and get into costume for Thataway," glancing at Bambi as if he was annoyed, he continued, "Poor baby Bambi needs a break."

Bambi rolled eyes and grabbed Bobby's hand, essentially dragging him from the stage. With eyes not leaving Georgia for one second, Bobby called out, "Break a leg, Georgia."

Georgia, having pulled away from Aaron at Belling's order, smiled sweetly at Bobby and called back, "Thanks Bobby! You two looked great out there!"

Bambi fought the urge to roll her eyes. Georgia was being nothing but nice to her so she had no reason to be rude. She smiled at Georgia and waved, continuing to drag Bobby off-stage before he could reply. Georgia gave Aaron a quick peck on the lips and ran off to get changed, with both Bobby and Aaron sending her dopey looks as she went.

Bambi continued dragging Bobby until she stood in front of the men's dressing room. He shot her a questioning glance, to which she replied, "Get changed. I'll buy you a drink."

Giving her the sweetest smile she could possibly imagine, Bobby replied, "Thanks Bambi. You're awesome."

Shrugging and rolling her eyes teasingly, Bambi answered, "I know. It's a gift and a curse really. I mean on one hand, I'm awesome, but on the other I have dopes like you following me everywhere."

He opened his mouth in mock-shock and retorted, "Me following you? Au contraire, mademoiselle. I'm not following you. If anything, you can't resist my charm and dazzling good looks." He finished the joke by flashing her a breath-taking smile and Bambi found herself struggling to breathe.

Clearing her throat in an attempt to calm down, she halfheartedly replied, "You got me."

He rolled his eyes goofily, the smile never leaving his face, and said, "Go get changed, Princess Kickapoo. I'll meet you by the entrance."

Bambi smiled, remembering how silly she must have looked in her Pocahontas-like costume. She turned around and began to strut ridiculously to the women's dressing room. She heard him laugh behind her and couldn't help the smile that spread across her face.

She practically ran up the dressing room stairs in an attempt to get back to Bobby as quickly as she could, ramming into Georgia in full Thataway costume. They both fell on their butts and Georgia laughed instinctively.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, Georgia. Are you ok?" Bambi apologized, helping the actress to her feet.

Georgia waved a hand dismissively at her apology and replied, "Don't worry about it. No harm done."

Bambi really wanted not to like Georgia, but it was hard. She was standing there smiling sweetly at Bambi, and she had no choice but to smile back.

"My mom always said I was a klutz," Bambi joked, eliciting a laugh from Georgia.

"Well, prove her wrong like you did with your dancing and try not to kill me. There's already been too much murder in this show," Georgia teased back.

The memory of their fallen comrades made the smile fall from Bambi's face. She could understand why it was easy for Georgia to joke about it. She never really worked with Johnny or Jessica, choosing to hole up in a room with Aaron for hours writing songs, and Sid was just a horrible person. But Bambi couldn't help feeling a little sad. She and Johnny had been good friends and, although Jessica was mean and untalented, she didn't deserve to be murdered.

Noticing the sadness in Bambi's eyes, Georgia squeezed her shoulder in an effort to comfort the girl and opened her mouth to apologize, only to be cut off by Belling's voice screaming, "GEORGIA!"

The girls flinched and Georgia offered Bambi a small smile before running to the stage to appease their temperamental director.

Bambi tried to shake her sad mood as she changed. Going out for a drink was an attempt to cheer Bobby up and possibly sway him away from Georgia a little bit. She didn't want for him to end up having to cheer her up, especially since it would probably only serve to make her fall more in love with him. Her efforts were proving futile, so she decided that her best option was to fake it. She quickly changed into jeans and a t-shirt before running downstairs to the entrance.

She immediately regretted not dressing up a little bit when she saw Bobby looking handsome as usual in a simple blue, button down shirt that made his eyes pop and a pair of khaki shorts.

He hadn't noticed her yet so she froze and took a second to ogle him. He really was a sight for sore eyes. She would never understand how Georgia could know him and not be in love with him.

Shaking herself out of her stupor before he noticed her, she cleared her throat. He turned towards her, a handsome smile blooming on his face instantly.

His eyebrows rose expectantly and he asked, "Hey. You look great. Ready?"

She nodded and blushed, knowing that he was just being sweet. She was no sexy Georgia, nor was she the angelic Nikki. She was just… Bambi.

He pulled the door open for her, beckoning her to lead the way and saying, "After you, Ms. Bernet," in a fake British accent.

Mimicking his horrible accent she replied, "Why thank you, Mr. Pepper."

And the two were off to her favorite bar.

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