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this is my first fanfic.

It was a normal day on the going Merry , Sanji was cooking something up , Robin was reading a book, Chopper making medicine, Usopp creating a new weapon and Luffy was asleep, everything was peaceful until.

"LUFFY!" Nami runs out of the women´s bedroom "NAMI-SAN is everything ok ?" "no everything is not ok there is a storm coming we have to get to an island soon or we´ll be caught in the storm Chopper turn the Merry a 90 degrees north" Chopper runs into the merry and turns it just like name ordered and so now the merry was heading towards a peaceful looking island in the distance called fish island. (don´t judge me I´m not good giving names to things)

On Fish island it was the same as on the Merry everything was peaceful children were running around parents buying groceries and as it is it was peaceful "COME HERE YOU BASTARD" well.. almost peaceful in local pub there was a fight brewing bottles were flown around hats and boots were thrown as well and in the middle of it was a man being beaten up his back was bleeding from glass shards and knives the men surrounding him quit beating him up their leader walked up to the man on the floor. The leader was a big man with a three golden front teeth´s and had a nasty scar over his eye he picked up the man on the floor and held him in a choking lock "now you listen here you will pay me today or I will kill you, do I make myself clear?" the man nodded with what strength he had the leader smiled wickedly and threw the man out of the pub making the said man land back first into a pile of stones making the man bleed more "now don´t show your face here again without my money or I will snap your neck" the leader went back into the bar laughing.

The man stood up and began walking towards the docks. oh and I guess it´s time to introduce this man his name is Magnus a man around 30 with a shoulder length brown hair and small brown goatee wearing a torn dress shirt in dark blue jeans and wears purple teashades, has a custom revolver in his holster and his current condition is that he´s loosing a lot of blood and walking towards the docks instead of going to a doctor (BAKA). Magnus falls on his face ´great why did I have to buy weapons from that guy now I´m bleeding out on the docks´ his eyelids feel heavy before he falls unconscious he sees a reindeer with a blue nose and a kid with a strawhat.

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