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Talking "

Thinking '

Scene skip: _

Powers/devil fruit BOLD LETTERS.

It was a beautiful day on the going merry, luffy, chopper and usopp were playing tag.

Sanji was swooning Nami, Zoro was asleep though I think that´s the only thing he does.

Robin was reading a book again I think that´s the same book from before…. Probably a long book.

And me I was trying to avoid getting near robin I´m still embarrassed even though it´s been 4 weeks since we met foxy and his crew.


I look up to see luffy looking out at sea "what is it luffy?"

"there´s a frog doing backstrokes over there"

Usopp walks to luffy "that can´t be, frogs don… OHHH IT IS A FROG DOING BACK STROKES!"


After chasing that frog we find ourselves in water 7 (yes I´ll be skipping some parts from the original story cause I can´t remember everything) kokoro a old women we met told us that we could get supplies there.

"guys is it just me or don´t you think it´s weird how everyone has been so calm and pointing us were to dock?"

Nami: " Magnus is right I would think that they would run and hide from pirates. But they've just been telling us were to dock"

Usopp: "maybe they have really big guards that protect the town"

'that could be possible but wouldn´t they have gone and tell them instead of helping us' I think to myself.

Nami: "well guys here we are we´ll put down anchor here and then we can find a place to sell the gold on board the sunny"

I´m just about to go until *SNAP* I turn around and see zoro holding the mast.



Nami explains to me and the others that merry has been through a lot and that we should find a shipwright soon..

So nami, luffy and usopp went to exchange the gold and to find a shipwright.

Sanji was going to explore the place, chopper and robin would go together and do the same.

While I went to explore as well leaving zoro to guard the merry.

While I´m exploring this glorious town/city I think to myself 'should I really tell robin how I feel about her? , what if she doesn´t share the same feelings as me? Maybe I´ll just give up on it I´m to much of a coward when it comes to talking to women'


I quit thinking about my feelings and run towards the screams when I come to were the screaming´s were coming from I see some thug´s ganging up on a young women.


One of the thugs hit´s the women and it looks like they´re going to rape her.

"OI why don´t you guys gang up on someone that can fight back" I yell at the thugs

They turn around and begin grinning, thug 1: "well what have we here some want-to-be-hero?"

Thug 2: "maybe a boyfriend whose going to get killed"

The thugs surround me and pull out bats and pipes

" hey here´s what I am one: I´m not some want-to-be-hero and two: I am not her boyfriend I´m just a guy whose going to kick you´re asses for ganging up on a defenceless woman"

One of the thugs tries to hit me with a 2X4 I block it and give him a strong uppercut another one tries to go for my kneecaps I jump and give him and three others a spinning kick that knocks them out.

I turn around to face the last thug but then I see him holding a gun up to the woman´s forehead

Thug: "don´t you move an inch or I´ll kill this bitch"

I start walking up to him he´s beginning to panic.

Thug: "I…..I mean it I´ll shoot her"

I´m a meter away from him when I stop walking, the atmosphere is tense it´s almost like time has stopped, then the thug aims the gun at me and is going to shoot I quick draw my revolver and shoot the gun out of his hand.

"I don´t want you to see you or your little gang attacking defenceless women ever again do I make myself clear"

The thug nods and runs away, I check on the woman that was attacked she says she´s fine, thanks me and goes home.

I look up in the sky and see that it´s already night time 'I guess I was much longer away then I expected maybe it´s time to go back'

When I come back to the merry it looks like a battlefield around her, I go to the merry and ask the guys what happened nami told me that luffy and usopp had an argument and fought about leaving merry, I asked her what she meant about leaving merry, then she told me that merry couldn´t carry us anymore she was too badly damaged.

"hey where´s robin?"

Sanji: "we don´t know she just disappeared"

"what do you mean ´just disappeared´ people don´t just disappear"

Sanji: "look me and chooper met her earlier and she told us to say goodbye to everyone she didn´t give reason just left, I tried to follow her but she disappeared"

Nami: "come on guys I booked us at a hotel in town lets go there and just get some rest"

"you guys go ahead I´ll catch up later"

Chopper: I´ll come with you, so you can find your way to the hotel"

I smile at chopper "okay chopper"

'The time´s around two am right now maybe I should go back to the hotel'

I look down at chopper and I see how tired he´s gotten, I feel bad for chopper makes me think about not letting him go with me, but I couldn´t say no to him.

"chopper are you going to make it to the hotel on foot?"

Chopper: "of course I can I´m a pirate and I don´t need any..*YAWWWNNHHH* sleep"

"okay that´s it come here chopper" I put chopper on my shoulders and begin walking towards the hotel.

Chopper: "thanks magnus I guess I was getting a bit tired"

"no problem chopper I´m always happy to help"

Chopper: "umm magnus may I ask you something?"


Chopper: "okay what I want know is why are you always helping me you helped me make medicine the other day and I didn´t even ask for help why did you do that?"

"that´s easy, I care for you chopper and everybody else in the crew but I help you most because I look at you as the younger brother I always wanted, I already told you guys that I don´t have family but when I look at you guys I´m not depressed about it, but what makes me even more happy is when I spend time with you, like I said I look at you as my younger brother chopper cause I care about you the most because out of all of us you're the youngest, but if you think that I shouldn´t call you my little brother or anything like that I won´t but that won´t stop me about not thinking of you as my little brother"

Chopper: "r…really you look at me as your little brother, but I´m a reindeer we can´t be brothers"

I smile at chopper. "it doesn´t matter to me if you're a reindeer chopper I still look at you as my younger brother, cause it doesn´t matter to me what you are human or reindeer I will still look at you as my family"

Chopper: "Thank you magnus for …..*YAWWNNNNH* being honest with me…."

Chopper falls asleep on my shoulder and I just look at him and smile yet again, were at the hotel were nami booked us in I carry chopper into the room that me and him are sharing I put him to bed and go to bed myself but not before saying: "goodnight otouto"

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