Chapter Twenty-Eight, Epilogue

A year had passed since the Final Battle and finally the Death Eaters that had escaped had finally been caught and thrown through the Veil of Death after a very extensive trial. The Ministry of Magic had finally learned from their mistakes. Since then Jasper and Raiden had married in October, a few months after the final battle. It had been a small ceremony, to Alice's ire, and had only been close friends and friends. It had been held in vast garden of Lupin Manor and everything had been beautiful. Sirius and Remus had both escorted Raiden down the sushi as he couldn't choose between them. He had worn a beautiful crisp white dress robes while his fathers and Jasper had been in navy blue with autumn orange ties to match the theme.

It had been beautiful from many jokes from Emmett, Fred and George in their speeches. Many were calling them the devil trio which they happily accepted, Emmett even started working at their shop in Diagon which was still a huge success. At the end of the evening Fred and George let off their fireworks that formed a stag with a lily in its mouth, a fawn, a wolf and a Grim all playing together. A few months after the honeymoon there had come a huge shock to the family; Raiden was a bearer that nobody knew about and he was pregnant, with twins. And he was due a week before his own birthday. Unlike a normal pregnancy with a vampire, a witch or in this case wizards pregnancy with a vampire was exactly like any normal one due to the magic balancing out the vampire genes which they babies could get in a creature inheritance at sixteen.

Jasper had become even more overprotective of Raiden and would rush around in a panic if he couldn't find him, until he found him relaxed outside with the creatures. Esme, Alice, Rosalie and even Carmen and the Denali sisters had gone overboard on the shopping when they found out Raiden was expecting twin girls. The men were happy Jasper and Raiden were finally happy, and Sirius and Remus had wanted to kill Jasper first but were overall happy for them and were just overprotective of Raiden as Jasper was.

Jasper paced around the living room anxiously while Raiden was upstairs in labour a month early. Carlisle had said that was normal for twins but he wouldn't believe him until he saw his mate and daughters with his own eyes. As he turned once again to pace the length of the living room, Edward, Alice and Emmett rolling their eyes at him (Esme and Rosalie were helping Carlisle and Remus and Sirius were helping Raiden, Jasper had been too worked up which caused Raiden's pain to affect him that he had to leave to calm down. You could see that worked). Suddenly a shrill cry sounded followed by another five minutes later, before anyone could say anything Jasper raced up the stairs to his and Raiden's bedroom where Raiden sat with a tired smile.

"Are you okay, darlin?" Jasper asked concerned.

"I'm okay just tired." Raiden smiled.

"Here you go." Rosalie said, handing Raiden his oldest daughter while Esme handed Jasper his youngest. Jasper carefully sat on the edge of the bed wrapping one arm around Raiden who rested against him with a tired but happy smile cooing at his daughters as he looked between them, while Jasper held his youngest close to him. His oldest daughter looked like him with blonde curly hair but Raiden's emerald eyes and his youngest looked exactly like Raiden but with his human blue-green eyes. They were perfect. Tiny but perfect.

"Who is who?" Sirius asked eagerly, itching to hold his granddaughters.

"This Vivian Samantha Whitlock." Raiden said, gently stroking the cheek of the daughter he was holding. "And Jasper's holding Jordan Theresa Whitlock." He added stroking his other daughter's cheek.

"They're perfect Cub." Remus smiled happily, tears in his eyes. He knew these two loved their daughters as much as Lily and James had loved Raiden and he knew they would be incredibly proud of their son and what an amazing, kind and caring young man he turned out to be.

"They really are." Jasper agreed, kissing Raiden's temple lovingly before gently kissing both his daughters. After his long life and all he's done and seen; Major Jasper Whitlock, Major, Ares, the God of War was happy and he was finally at peace.

The End!

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