Chapter One: Prologue

Privet Drive would be the very last place you would expect anything unnatural or unusual to happen in any extent even the gardens and the colour of the front doors were identical, if not for the numbers on the doors a person calling by would easily get lost and confused because of this.

But Number four and Number seven of Wisteria Walk both had a secret that neither wanted the larger public to find out for various reasons; Number four had the Dursley family – Vernon Dursley, Petunia Dursley nee. Evans and finally Dudley Dursley, then to their utter horror their nephew (or cousin in Dudley's case) also lived with them, his name was Harry James Potter.

Harry had lived with them since he was fifteen months old when his parents were killed, the public story was that the Potter's had been killed in a car crash and Harry had been the only one to survive it – meanwhile the truth was that Tom Riddle otherwise known as Lord Voldemort had hunted down the Potter's home in Godric's Hallow and killed James and Lily Potter before turning his wand on baby Harry, yes they were all wizards/witches otherwise known as magic users, that night Harry survived the killing curse – the first person ever to do so – and became famous in the wizarding world for getting rid of Voldemort.

The eleven year old had only been told the truth about his parents and their death, a few weeks before when Hagrid the Games keeper and Keeper of Keys, from Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry had come and explained that he had been accepted into the school, and then took him to go get his school books and supplies.

At number seven meanwhile, a family called the Cullens lived there. Doctor Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme Cullen, and their youngest children Alice and Edward, their eldest Rosalie, Jasper and Emmett all lived around the corner in Wisteria Walk although they were at Privet Drive most of the time. Their secret that they hid from everyone in the neighbourhood was that they were all vampires. Vegetarian vampires but still vampires.

It was August 19th when Harry was finally allowed out of his room after being locked in after returning from getting his school books and supplies and he was starving but wasn't allowed to eat as long as he had his magic books...well there was no way that he was going to give them up! He had snuck back to Gringotts after Hagrid went for a 'pick-me-up' and got the Goblins to take 15 Gallons out of his trust vault and exchange it for normal Muggle money, the exchange rate was 1G (Gallon) was equivalent to £4.68 meaning he now had £70.20 to spend on what he wanted, and he had got a little bit of food before he had arrived back, now he just needed to go and buy some more before he completely starved to death...if he didn't die from his injuries first, Vernon beat him every night along with Dudley and he had a welts on his back and bank of his thighs, a shattered leg, a few broken ribs at least and a heck of a lot of bruising.

Knowing that he wouldn't be able to eat much due to both his starvation and injuries he only bought an apple and sandwich from the local shop – he would go and get more later if he needed to – but by the time he had forced himself to eat half of the sandwich he couldn't eat anymore, instead he forced himself to eat half of the apple as well before collapsing on the ground by the swings stuffed and feeling sick.

"Hello," An angelic voice said from above Harry around half-an-hour later, he cracked an eye open tiredly and immediately sat up straight when he was Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale – his aunt had threatened him to be polite to them since they were super rich and could hopefully raise the Dursley's standing or something like that. He held back a scream of pain as he jarred his injured leg, but couldn't help a gasp of pain passing through his clenched teeth. "Whoa, I didn't mean to scare you...Harry isn't it? I've seen you gardening at Number Four."

"Yea I'm Harry," He replied warily, shifting carefully into a better sitting position so that it was more comfortable than he had been though not by much, Rosalie sat down on the swing behind him ruffling his hair on the way passed, while Alice just sat down on the floor beside him, "Nice to meet you, you're Alice and Rosalie aren't you? That's what aunt Petunia said."

"Yep I'm Alice!" the pixie looking girl chirped next to him giggling, Rosalie smiled down at him, a slight grimace crossed her face at the mention of his aunt, Harry shyly looked down and picked up the half-sandwich from the ground in its wrapper and picked a little bit off and popped it into his mouth, he wasn't hungry but he knew he needed to eat it, "Why you eating here and not at home? I'm sure I saw your family eating BBQ in the garden." Rosalie asked.

