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My name is Eden Nicholls and I am 12 and 8 months old, to be precise. I live with my dad and two older brothers, Jack who is 18 and Harry who is 21. I then also have another brother David who is 26 and a big sister Samantha who is 28 but they don't live with us anymore. I don't have a mum; she died when I was really little. We don't talk about her much, it upsets dad too much. But I still wonder about her. I wish someone would tell me about her.

Sam says dad has changed since Mum died. He is a lot more military set. He likes everything to be perfect. I suppose that is because he was in the army, a Major General. He fought very hard but he had to give it up as he had served 35 years in service. Now he just does office work but that doesn't stop him treating us like one of his soldiers. Dad is very strong in his belief with the army. I suppose it was his authority and strength that convinced Sam to join. I'd like to join the army too someday.

So what else can I tell you about me? Well, I love sports. I play basketball for England and I love football. I'm a total tomboy but I suppose you would be living in a house with three boys. I hate dresses and makeup, yuck horrible.

Well that's basically everything you need to know about me, bye

Chapter 1

"And Eden Nicholls scores a hat-trick" The commentator said at the local football match. All of the team came pounding to Eden and flung themselves at her. She fell to the ground in force. Once they got off her she stood up. They kicked the ball again and within a couple of kicks the full time whistle blow. They had won, 7-2 and it was a tough game. They were back at the top of the league. They cheered for a while until they started to leave.

Eden looked at her watch it was nearly 1 o'clock. She was meant to be meeting her sister at the hospital as her dad was going into work. She decided to run the hospital it wasn't that far. She started running and it only took her about 20 minutes until she arrived. She caught her breath and then walked into the hospital. She noticed her sister straight away and walked over to her.

"God Eden, you are such a tink" Sam said looking at her sister who had her hair pulled back messily and mud all over her arms and legs and even had some on the side of her face. Eden just smiled. She didn't care what her sister said about her.

They walked into the staff room and Sam went to her locker.

"I've got your change of clothes here and it got a towel in it" She said handing over the plastic bag "Oh and take this deodorant you absolutely stink"

Eden nodded taking it from Sam. Did she really smell that bad? She was stealing her brother's deodorant in the morning because she was too scared to ask for some. She looked down and walked to the shower room. She locked the door before taking off her socks and shin guards. She had left her football boots in a bag in the staffroom. She then slid down her shorts and pants before gently taking off her football shirt. She looked at herself in the mirror. Maybe her sister was right. Maybe she was a tink. She let the tears fall, brushing them away before they had barely left the eye. She never cried, she wasn't a wimp, she was brave.

Eden blocked everything out and jumped into the shower. She washed herself furiously wanting to get all the dirt off, maybe if she looked cleaner people would like her. She rubbed herself so furiously with the loofah sponge and her nails that she had scratch marks on her arms and legs. She washed her hair making sure to get all the dirt out of her hair before stepping out the shower. She got redressed and then went back into the staffroom. She was just brushing her hair when she saw Sam.

"I need to talk to you, Eden" Sam said seriously pulling a chair over.

"Well, dad got another call from you teacher on Friday night telling him again how you have been acting up." Sam said and Eden just looked down.

"Eden come on, aren't you a bit old for all these silly games. You need to concentrate get on well with your studies" Sam said. "Why, why can't you just behave?"

Eden just looked down.

"I've tried so hard with you, and I never seem to get anywhere, you know what girl? I give up, I give up I can't cope with you or your bratty little attitude anymore" Sam shouted standing up .

"You don't understand. How would you feel to be unwanted? Nobody cares about me, I'm just the little girl that gets in everyone's way. And you want to know why I miss behave? ... It's the only way to get people to like me. Well at least some of the boys find me funny. I get to have a laugh, the girls they just find my strange. They think it's weird that I don't like makeup or dresses. But then again they don't understand what it's like not to have a mum" Eden shouted.

Sam was shocked she pulled Eden into a hug and the girl just stood there. The tears from earlier had reappeared. Sam pulled the girl down so she was basically on her knee. This sense of comfort hit Eden and she cracked. The tears streamed down her face and she sobbed into her sister's chest. This was the first time in a very long time that Eden had let someone hold her. They stayed like this for a while until Eden's sobs subsided.

"Good girl, it's okay, it's all going to be okay" Sam whispered into her sister's hair rubbing Eden's back. Eden clung onto her sister so could smell her sister's perfume and it made her feel soft. It had been ages since Eden had felt this close to her sister. It wasn't long before Eden pulled away gently.

"Sweetie, why didn't you say earlier? We could have talked, I would have helped" Sam asked and Eden just shrugged.

"Come on, my shift has finished I think we should go back to mine and have some sister time, eh? What do you think?" Sam asked and Eden nodded. Sam grabbed her things and put her arm around Eden as they walked out the ED. They drove home and Sam put on a DVD. They cuddled up on the sofa and watched it. They snuggled up for the whole afternoon and at tea time Sam took Eden home. She stayed for tea as everyone was round and then after tea she left. But before leaving she decided to go and check on Eden.

"Eds, you know where I am if you need anything, okay?" Sam asked and Eden nodded.

"Come here," Sam said giving her a hug.

"Just text me whenever, I'm always here for you" Sam said before kissing her on the head and leaving closing the door behind her.

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