Hello everybody. How ya doin? This plot bunny popped into my head today and has burrowed so deep I can't ignore it so here I am. Writing another story, am I going to finish this one? My track record says no but I remain hopeful and if not maybe it'll inspire one of you.

Anyways I like Jaune, he's a goofball. But at the same time he deserves better, so I'm gunna make him better but he's still gunna be Jaune I'm not going to directly characterize him you'll have to read to get a sense of what's changed, shouldn't be to hard really.

Written while listening to two steps from hell

Love ya Monty no homo



The acidic after taste of vomit swarmed my mouth finding every nook and cranny.

The floor swayed again and I had to fight to keep the bile down.

Damn dust ship, I hate flying! Why couldn't we travel in something normal? Why did I have to come here?

I tried to drown in my misery before jerking my head back realizing my misery consisted of a half digested breakfast sandwich and McDonald fries. I edged away from the trash can and sat dead centre of the room hoping it would mitigate the rocking of the ship. Shaun is going to get it when I got back, maybe even Rebecca she sure as hell didn't warn me.

I couldn't help but think back to earlier today.


Two hours earlier

"You've grown up so fast! You look so much like you father but you have your mom's eyes and hair!" my aunt, I would say squealed but Rebecca Crane did not squeal, to even suggest it would be to tempt death. "You look like a damn lady killer!" she said as she pulled him into a hug.

"I know! You've only said that a dozen times on the way here! Hahah. Can you let me go now?" I said chuckling softly.

"No I'm gunna miss you so much." she said squeezing even tighter. How that was possible I don't know.

"I'm gunna miss you to Aunty." I murmured.

I heard foot steps approach us from the other side of the car followed by that unmistakable voice "What about me? You gunna miss me?" I grinned as my aunt shot me a mischievous look and started to saunter toward the boat, completely ignoring my uncle. "No? Anyone? Hello? Am I speaking out loud? Assholes."

I could tell Rebecca was struggling not to smile she broke down when I asked "Oh hey Shaun when did you get here?"

"Oh ha ha." he said ruffling my hair as I tried in vain to stop it. "Be careful kiddo, fighting monsters is nothing like taking on Templars. Don't get cocky."

"I know but with the Templars finally gone I need to use what skills I have in another constructive way."

"I get it, now get going you don't want to be late."

"Remember Jaune, strangers are only friends you haven't met yet." Rebecca smiled her ears twitching.

"Or targets..." Shaun muttered.

"What was that dear?" her voice had become dangerously sharp.

Shaun took a step back and threw his hands in front of his face "Nothing kitten."

"That's what I thought."

I could only grin at their antics and wave goodbye as I rushed toward the ship.

They watched as their adopted son disappeared into the crowd, before Rebecca turned to Shaun. "We really should tell him."

"You know we can't, the templars are gone yes. But they always come back. and if word got out about his ancestry do you think they would ever stop trying to capture him?"

"It's just so unfair, he deserves to know."

"I know kitten, I know."


Present Time

I ran for the doors, land was nearby and it demanded an embrace! I slid to my knees and flopping forward trying with all my might to squeeze the plant. "Oh thank you! Thank you solid ground!"

I was perfectly content to stay there embracing mother earth but a loud explosion grabbed my attention and my head snapped to the source, red smoke drifted through the air as lightning jumped from suspended ice crystals. Well that's interesting. I started to get up as two figures became visible both covered in soot. The girl in white seemed to be on a tirade while the younger seemed to be trying to shrink into herself as much as possible. I started to get up and walk over to save the little red riding hood clone when a girl in black stepped in. And I was completely okay with not worrying about it and leaving it alone when I saw both white and black walk of in different directions leaving red to collapse in despair. I made up my mind and walked over, I was close enough to hear her mumble "Welcome to Beacon."

I purposefully let my shadow fall on her face letting her know I was there. She opened her eyes revealing twin grey orbs just as I held my hand out. "Hey, I'm Jaune."

She grabbed my hand and as I pulled her up she said "Ruby. Wait, aren't you the guy who threw up on the ship?"



"I'm just saying Motion sickness is a serious problem for a lot of people." I said exasperated.

"I'm sorry Vomit-boy was the first thing to pop into my head."

I stared at her for a second "Oh yea? Well then I'm calling you crater-face."

"Hey! That explosion was completely out of my control." she yelled indignantly.

"Exactly. The name Jaune Arc, short, sweet, rolls of the tongue. Ladies love it."I said making several hand gestures.

"Do they?"

"They will... Hopefully. My aunt always... Never mind." I stopped my self. Good going idiot lets talk about you aunt with the first girl you've met outside the order. Smooth.

There was a moment of awkward silence before Ruby spoke up "Sooooo, I got this thing." she whipped out a scythe twice her size. If I'm ever asked I will vehemently deny it, but I may have shit my pants slightly in that moment. She hefted it as if it were weightless and brought an over sized breach into view, "It's also a customizable high impact sniper rifle."

"That's cool." I said no doubt awe in my voice. If I could be classified as one thing it'd be a weaponphile. She leaned toward me and asked my favourite question, "So what do you got?"

I could feel the smirk stretch across my face. "Depends."

Confusion entered her eyes "Depends on what?"

"Stealth or loud n proud?"

"BOTH! Oh oh oh stealth first." I tried, I really did but i couldn't tell if it was real or not. She was floating, like gravity does not apply to me floating. I shook my head before starting, what was the harm in showing the physics defying brunette some of my toys. Okay I'm never gunna say that out loud or some sick bastard will misinterpret them.

I flexed my forearms and with a silent metal on metal sound the weapons every Templar agent feared were visible to the world. I started to explain while she grabbed my arm and twisted it, trying to see every angle. "These are my Spada Segreto or hidden blades, the one on the right has an auto flachette launcher built into the gauntlet that can fire steel spikes the size of your finger at a lethal range of 200m at 70rpm with next to nil noise. Only 20 spikes per cylindrical magazine though."

"That's so cool! What about you sword?"

"This is a family heirloom, past from generation to generation with a little upgrade to keep it up to par." I drew out the thin blade, on the pommel rested an eagles head and the cross guards were its wings. "Using a dust generator the blade is wreathed in energy that makes it near unbreakable and hones the edge to a few dozen atoms thick."

"That's genius and I can see why your proud but I don't get how it's loud." The girl said staring at the finely crafted blade.

"Who said I was done?" I grabbed the swords sheath and it unfurled into a shield. "My storm shield uses the same generator as the sword but more focused on deflecting blows. And on the inside is a bolt pistol. Fires 8 15mm rocket propelled grenades before needing a reload. When I pull the trigger EVERYONE is gunna know." I said with a wink.

She just stared.

I think I... Broke her...

I waved my hand in front of her face. "Ruby you there?"

She shook her head "Wha-what? Oh yea I'm good. I'm just kinda a dork when it comes to weapons. Say what's that crest on you shield stand for?"

I looked down at the stylized blood drop "That. I guess you could call it my families crest."

For the first time in centuries the crest of the brotherhood was displayed openly.

And when a certain professor saw it from his window he spat coffee all over the glass.

=][= End of audio log =][=

=][= Logging you out =][=

So what did you guys think? I stuck to the flow of the second episode for the most part and probably will do so for next episode after that we should see some divergence. But let me know what you guys think? Also I'm open to pair suggestions but please don't just name someone, give me a few reasons why they'd fit together.

And i got tomorrow off school so it'll be dedicated almost entirely to writing.