"Relatives and family are completely different." Harry said with a slight bitter tone to his voice, the girls exchanged a worried look that the wizard failed to notice, he sighed and absent-mindedly rubbed his swollen ankle carefully as the painkillers started to wear off, Vernon was careful enough to give him pain-relief if he was going out of the house otherwise he had to suffer. "My family are my mum, dad and now Hedwig, the Dursleys I just happen to be related to them through my mother."

"Who is Hedwig?" Rosalie asked raising an eyebrow, the child instead of answering smiled for a moment before he frowned, glancing around to make sure that no one else would hear before letting out a low whistle that the girls winced at, as a snowy owl swooped down from a nearby tree and landed on his outstretched arm.

"My owl, this is Hedwig, Hedwig this is Alice and Rosalie!" He said quite seriously, as though the owl would be able to understand and the two vampires stared in shock when Hedwig hooted and nodded just as serious as the boy was, before hopping from Harry's arm onto Alice's knee. "Smart one isn't she? Huh, that's weird. The shop owner said that she refused to go to anyone until I entered; she flew out of the cage and refused to get off my shoulder. I suppose she likes you too."

(Later that evening)

"CARRLLISSLLLEEE!" Rosalie shouted the moment that they got back to the house, although it wasn't necessary to shout since she could have whispered and he still would have heard if he was in the house, it was the fact that they had a human with them as well since Alice found out that Harry couldn't walk (actually she had a vision of him standing up and falling so she caught him and proceeded to make Rosalie carry him back to the house). It was getting on 9pm and Harry had been refusing to go back home since he wasn't 'allowed' back until 11pm which even for vampires was ridiculous time for a eleven year old child.

"Yes Rosalie?" Carlisle asked appearing at the top of the stairs where his office was, he saw Harry laying injured in Rosalie's arms and ran at human speed down and scooped the child up before going into the living room and placing Harry down on the sofa, "What happened? I thought you were just going for a walk somewhere before we move out of the area?"

"Alice saw Harry here in the park," Rosalie provided as her sister rushed around the house collecting things for Carlisle as he listen to them, Harry sighed in relief as Carlisle pressed his ice-cold hands against his broken ankle like a compress. The doctor chuckled and shook his head in amusement but looked concerned. "He's been there since lunch, he fell when he stood back up though...his ankles broken I think."

"Shattered," Carlisle said grimly, rubbing soothing circles on the injured area. At that moment Edward and Esme appeared along with Jasper and Emmett looking worriedly at the little boy Carlisle was checking over.

When Harry whimpered Jasper was the first to move and shifted the child onto his lap, surprising them all, "I'll take him to the hospital, Esme dear please could you call ahead? Edward can you go and inform his guardians?"

"N-no...No hospital!" Harry protested struggling away from Jasper though the attempt was fruitless, Jasper clutched him tighter and rocked him back and forward soothingly all the while sending calming waves out with his talent, "Please, Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon said I can't go to a hospital! It'll heal by itself, injuries always do for me!"

"You are going to the Hospital child," Carlisle said sternly narrowing his eyes, he knew for a fact that the ankle wasn't his only injury, this child was meant to be eleven but he looked around seven or eight! And even then he was way too thin and malnourished. "Go ahead Esme, Edward. Jasper do you mind...?" Carlisle said getting cut off by Jasper.

"I'm coming," Jasper said getting up rather slowly from the sofa so as not aggravate Harry's injuries as he cradled in his arm like a small child, "Come on Harry it's for the best, you are obviously more hurt than you are letting us know. And it needs sorting."


"Say fine and I swear I'll have Carlisle drug you!" Jasper exclaimed in a growl, Harry gaped at him while Alice chuckled knowingly, which made the rest of the family wonder what she knew and why Jasper was so attached to Harry. Harry shot Alice a glare as he finally stopped trying to get free seeing that it was pointless and let them take him to the Hospital Jasper holding him in his lap as Carlisle drove them to the hospital.